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Coffee bar? Hell no. It's tea here.

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One of the biggest decisions of the day hung over Wendy's head as she stood in line, eyes scanning the menu: to stick with her usual order or not to stick with her usual order. It was a choice that came third to whether she actually liked the outfit she was wearing for that day and second to whether she should actually be going to American Tea Room instead of doing her homework. Spoiler alert: she realized she'd made two wrong decisions on the drive here. So getting this order right? It was kind of the utmost importance now.

She stood at the very back of the line (she'd already let several people go ahead of her just to make more decision making time), her hands fiddling with a dark strand of hair. What were the odds that on this particular day, five new tea flavors would be introduced? And what were the odds that she thought all of them sounded good? Maybe she should just buy all of them.

Or maybe she should have just stayed home and worked on that assignment that's due tomorrow.

Yeah, probably.

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Usually, Dani went for coffee before she even thought about tea. But right after school, both Starbucks and the Coffee Bean were bound to be full of people she knew — classmates, kids with too much money who looked up to her for some reason, kids who'd been at that party... And Dani just didn't really want to deal with the looks, the comments she'd just had to suffer through all day at school. Pity, anger, resentment — it was all there.

Normally, Dani would answer each comment with a challenge of her own, like she'd done all day. But she just wanted to relax for five goddamn minutes.

Walking into the Tea Room was somehow instantly calming, between the casual atmosphere and good smells wafting through the place. She peered up at the board a moment, then started to step forward as the girl in front of her motioned for Dani to pass.

"Oh, hey, Wendy, what's up?" And this wasn't as bad as it could have been. This wasn't another person who was going to heap unfounded blame on Dani's shoulders. "I honestly can't decide either, everything sounds good and I don't come often."

[ so sorry for the late post! also what a year I honestly can't write that well after weeks of being active rip ]

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[ god, no, i should be the one apologizing. this took so damn long for me to reply to >.< safe to say that i'm definitely not used to roleplaying again yet ]

Upon hearing her name, Wendy's eyes flicked towards the familiar voice. "Hey," she greeted Dani, a smile immediately lifting her lips. "I know, right? It's so hard to choose." She let out a small, breathy laugh, just a bit baffled by how she hadn't even noticed Dani until now. How do you even do that? Light pink hair like hers was kind of hard to miss. "I come here a lot and even I can't decide."

Resting one hand on her hip, she sighed lightly, "But I think I might go with the chai tea. It's really good, definitely recommend it." Satisfied with her choice (sort of; she thought she might still change her mind by the time she reached the front of the line), she took her gaze from the menu to Dani once more. "So what have you been up to recently?" She figured that Dani's life, at least, had to be a bit more interesting than hers right now.

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