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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Girl and boy fall in love, her name might be Laura and she's a twin, grandma tries to keep them apart, family secrets, ocean

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Samara | 3 comments The book is about a girl (Think her name is Laura & she's a twin) she falls in love with a boy,but there are some family secrets (or she falls in love with her twin brother or she met the young man over the summer at a dive shop or on the beach..i can't recall) ..her grandmother moves her away, but the young lovers find a way to contact each other & the boy comes lookig for the girl, until the grandmother finds out..in the end the girl dies by drowning because one night, she saw her boyfriend in the stormy sea & he was calling her,but she was going crazy or delusional & she drowned & the grandmother regreted not telling her the truth
(Think the boy carried her to a secret cove where they had picnic' & she ended up being pregnant)
The name of the book had something to do with ; moonlight, blue moon, midnight of something of that sort..& the cover of the book was of the girl in the stormy sea,& it was midnight blue & black in colour.
Thanks in advance.

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Samara | 3 comments *Update* I was asking my mum because she was the one who gave me the book to read. She says the girl wasn't a twin, she was from an aristocratic family & her grandmother had either killed her daughter or the daughters husband..she took the girls to live with her,and had either killed or institutionalized the older sister because she fell in love with a man the grandmother deemed as unworthy, & she was trying to do the same to the main character in the book I'm looking for.

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Kris | 36033 comments Mod
Samara, what year did you read this book.

Please add plot details (and genre) to your Topic header to help people searching for books. Click "edit" beside the header if you're on the desktop (not mobile) website. Just ask if you'd like some help.

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Samara | 3 comments Thanks for the advice Kris.. It's much appreciated!
I don't quite remember the year i read it.. It was probably between 2002-2006. It was a cross between romance & mystery. I don't remember much details, but it was basically two young lovers sneaking around to be together(they were between the ages of 16-18), & a grandmother who would go to any length's to keep them apart! I remember distinctly that they use to go in a canoe or some sort of small boat & that was their secret place (think the first place they made love was in the boat or at the cove), where they could be alone but the grandmother found out(think she had her driver do most of the dirty work). The girl was institutionalized & i belived she escaped. The grandmother had the young man killed & one night the girl saw her lover in the sea calling her(the institution was next to the sea), & she went, it was rough & she drowned.

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Lobstergirl | 40168 comments Mod
Details added to header. This helps people who are trying to find your book.

Miss.Always.Reading.Books (missilovereadingbooks) | 51 comments I don't know if this book had anything to do with the girl being pregnant because I read it so long ago but the plot sounds similar
Look for me by moon light:

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Lobstergirl | 40168 comments Mod
Samara, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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