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message 1: by Shay, Head Mod (new)

Shay Avery (shaythefuturemrstuckeravery) | 699 comments Mod

The garden is protected by hidden stone guardians who I've look the Garden. Anyone who they think will cause harm will be meant with a swift end. Beware all whom roam The Enchanted Garden.

message 2: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Aaron was sitting on a stones bench, surrounded by tall bushes and cornered on a path. Because no one seemed to be here she felt safe, and listened to music while reading a book.

message 3: by Shay, Head Mod (new)

Shay Avery (shaythefuturemrstuckeravery) | 699 comments Mod
Mia walked through the garden. The sun felt great on her skin. It had been ages since she left her room. Hmm to a old song her mother once dang. Mia stumbled upon a girl. "Hi there!" Mia loved interacting with others. Growing up in the palace Mia was used to meeting new people an friends.

message 4: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Aaron faintly heard the girl, and continued to read. She hoped the girl would see her ear buds and know that she wanted to be left alone. Not that she didn't like people, she just didn't like interacting with them.

message 5: by Shay, Head Mod (new)

Shay Avery (shaythefuturemrstuckeravery) | 699 comments Mod
Mia was confused as to why the girl didn't wanna say hi. Trying again Mia walked right to the girl, her face mere centimeters from the strange girl's face. "Hello! Are you okay?" Mia smiled big giving the girl her friendliest smile.

message 6: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Aaron looked up, met right in the face with a strangers eyes, waaay too close for comfort. While she did start to suddenly feel extremely anxious, she didn't give off any hint of it. Instead, she took out her earbuds, Mozarts Requim spilling out of it and replied softly, "yes, I'm fine. I just didn't hear you."

message 7: by Fox (new)

Fox  (aegontargaryen) | 450 comments Martin flew down into a tree above the two girls. Being new here, he wasn't entirely sure how to introduce himself.

message 8: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Aaron faintly heard Martin land in the tree, but didn't look up. She was quickly becoming overwhelmed with the bubbly girls lack of personal space and the fact that she was basically cornered did not help. She ignored her quickly growing anxiety and was able to miraculously maintain eye contact with her.

message 9: by Shay, Head Mod (new)

Shay Avery (shaythefuturemrstuckeravery) | 699 comments Mod
"I'm sooooo sorry. My bad I tend to get into people's personal bubbles ...a lot." Looking up at the boy in the tree Mia turned back to the girl. "Is that your boyfriend?" Mia smile grew large at the idea of love.

message 10: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Aaron didn't even bother looking up. "Nope. Don't know him." She found her book mark and book marked her spot, then proceeded to put it away in her backpack. She kept the backpack in her lap and kept her arms loosely wrapped around it to make her feel at least a little more protected.

message 11: by Fox (new)

Fox  (aegontargaryen) | 450 comments Martin was worried that they would sense something off with him. He shook his head and flew down from the branch on the the ground, his wings blowing leaves off the trail. "I'm Martin. Sorry for just... Umm... Sitting up there."

message 12: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Aaron found herself staring at the ground again, but watched Martin from the corner of her eyes. Big blurry black things coming from the sides of his back? Obviously an angel. She continued to analyze the rocks. The larger ones she saw were made of granite but the ones on the path looked like Quartz so the path was obviously man made...

message 13: by Shay, Head Mod (new)

Shay Avery (shaythefuturemrstuckeravery) | 699 comments Mod
Noticing that the book had landed next to them Mia took her eyes off the girl to check out the new kid. "Hi Martin, I'm Mia." Mia held out her hand to the boy remembering her manners

message 14: by Fox (new)

Fox  (aegontargaryen) | 450 comments "How long have you guys been here?" Martin breathed deeply. He had bound his chest extremely tightly, trying not to have people judge him as soon as he had gotten here.

message 15: by Fox (new)

Fox  (aegontargaryen) | 450 comments Matting smiled and shook her hand.

message 16: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Aaron was quickly snapped out of her thoughts when Mia started talking and she gently shook her head to bring her back into reality. She looked at Martin and quickly realized he was just as nervous as she was, except a little worst at hiding it. At least could tell why.

message 17: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd "You shouldn't do physical activity with restrictions on your chest" she said softly, avoiding his question. She had been here for hours and didn't want to seem like a loner freak.

message 18: by Fox (new)

Fox  (aegontargaryen) | 450 comments Martin's eyes widened quickly. How could she tell. Why did she have to mention it? He stumbled with saying something-anything, "I-i dunno what you're talking about..."

message 19: by Shay, Head Mod (new)

Shay Avery (shaythefuturemrstuckeravery) | 699 comments Mod
Mia stood off to the side a little staring at the two. Looking at them both Mia could tell try weren't use to people interaction. A small escaped Mia before she could stifle it.

message 20: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd "You could break a rib. I highly suggest loosening up and then wearing baggy shirts with dark colors. It helps." She almost chuckles at the poor kids response. She knew from first hand and wanted o help, but didn't want to give it away to Mia, and didn't know if she would see him again. Telling him outright was just much easier.

message 21: by Fox (new)

Fox  (aegontargaryen) | 450 comments "I know what I'm doing, dammit." Martin choked out a response. Is fingers fumbled with the cuffs of his button up shirt.

message 22: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd "Same here. Except I don't have a hard time breathing." She was somehow able to keep a straight face, even though his reaction was hilarious. She just wanted him to not break a flipping rib. Which sucked.

message 23: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd ((Is this a good time to say literally same though XD))

message 24: by Shay, Head Mod (new)

Shay Avery (shaythefuturemrstuckeravery) | 699 comments Mod
Smiling Mia couldn't help but notice the situation. Not wanting to ruin their chance at talking to one another Mia watched. Only staying close if needed. Mia felt a friendship bloom between the two non social butterflies.

message 25: by Fox (new)

Fox  (aegontargaryen) | 450 comments "Please just shut up." Martin turned around and began to leave. Maybe this place wasn't going to work out after all. He'd come here to blend in not be be picked on right off the bat.

message 26: by Shay, Head Mod (new)

Shay Avery (shaythefuturemrstuckeravery) | 699 comments Mod
"Hey wait don't go." Mia walked up tho the guy, pleading with her eyes for him not to leave. "We actually haven't fully introduced ourselves." Mia latched on to Martin arm. "Your not leaving until you at least get to know us fully. I mean she's honestly not trying to be mean. She's just being herself."

message 27: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Aaron quickly stood up and started following him. Immediatly she was by his side. "I highly doubt you've had anyone to help you so from personal experience I really suggest you bind safer. Binding too tightly can out dangerous and unnessasary strain on your heart and lungs as well as your ribs. I'm not trying to point you and say "ha ha look at the trans boy" I'm trying to actually help you." She was actually stunned at herself for rambling on so long, but she saw herself in the boy as seriously wanted to help.

message 28: by Fox (new)

Fox  (aegontargaryen) | 450 comments Martin wiped his eyes quickly. "Sorry. I just didn't really want anyone to know and the first thing you do is comment on it and make me seem like an idiot." The angel sat down cross legged with his wings against his back. He looked at Mia. "I'm Martin, by the way."

message 29: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd "I have serious social anxiety issues that causes me to push other people's focus away from myself onto other people. I often comment on the first thing I notice." She said monotonously, trying not to convey too much emotion. She sat down next to him and offered him a tissue from her pocket. "A couple days ago I was talking to a boy who died from a collapsed lung. It was punctured by his rib because he had bound his binder too tight."

message 30: by Fox (new)

Fox  (aegontargaryen) | 450 comments Martin was about to say that he couldn't die, then he remembered that that wasn't true anymore. "Thank you." Instead of taking the tissue he hugged both of them tightly.

message 31: by Fox (new)

Fox  (aegontargaryen) | 450 comments ((Just a heads up I won't be on much/at all from this Wednesday until Sunday because it is my favorite time of the year aka SDCC!!))

message 32: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Aaron did not know how to deal with the physical touch and stiffened up at first. Quickly realizing he needed her support, she hugged him back. "I'm not gonna judge you based on your gender. That would be quiet hypocritical."

message 33: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd ((SDCC?))

message 34: by Fox (new)

Fox  (aegontargaryen) | 450 comments ((San Diego comic con))

message 35: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd ((Awe man COMIC ON T-T lol that's okay we have PAX SOUTH for the next two years XD))

message 36: by Fox (new)

Fox  (aegontargaryen) | 450 comments Martin laughed slighly. "I'm gonna go um, change... Do you guys want to meet for dinner?"

message 37: by Fox (new)

Fox  (aegontargaryen) | 450 comments ((This is my 5th time going it is SO much fun ahh))

message 38: by Shay, Head Mod (new)

Shay Avery (shaythefuturemrstuckeravery) | 699 comments Mod
((You lucky sucker.))

Mia was surprised by the hug, but welcomed it anyway. "Thanks Martin for the hug and also I'm Mia Leer." Laughing to herself. "When I said we haven't introduced ourselves I was mainly talking to this young lady here right next to is." Turning her smile on the girl. "So miss you are?"

message 39: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd "I don't eat that much but okay." She got up and picked her stuff up. "If you need any clothes I have a ton of t shirts you can borrow." She offered, somehow not smiling even though she was being genuinely nice. Sh suddenly started to worry about off putting him, making him feel like she's tricking him. But she's not, she's just anxious about everything.

message 40: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Aaron shrugged in response.

message 41: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd ((I'm like half glad half disappointed I can't go XD))

message 42: by Shay, Head Mod (new)

Shay Avery (shaythefuturemrstuckeravery) | 699 comments Mod
"Hey you two should go. You have a lot to talk about." Turning to the girl. "I'll see you in the room later roomie." Mia smile was devious as she reveled that she knew who the girl was the entire time. "Later Martin!" Mia smiled at him then at her room Aaron.

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Fox  (aegontargaryen) | 450 comments "Nah it's fine, I have clothes." Martin patted her on the shoulder. "But seriously what is your name?"

message 44: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Aaron sighed when she realized she was going to spend a lot more time with Mia then planned. Not that she wasn't nice, she was just very loud. "Anyways I'll go change and we can go to any restaurant you want. I'm not that picky."

message 45: by Fox (new)

Fox  (aegontargaryen) | 450 comments ((Yo are there any bad guys and stuff in this RP?))

message 46: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd Aaron slightly stiffened again at the physical contact. She forgot how horrible she was at dealing with that. She shrugged again, and smiled slightly.

message 47: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd ((Not quiet sure...there probably should be though))

message 48: by Shay, Head Mod (new)

Shay Avery (shaythefuturemrstuckeravery) | 699 comments Mod
((The garden has secret warriors who will try to kill you if you go too far in the garden or cause it harm.))

message 49: by Weird And Odd (new)

Weird And Odd ((Oh nice im safe))

message 50: by Fox (new)

Fox  (aegontargaryen) | 450 comments "See ya!" Martin walked away and quickly loosened his binding before heading back to his room. He rebound, this time much looser, then out on a hoodie. It was getting pretty cold anyways.

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