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The Unexpected Everything
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JULY BOTM > Favorite character and why? (No Spoilers!!)

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Sydney | sydneys.books (sydneysbooks) | 27 comments Mod
I personally love Bertie, funnily enough. He brings Andie and her love interest together, helps her discover her love for dogs and dog-walking, and always manages to bring a smile to my face, even during the emotional parts. I also really loved Clark. <3 His adorable nerdiness, generosity, and passion are total turn-ons and make his character genuine. I actually really love all the characters so I have many to choose from!!

Victoria S (victorialillian) | 4 comments Mod
Clark is my favorite, because he's the epitome of everything I want/want to be in life. Bertie is also really awesome. And Andie's dad really grew on my by the end of the book.

Littlehulagirl | 2 comments I think my personally favorite has to go to Palmer! She was just such a put-together character who knew what she wanted and wouldn't stop until she got it. I love that she had a significant other, because those two are such a dynamic duo--yet so fine and beautiful in their own ways. Ugh, I just love Palmer so much.

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Em (fangirldilemma) | 2 comments Clark was my favourite. He just had an amazing personality and a backstory I quite enjoyed. I loved the way he slowly grew and bonded with Andie, her friends, and Bertie. I especially loved the bromance he had with Tom, who was another favourite character.

Ixchel | 1 comments My favorite character would have to be, this is really hard but I'm going to say Tom because if I were to be anyone of TUE characters I would want to be him. He's a total fanboy and loves theater! He also really respects the friendship between the girls. Tom is also really hilarious and sweet.

Emma Smith Clark!! I loved his personality and his quirks

Rafaela | 4 comments Mod
I think my favorite character was Tom. I loved his passion for theatre, his relationship with Palmer and I loved that he was a fanboy. I also really liked Palmer, Bertie and Clark.

Genevieve | 1 comments ah i don't know!!! I love everyone but I think that Palmer or Clark would have to be my favorite. Palmer is always so genuinely nice and she was probably my favorite girl by the end. Clark was consistently amazing and I liked that he would kinda surprise you sometimes. And as someone with glasses, I just liked that about him. Yay!

sheep sheep (nnnnl) | 2 comments PALMER. Palmer all the way. She is just so amazing and awesome and such a great friend. She is just the perfect blend of rebeliosness and toboyishness and kindness. I just love her. Plus Palmer is hilarious. I also really love Toby... How many favorites can I pick?

Celia | 1 comments Clark is probably my favorite - I relate to him so much and he was such a great character. However, Palmer was also wonderful as well... overall there was so many wonderful characters in The Unexpected Everything

Christine (belleofbooks) | 7 comments Mod
Okay so I've been avoiding answering this question until I actually finished the book. So I've concluded that my favourite character is Palmer. I love how rational and optimistic she was. She was always thinking things through, she found positives in everything and she was generally a really smart, funny and respectable character.

Christina Nilsson | 1 comments I would probably have to say Tom which might be weird but I really liked him and then of course Bertie reminds me of my dog even though mine is a bit smaller :) <3

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