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Who else knew who it was that committed the murders?
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My sister read this book before me (only own one copy) and when I finished it I asked if she noticed how obvious it was that Malcolm Fade committed the murders. She said she didn't notice. This surprised me since she can usually guess who it was. I found it blatantly obvious and the reasons are:
1 - Every time Emma and Julian would ask for help, Malcolm would get it wrong. Every single time they would say " Malcolm figured this out for us" and then Mark would stroll into the room and say " uh that is wrong its more like this".
2- Like with any good mystery novel the evil doer is someone you already know. It just isn't a good book is you find the culprit and it happened to be Joe somebody no one cares about. Way more effective if they are close to the Characters, it's novel 101. Though Clare did provide some options and they all had mystery around them (creating doubt) but Malcolm kept a low profile and was only around to be sassy ( filling in for Magnus lovers), provide knowledge, and babysit. The lack of mystery on him was meant to throw us off the trail because we would be to focused on the faeries or their tutor etc. Also all Malcolm's friends (Magnus, Tessa, Jem) are people we trust and they all said "Malcolm? good kid, he is our friend!".
3 - He was WAY too much like Magnus Bane. At first I thought Clare was lazy and didn't want to come up with a new Warlock but then as other clues came in I thought it was done on purpose(Also she created such an intense world and wrote way too many books to get lazy now). She wanted to blind us with our current love for Magnus so we would trust Fade. This actually made me pay more attention to him since I wanted to see all the similarities and differences between the two.

Those are my top three reasons I knew it was Malcolm. I am sure there are more but I read the book a month ago and may have forgotten some other signs. Who else knew it was him and what factor's tipped you off?

Side note: When Julian told Emma and Mark his big secret about running the Institute who else thought " well duh". I mean we had plenty of book to see what an incapable loon the Uncle was and the tutor wasn't running it so who else was it! Hmmmmm I wonder which character's main trait was taking care and keeping his family together? I know it was Christina running it from mexico behind the scenes!!!!

Since maybe you can't tell from the notes above I did really like this book.( I have to say it because i don't want to be virtually ripped apart) I liked it better than most of the Mortal Instruments series but Clockwork is still my favorite. There was a lot going on so guessing the murderer Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices, #1) by Cassandra Clare Cassandra Clare Cassandra Clare didn't upset me. For example the Johnny Rook's son being a shadow hunter was exciting and I can't wait to see what happens in Lord of Shadows. I never thought in a million years we would find out why Parabatai ( sorry if I spelled it wrong ) can't love each other in only the first book!

Last thing I promise! Did any one else think Tavy acted too young for his age of 7? I thought this but maybe I am way out of touch with children.

I probably should have made more than one discussion for this. Oh well too late.

At first I didn't expect the murderer to be behind everything, but as the book went on, I picked it up. It's a clever technique (having the seemingly unexpected character turn out to be bad). Once I guessed who it was, it didn't surprise me.

Jayden Smtih You are right at the beginning it was not safe to assume that one person was the cause of all their problems. It is more of an attitude you adapt late ...more
Jul 16, 2016 10:09AM

I suspected who it was about half-way and looking back there were hints. I wasn't too surprised when the truth was revealed.

It completely went over my head to be how at xP I guess I just wasn't looking out for it. Like with Hodge in TMI it didn't surprise me when it turned out he was working with Valentine since he had reason to, but Malcolm surprised me.
To answer your other question, I felt like Tavvy and all of the other kids acted too young for their age. I think it was Livvy (maybe?) who was supposed to be 15 but I felt likeshe acted like she was 6 or 7 in the books. I think it didn't help that Julian kept referring to them as kids, though, even though Mark had said how much they had grown up and weren't little kids anymore. It was confusing. Clary was about 15 when TMI started and she acted more mature than Livvy IMO.

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