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Because you should be able to get all your groceries in one stop.

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Hey sweetie! Would you be able to pick up a few stuff at the market before coming home? Dad and I are going to Will's, he want's us to meet his girlfriend!!! So exciting! Love you <3

Jack couldn't help but smile at the text message from his mom, she was so excited about everything in life. Heck, when Jack had sprained his knee sophomore year, she bought him a cake. Why? Jack couldn't explain, but it was a really good cake so he couldn't complain.

Anyway, Jack had just gotten out from soccer practice, and you could probably tell. And no, it wasn't cause he was still sweaty—what kind of guy doesn't shower after practice?—but rather because he was dressed like he was just playing. A tee shirt and shorts—both made with that material that would keep you dry when you're sweating? Jack didn't understand that stuff, but his mom bought it and they looked nice so? And then, of course, he was wearing the elite socks and sandals—okay but if you wear your elites anywhere but the field, you need to check your priorites.

But the point was, Jack was walking through the aisles, staring at his phone. He was walking and texting, notification checking, Pokemon go playing, in a store where there were others. Didn't he think he would bump into someone?

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Sigh. It was hard being the only good cook in your family.

Sike! That's a total lie. Mika couldn't cook to save her fucking life. She's burnt water, set the microwave on fire, and jammed the oven. And once she accidentally cut off part of her fingernail with a knife. Needless to say, her parents and Emi banned her from every kitchen appliance but the refrigerator (and her freezer privileges are questionable).

But as the oldest and most responsible daughter -- and, more importantly, the only one with her driver's license -- she was the one doing the grocery shopping while her parents worked late at night. Which is how she found herself at One Stop, wondering how she was supposed to reach the katsu sauce on the top shelf that her mom told her to get.

It was then that someone walked straight into her. "Hey," she started, "watch where you're -- oh." It was, to her misfortune -- or, as she knew he would say, luck -- Jack. Actually, maybe it was luck. "Hey, while you're here, can you grab that for me? Please." She pointed up at the sauce bottle.

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Seriously, what was it with Jack and walking into people lately?

"Sorry, I should be – oh hey!" Jack was pleasantly surprised to see his new... friend? She could be called his friend, right? I mean they really shouldn't be spotted in public together and their cliques didn't exactly mesh but that was okay because they got along and that was all that really mattered.

Mika pointed up to the top shelf, Jack following her finger to a bottle of sauce. He was about to question why she couldn't get it when he looked back at her. Or, more specifically, back down at her. She was so tiny, how was it even possible? "Yeah, sure, of course," Jack replied, slipping his phone into the pocket of his shorts before barely reaching and grabbing the bottle.

"Are you here alone? If you are, I can join you... I can be useful! I mean, I don't think you can reach the top shelves. But I also didn't think you could reach that book." Jack chuckled, remembering their first encounter.

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Mika took the bottle. "Thanks. And let me tell you," she said, "I'm not that short. I'll have you know that I'm the second tallest girl on my father's side." Second tallest, because somehow my baby sister turned out a fucking giant.

Anyway, she wasn't really sure what to think of this guy? He was nice, sure, but he kept backhandedly calling her short — and Mika was pretty sure that he didn't even realize what he was doing. And then she'd been rude to him, and then hit him with her literature book, and he still asked out? Like, what? Is this some sort of joke?

But, she thought, looking at the list, she would probably need some help. No way could she lift the case of water bottles all the way into the cart by herself. "Well — okay."

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"Woah! Second tallest? My bad, I didn't realize that you were standing over others in your family." Jack joked, smiling at Mika. He wasn't sure why he kept annoying her like this, it was, well, annoying. But he just kept going, he kept talking and saying things that were slightly dumber than usual, trying to grasp her attention even though he shouldn't really want it. But here he was, silently rejoicing when she agreed.

"Sweet," Jack started, nodding his head softly as he began to walk with Mika. "So, how was your day? First day back and all, anything noteworthy happen?" He asked curiously, looking at all the different things in the aisle. There were sure a whole bunch of different sauces for when you wanted pasta. He was going to question it when he stopped himself, not wanting to come off as annoying or anything, though it might've already been too late for that.

[ this is crap i apologize ]

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Honestly, did this guy ever stop with the short jokes? It was nothing that Mika wasn't used to, and she'd grown a thick skin, but really. Jack, she thought as she watched him look around at the Asian aisle sauces like a kid in a candy store, was really something else. Something else, yes, but Mika was still going to ignore that comment about height.

"It was fine," she said, in response to his question. "Nothing particularly out of the ordinary," she added. Other than this morning, I mean. Then again, the whole encounter had confused her enough that anything else seemed pretty normal. Then again... it was hard to miss the atmosphere at school following the accident.

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Mika, was a girl of few words. She was kind of that way this morning, she was definitely that way over text, and now she was kind of like that now. And as much as silence could bother Jack -- he literally was the youngest of four boys, so silence was foreign to him -- he didn't mind it when it came to Mika. Sure, she only said about ten words every time, but they were enough for Jack to work with.

Nothing out of the ordinary?

"Wait, so do guys ask you out all the time? Sorry, didn't mean to come right out and say that, but I was just wondering..." Jack blurted that whole thing out, not even thinking about it until the last word escaped him. Aw man, did he just sound desperate? And was he being whiny? Okay, it was kind of gross to think that he actually sounded like that, not thank you.

Time to act like the cool jock you really are Jack, not weird whiny emotional nerdy stuff.

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Mika blinked at him once, and then again. "I said 'nothing out of the ordinary,'" she said, "because I assumed that what happened this morning was implied since you were also present." And -- okay, she didn't mean for it to come out like that.

But also? Maybe she was a little bitter that she'd never been asked out before. And it wasn't like Jack had been interested in her. They literally had never met before that morning. She wasn't. like. complaining. But also, it would have been nice if it could be something normal. But whatever.

She grabbed a bag of rice off the shelf next to her. "Anyway. How was your day?"

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Oh. Right. That actually made a lot of sense. Of course she wouldn't mention this morning, they both knew what happened. They met in the hallway, Jack kind of made fun of her for being short, Mika surprised him by grabbing her textbook and then she really shocked him by hitting him with her text book, and then Jack was doing two things at once by asking her out, but he wouldn't name those things to anyone except himself.

Sort of like how he wouldn't tell anyone a lot of things, but people didn't know that because he looked like such an open book.

But anyway, his day? "My day? It was good. First day, so it was a little bit slow, lots of rules and stuff. Me and my friends all day together at lunch, met some pretty cool freshman. Then I had soccer practice and it was pretty good, we have our first game soon, so that'll be fun...

"I have to say though, best part of my day was when I met this girl today. She was so cute, even when she was mad at me for being kind of stupid and calling her short." Jack and explained, an easy smile on his face as he offered his hand to hold the bag of rice.

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"Mmm." Mika nodded as Jack continued on about his day, double-checking her grocery list while she listened. Eggs. That's what she'd been forgetting. Maybe Mom would be making ramen tonight; Mika would like that. "Sounds like a good day."

And then — what? She felt her face flush red with embarrassment. "I'm not—" I'm not that cute, she was going to say, but she reconsidered. She was that cute. No point in playing the humble card if he was going to say it for her.

"I wasn't mad," she said, a little defensively. Not because, like, she actually liked him. Or because she didn't want him to get the wrong idea about her. No, she just didn't want to be, like, mean or anything. Being mean to someone like Jack was like kicking a puppy.

"You were being kind of stupid, though."

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It was a good day. Something Jack had seriously enjoyed! Mika had put him in a great mood for the entire day, and nothing seemed to really dull his mood. I mean, yeah, Jack never really was in a bad mood, but still. Maybe he wouldn't have jokes around with nervous freshman if he hadn't have had a great morning. And did she just start to disagree? Okay if she was one of those girls that totally slacked in self confidence than that meant Jack had a lot of work to do.

But, he didn't think so. She was too cute to think that she wasn't. Heck, she was definitely pretty and maybe even beautiful. But he couldn't tell her that, it was just physical attraction. Besides, as physical as all the jocks were, Jack would prefer someone who could talk to him and things like that.

Someone like Mika.

"Alright, alright, maybe I was being a little stupid," Jack agreed, chuckling. "But you were a little angry, you'll have to admit that." He finished, noticing the little bit of red in her cheeks. Was that from what he said? No, why would she be affected by what he was saying? It wasn't like she liked him, he was just a stupid jock.

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