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Jude [ semi-hiatus ] (crazy-fangirl) Home of: tba
Counsellor: Rainy Williams

♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 35 comments Mod
Rainy walked in, craning her neck to check for any trouble-making campers before walking calmly to a top bunk in the corner. She climbed the wooden ladder and dragged her backpack of books up behind her. She did her best to seem like she didn't care that she was stuck here all summer, but inside she was steaming with anger.

Jude [ semi-hiatus ] (crazy-fangirl) Brandy sighed, already soaked in sweat from the warm summer air. She held her clipboard tight, knowing it like her lifeline. This year, Brandy was in charge of signing in all the councillors. Last year, the idiot who'd been in charge of the clipboard had lost it. Things hadn't ended in a pretty way. Brandy pushed open the door to Pine cone Bunk, only to see someone there. "Uh, hi! You must Jana Williams?"

♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 35 comments Mod
Rainy jumped when the door creaked open. She turned to find a girl holding a clipboard. "Yeah, but everyone calls me Rainy," she forced a smile. "Are you a councilor too?" she asked, trying to avoid an awkward silence.

Jude [ semi-hiatus ] (crazy-fangirl) "Yeah, I'm Brandy." she pointed to the door. "I run things down at Wolf Bunk." Brandy pulled out a pencil she had tucked behind her ear and made a check mark next to Rainy's name. Brandy smiled at her. "Welcome to camp!"

♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 35 comments Mod
"Thanks," Rainy smiled. She went back to making sure everything was neatly arranged on her top bunk.

Jude [ semi-hiatus ] (crazy-fangirl) Brandy turned to leave, before quickly remembering something. "Oh! Tonight's movie night in the camp office, if you'd like. It's a councillor tradition." Brandy remembered it happening even when she was a camper.

♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 35 comments Mod
"I might not be up for it, it was a long drive here and I'm really tired," she smiled, "But either way thanks for the invite." She yawned and got up to maybe take a walk and stretch her legs.

Jude [ semi-hiatus ] (crazy-fangirl) Brandy nodded, a bit sad. "Well, campers should be coming soon, so it may be a lot to handle. If you ever want some help, you know where to find me." Brandy smiled warmly.

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♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 35 comments Mod
"Thanks," she smiled. Maybe she'd end up making a few friends here. At least one of the people she'd met was nice.

Jude [ semi-hiatus ] (crazy-fangirl) Brandy turned to leave, smiling to hers of. All the new councillors were like this, shy and sensitive, refusing to share anything with anyone. Yet if Brandy knew anything, it was that within days, the campers would be too much to handle.

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