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Jeannette (jmtrivera) | 517 comments Mod
In this month's episode, Susan, Tara, and Jeannette address the threat of FOMOB - Fear of Missing Out on Books. Have you ever been peer-pressured into reading a book you weren't sure you wanted to read? We also recap our last Readathon with a shout-out to some of you winners, and talk about the strange world of Annihilation - and could Susan (or the rest of us!) be spreading alien life? Let us know your thoughts on the episode and your own reading peer-pressure experiences here!

Megan (meganbrinckerhoff) So I've just started listening to the podcast and you guys just stopped discussing peer pressure reading. Tara, don't read the rest of the Southern Reach trilogy if you don't want to!! A lot of you guys read the rest of the Kushiel's Dart trilogy (series?) and I have ZERO interest in reading it.

I wonder if I'm the only one if our book club that likes both Twilight and Fifty Shades.....I've read both series more than once :)

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Sue (ruri_kaichou) | 333 comments Mod
I haven't read the rest of the Kushiel's Dart series yet. I should take another year and dedicate it to series that I have read the first book to and want to read the rest.

I think 50 Shades would have received a little more love it wasn't mocked so much. The fact that it was fanfiction turned published book, it caught a lot of phlack. Not to mention the BDSM community tearing it to shreds. But if people like, then they like it =)

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Kim (kimguernsey) | 150 comments have I told anyone how much I love the theme music? I need this song in my playlist.

Megan (meganbrinckerhoff) Agreed! I love it, too!! :)

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Kim (kimguernsey) | 150 comments So I'm listening now and I totally agree that book peer pressure is a real thing but I have a hard time agreeing that a book club pick should be called peer pressure. Isn't that the point of book club, whether you want to read the book or not? if you want to participate, you're subject to the whims of the member choosing the book. it'd be easy to claim peer pressure if it's one off but if every book doesn't appeal to you then being a part of book club seems futile. there has to be a happy medium regarding book club picks. just my two cents.

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Kim (kimguernsey) | 150 comments also I didn't read 50 shades and I'm ok with that.

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Kim (kimguernsey) | 150 comments ok referencing my post on the book thread with my heaven/hell/death theory... I wonder if area x is limbo and you get there through a medically induced coma or death. I'm trying to connect how expedition members return if my theory holds.

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Kim (kimguernsey) | 150 comments special podcast idea: go back and finish up any discussions you really wanted to keep talking about. not full length episode on one book but more like snippets of several books that you had more thoughts on.

Megan (meganbrinckerhoff) Yeah, I agree with Kim on the peer pressure thing. I feel that a book club pick is similar to a school assignment - it's not really peer pressure to read the book selected. I've been trying to think if I've ever read a book out of peer pressure and I'm not entirely sure if I have? Although I have read/attempted to read two books (at least) becuase "everyone is reading/has read it". That would be The Goldfinch (liked it but didn't think it was amazing like "everyone" said) and Wuthering Heights - tried two times and still haven't been able to get into it or finish, maybe one day! I guess Fifty Shades and Twilight would actually fall into that for me, people wouldn't stop talking about them ( and I had friend literally put the Twilight books in my hands and push me away to read) and so I read and enjoyed them! :)

And I love Kim's special podcast idea! I think that could be a fun end of the year review, maybe? Your audience is getting pretty demanding lol We just love you too much! :)

Jeannette (jmtrivera) | 517 comments Mod
It's so nice to be so loved! ;-)

I can see where a book club book feels like an assignment, but to give an example: Sometimes (not often at all) I really won't want to read a book that has been picked for a book club meeting, not because it's not something I wouldn't have picked, but because it's a book I actually don't want to read. Now I'm stuck between reading it when I legitimately don't want to, or reading it because otherwise I can't participate in the meeting. Peer pressure is super strong in that case because I want to talk to people about books so much!

BTW, Megan, if it helps, I didn't dislike reading Twilight (though the film is awful). I just think the fandom tries to make much more of it than it is. It's a fun YA series and I will openly admit to owning all four books, as well as the author's other story The Host (which I actually really liked!).

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Sue (ruri_kaichou) | 333 comments Mod
I love The Host! It's definitely better than the Twilight series. She's actually working on another book!

And I agree with Jeannette about book club books. I don't want it to feel like an assignment. That's why there's the option of not reading a book you're not into. But if you don't read it, like Nette said, you're going to miss out on the discussion then.

And following up on books is a great idea Kim! Even the books that are part of a series. We can discuss if we continued on with them or not. =D

Meredith (merethebookgal) | 214 comments Mod
I agree, even if it's a book club pick that I wouldn't have necessarily read on my own, or a book I'm not familiar with, I'm fine with reading it, because it's good to get out of my comfort zone, but when a book is chosen that I've already made the conscious decision to not read, that's when it can feel like peer pressure.

Each member still has a choice to read or not read the book, unlike a mandatory school assignment, and even though it's not like others are specifically pressuring me to read it; I still feel some amount of peer pressure is involved, even if I'm inflicting it on myself, because I don't want to read the book but still feel the pressure of if I don't read it I can't participate kinda thing. Does that make sense?

Thankfully I can only think of this really being an issue for me one time in book club. Otherwise, I might read something because IRL friends or online friends have been talking about how awesome a specific book is, but I don't necessarily feel pressured to read it; I just want to. Along with that, I've never read Twilight, though I don't have anything against it, just didn't fall into the frenzy when it came out, and I haven't read 50 Shades because it doesn't seem like something I would enjoy.

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Kim (kimguernsey) | 150 comments I'm still along the same lines as Megan's reading assignment analogy - although the caveat is book club doesn't involve grades or tests. lol

I guess the big difference I notice in the book peer pressure discussion is that some of you have purposefully chosen not to read something that may get picked.

I'm having a hard time thinking of a situation when I've actually actively chosen not to read a book without reading a few pages first or the first chapter at least.

I suppose it'd be peer pressure if any book I've intentionally stopped reading were chosen for book club and I felt I had to pick it back up to participate, but I'm really struggling to think of when I said no to a book without cracking it open first.

I guess it speaks to my FOMOB. I employ the same method with trying new foods. (Taste it first, decide later.) Read/skim/scan first, decide later.

Jeannette (jmtrivera) | 517 comments Mod
Kim wrote: "I'm still along the same lines as Megan's reading assignment analogy - although the caveat is book club doesn't involve grades or tests. lol

I guess the big difference I notice in the book peer pr..."

Yeah, it's the intent that makes the difference to me. When Erin described Annihilation as horror, I hesitated because I intentionally don't read horror. I tend to have very vivid dreams on a regular basis and I can be very visual so if horror is too horrifying, I'm not sleeping for days. I gave it a shot though because a) peer pressure! And b) the previous person who recommended it to me had not mentioned anything about horror, so I figured I stood a fifty-fifty shot.

There have also been times when I've been reading a book for book club and I did not want to finish it for various reasons, but the peer pressure of wanting to participate/FOMOB made me power through anyway.

It's hard being a book nerd.

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Sue (ruri_kaichou) | 333 comments Mod
Kim wrote: "have I told anyone how much I love the theme music? I need this song in my playlist."

That's thanks to the amazing Mike Edwards. One of the co-founders of Sunrise Robot. He's really talented. =)

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Sue (ruri_kaichou) | 333 comments Mod
Yeah, I think there's still pressure even while reading a book. You are more than welcome to put a book down if you hate, but you keep on reading because you have to since the others are reading it. That's happened to me several times.

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