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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Fantasy book about faeries and how to become friends with them

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message 1: by Carmelo (new)

Carmelo | 2 comments I had this book around 1995-2000 and it was a book about how to become friends with faeries. The book had illustrations but they did not actually show what the faeries looked like; instead there would be tufts of grass and bushes with tiny hats, hands and sometimes feet popping out that indicated a faerie. I vaguely remember that the hats tended to be pointy, almost like jester hats, and their feet had striped socks. Another thing I remember is that the book had a recipe on how to make a faerie cake and other such things.

Thank you for your assistance.

message 3: by Carmelo (new)

Carmelo | 2 comments @kris Sorry for the late reply but it was a picture book. It may have also rhymed much like a dr seuss book but again my memory is kinda blurry.

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Carmelo, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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