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The Known World
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message 1: by Barry (new) - added it

Barry Huff | 9 comments Mod
Today is the day!

Hopefully, you have a book ready to go. Before we start, I would like for you to consider watching the video below performed by Bill Cosby (circa 1971).

It's a 23 minute video, but worth our time prior to reading "The Known World" (Bookclub members who went to Salado Middle School and had Mr. Mars teach your science class, more than likely remember seeing this).

Video --

Watch and post your thoughts about the video as it relates to your initial thoughts about the book and/or being in a bookclub.

Happy reading (and posting).

message 2: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Ann | 7 comments I think the color contrasting throughout was a powerful addition to his he words. The words spoken so nonchalantly, were horrible and a throw in the face of prejudices for all types of people. Such hatred exists and to hear it all consecutively highlights how horrible it all is.

message 3: by Cresencia (new)

Cresencia (sabibliovore) | 1 comments Sad that there was not a single stereotype I hadn't heard. When we let prejudice rule us it is difficult to form bias-busting relationships.

message 4: by Laura (new)

Laura Aten | 2 comments I had a flashback to my early youth and watching Archie Bunker, and Archie Bunker reminded me of my grandfather. They taught me (by nonexample) to be aware of some dangerous language: us, them, all, none. The minute I begin to think in terms of a "they" an alarm in my head goes off. The minute I hear someone start talking or posting as if everyone in a group-- any group-- acts, feels, believes the same things, the alarm goes off. I'm trying to remember a time since the early 70's when the alarm was quiet for a while...

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