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ㅤ (daZedmin0rity) Alaska was hoping people at her bunk didn't mind she sneaked her dog, Churro, into camp. She wondered what her counselor would think about it but she'll figure it out when the time comes. She took the small dog out of the kennel and held it in her arms as she decided to claim one of the many beds in the bunk.

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ㅤ (daZedmin0rity) "No, I brought a porcupine." Alaska said sarcastically. She placed Churro down and let him sniff around. She swung her suitcase onto the top bunk of one of the bunk beds and unzipped it.

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ㅤ (daZedmin0rity) Alaska smiled, already liking the girl. She was glad that Mia wasn't offended by her sarcasm like most people would be.
"His name is Alaska and my name is Churro." She replied, purposely switching their names knowing that Mia would understand.
"Thanks for the warm welcome." She winked and gave her a thumbs up.

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ㅤ (daZedmin0rity) "I just like to push buttons." Alaska stated ever so bluntly. She glanced at Churro, who usually barked around strangers, acting weirdly reserved as Mia petted him. This might sound crazy, but Alaska had a hunch that there was something different about this girl.
"What about yourself?" Alaska questioned, crossing her arms.

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ㅤ (daZedmin0rity) "I can't promise anything." Alaska said cheekily as she plopped herself down next to her.
"Can you tell me more about this rivalry?" She asked, making air quotes around the word rivalry.

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ㅤ (daZedmin0rity) Alaska chuckled, not at all fazed by the harmless, but not empty, threat. She blew air in her cheeks and fidgeted with the hem of her shirt. It was a slight habit of hers that she never bothered to break.
"Ah so like a gang rivalry? Sounds...intriguing to say the least." She says, prying for more information about this girls past. Usually, she didn't ask many questions and kept to herself but she decided to be out-of-the-ordinary with Mia.

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ㅤ (daZedmin0rity) "Seems pretty legit." Alaska commented as she turned around and let her self dangle upside down on the bed. Her bright blue hair cascaded down and she giggled, feeling the blood rush to her head.
"Is there anything else I need to know about you Mia?" She said with slight curiosity.

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ㅤ (daZedmin0rity) Alaska noticed the knife and shook her head, smiling smugly, "They really need to check us better before we enter the camp, don't they?"
It was bizarre that the counsellors around the camp didn't notice the dog or the knife but it worked to Alaska's advantage.
"Maybe." She replied, "You'll probably find out eventually."

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ㅤ (daZedmin0rity) Alaska flinched at the thought of getting close to this girl. She was never really the person to get too attached to someone ever since the horrible accident with her parents and sister.
"Yeah, just fine." Alaska said, not wanting to be rude. All Mia did was make a simple remark only, Alaska would dwell on those type of things. Even the littlest ones. Maybe Alaska was just too emotional or just had some screws loose in her head. You might say, stupid things got to her easily're 100% right.

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ㅤ (daZedmin0rity) "Why not the dog?" Alaska shrugged, "I got him about a year ago and I wouldn't want to leave him alone with my nasty aunt so I brought him here."
Alaska got up and grabbed the leash by the kennel, "I have to take him for a walk or else he'll piss everywhere." She stated, hooking up the leash to it's collar.
"Would you like to tag along?" She offered.

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ㅤ (daZedmin0rity) "The woods?" Alaska suggested. She yanked her hair up into a messy bun, wondering if Mia was actually just as badass as she thought. One of the rules was you can't go past 100 meters into the woods without a counselor and Alaska was totally up for breaking the rules.

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ㅤ (daZedmin0rity) Alaska laughed at Mia's cheesy remark and followed after her.

((Can you post first in the woods??))

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