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Beth | 3 comments Time.
It all started with the most innocent things. But that changed shortly after just one simple disagreement. Well here goes nothing, hope you enjoy my story!

I was on a online dating app and was going through it when I received a message from someone. This guy look nice and he was sweet, funny, and kind as we talked for the next few weeks. Though it seemed he was stressed I didn’t bother asking about that until we got to know each other more. But when I finally got the courage to ask, let’s just says that it was the first time he yelled at me, thought not the last. The next day he sent me a video chat request, which I declined still mad at him for his outburst. He called me repeatedly for the next 2 days until I finally got fedup with him and answered. He apologized again and again! I finally decided that I could be mad for too much longer because he was just too sweet and just too cute! So then we talked for what seemed like only a little bit might have been ages! He was trying to get me to meet up with him. I wanted to so I asked my sister what she thought and she said that I should wait a little longer and see if I actually like him. Even though I didn’t know it yet I am thankful to this day that she told me to wait. The reason why I am so thankful for this is because I told him that I wanted to wait little longer before I meet up with him. Worst mistake ever, because he went ballistic! For the first time since I met him I was truly afraid. I bet that you’re thinking that I’m safe because he doesn’t know where I live right? Wrong. He knew somewhat of the place I lived. What I mean by that is that he knew that my town was small and in Maine. He also lived in Maine according to him. I was scared, but I had one thing that kept going, my dad. I asked him to come down because of this. I’m so so so happy that I asked him to come down because that weekend around 4 in the morning I was startled awake but a banging on my window. I was groggy from just waking up but when I saw that face in my window, I screamed bloody murder. My dad came running and the face in the window disappeared so I pointed outside and my dad got the message and ran outside barefoot and in his boxers. Thank God for that man! He for sure saved my life that night and I never heard from that guy again. I think for now I’m going to stop using online dating apps.

message 2: by Beth (new)

Beth | 3 comments Enjoy this story! Please give feedback. I would like to here about it!

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Beth | 3 comments Thanks! Actually this is a story that I reconstructed from my cousins' point of view.

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