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Becky (klassiceyez) | 9 comments Here is the full summary for the book:

Collins and McKechnie, special agents of the railroad police is Los Angeles, had a number of problems on their hands. There was the matter of that starving, badly beaten young Mexican whom Collins had found in the refrigerator car. He whispered, "Joya" - Spanish for "jewelry."

And then there was the blonde who reported $75 worth of baggage stolen. It was only later that he admitted, under questioning, that she had undervalued her loss by thousand dollars. She had neglected to mention those diamond baubles.

McKechnie's case involved a shapely, violet-eyed number who demanded to know what had really happened to her father in the freight yards. And what had happened to his money.

When the cases merged into one, Collins and Mckechnie found that they were up against something far from routine--large-scale racketeering, with side effects of theft, brutality, and murder.

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Abcdarian | 22058 comments Done, thanks.

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Becky (klassiceyez) | 9 comments No problem :)

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