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Sarah ..

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Sarah Drea sighed, tears welling up in her eyes. She shut them quickly, hoping Aaron would not see, her chest shook with unrelenting emotions. She was finally home.

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Sarah Rzar landed with a thump, letting out a rumble of a roar, receiving gasps from the crowd. Drea's face blossomed with joy, a smile breaking out on her face. She fixed her hair and patted her dress, looking over at Aaron who gave her a reassuring smile. She took a deep breath and smoothly slid off of Rzar.

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Sarah The crowd was silent, no person moved, all their attention fixed on the commanding figure of the group- Drea's father, Lord Mafalda. They would remain silent until the permission to speak and rejoice is given. "Welcome home, kóri, " Drea's father opens up his arms and the crowd erupts. Drea's mother comes tumbling toward her, tears in her eyes and a smile on her lips. Her sisters, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, and cousins all come to greet her, asking question after question. In the midst of the chaos, she looks over at Aaron, who also hosts a large crowd of his own, old friends and some of Drea's relatives that are close to him. She smiles and turns to Bellator and Josiah who seem to be sinking into Rzar as the minute passes. She turns around and raises her voice, " Family of blood, join me in welcoming Bellator and Josiah for they are Family of the heart."

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Sarah Drea sighed and directed a pointed look towards her mom who raised her eyebrows innocently.
"My wife truly loves that you're here. We all do and we hope you feel the same. As my daughter said, you are family. And we will treat you as such. It is tradition to feed to show our gratitude, so lets head back to the house and eat," Drea's father said.
Drea nodded and Aaron moved back to lead Bellator and Josiah to the looming mansion ahead.

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Sarah "That would make my mother very happy. She decorates and redecorates, it's her pride and joy." Drea nodded in thanks and moved toward Bellator and Josiah and said, " I can show you to your room if you like. I'm sure there's enough time for you to freshen up before lunch." Aaron moved closer to Drea, grasping her hand.

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Sarah Drea smiled knowingly, "The main bedrooms are on the third floor and the guests' bedrooms on the second. But, since you guys are especially special and chose to celebrate such a wondrous occasion with our family, we're giving you the best suite in the house. "The Pearl", is what everyone calls it. Nobody uses it, its saved for special occasions. And this certainly calls for it. Oh, I'm so excited. The Ladies of the House have cleaned it out and are patiently waiting for your arrival. Ready?" Drea asked slowly leaning toward a large hallway ahead.

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Sarah The walls were the lightest blue, with creams and whites everywhere. A giant bed with a pearl headset sat against one wall and a matching armoire on the other. A large door led to a quaint sitting room with seafoam colored chairs and a marble table. A grand balcony opened out with white parole railings and silver lining. Two petite girls stood, both dressed I'm the finest whites and nodded at their entrance, " Lady Mafalda."

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Sarah Drea knew everyone in the room had seen her weak display of emotion. Flinching her mother says, " is proof of crumbling strength". Drea could not risk her strength stumbling just yet, no, she had to hold on for 3 more weeks, then she would succumb. Aaron pressed a kiss to her neck, knowing what she was thinking and said, " I hope you two like it, Drea and I are staying just down the hall, if you need anything at all, don't be afraid to ask. Lunch is in 30 minutes." Drea had completely leaned on Aaron by the time he finished and she felt as though her breath was escaping her lungs. Aaron picked her up in one sweep and turned to leave but stopped and said with a sudden morose appearence, " That was way too formal, What's gotten into me? I'm sorry, I know this hasn't been easy for either of you and you two are here because of us and our wishes, Thank you. You guys here are making Drea very happy."

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Sarah Aaron lay Drea on their bed silently. They were in the suite next door, The darker, warmer, less grand version of The Pearl. The walls were dark mahogany and the bed, a light lavender. Aaron brought the stone washing bowl to the bedside table and grabbed some warm towels. He layer them out over Drea's forehead, quietly humming a tune.
Drea had gone fast asleep, Aaron who was also drained from the journey laid his head on her hip and dozed off himself.

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Sarah Aaron felt a hand on his shoulder and a gentle tug in his ear, he groggily opened his eyes. As his eyes adjusted he noticed an old woman with laugh marks acround her eyes and a round belly with her hands on her hips standing in front of him, " Oye, boy! You come home and neither you nor you wifey bother to ask for me? What happened to everything I taught you? I fed you and cared for you and this is what I get? Hmph." A smile broke out on Aaron's face, "Caldera!" A hearty laugh escaped from the woman's throat, " Yes, my boy."

Drea woke up from all the commotion. She turned and noticed her old nurse standing by her bedside, scolding Aaron. Drea chuckled, " we're home, aren't we, Caldera?"

"Yes you are, it's about time. This old thing was getting bored without a constant pain poking at her side. Anyways, your mother's calling for lunch, everyone thinks you too have gone on a lovers' escapade, little do they know that you're sleeping!"

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Sarah After Caldera left, a whirlwind of light and activity, Drea's former Ladies came in giggling. "Mae and Iris! How are you! Oh, its been so long!" Drea said, throwing out her arms and enveloping the two girls in hugs. Mae was a dark skinned, dark haired girl with almond shaped eyes and long eyelashes. Iris was pure ivory with silver hair and pale eyes. The two were complete opposites, physically and in terms of personality. Where Mae was stubborn and outgoing, Iris was quit and sweet. Putting aside their differences, they were the closest friends.
Slowly stepping out of Drea's embrace, Iris and Mae looked over to where Aaron was standing. They quickly quieted, blushed, and turned away. Aaron cleared his throat, "I'm going to step out ."

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Sarah The second Aaron left, Mae and Iris broke into a fit of laughter. Drea smiled, shook her head and said, "Oh stop it, you two!" Mae lifted her head, wiping a tear, "Okay, okay. Let's get you ready!"

Mae and Iris led Drea into a large closet with sitting chairs and a wooden stool. "My Lady, what do you have in mind to wear for today?"
"Hmm, let's see, how about something pink or green?" Iris and Mae nodded, "Pink or green for sure," Mae said just as Iris squealed, ran to the opposite sided of the closet and pulled a dress out, " Oh you have to wear this one! It's time! Please?"
Drea shook her head, "I'm not so sure.."
"Oh you must! With a flower braided in your hair, you're going to look stunning."

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Sarah Drea moved towards the foyer ahead of the dining room where Aaron was patientally waiting for her arrival. She tiptoed up to where he was standing and tapped his soulder. Aaron who was in a daze quickly turned around to see Drea. He gasped.
Drea was wearing a dress of deep emerald, it was loose and flared just below her waist. With bell sleeves and a large creme ribbon tied around it's high neck, it was both flattering and perfect for the casual luncheon. Mae had braided her hair to the side and placed jasmine flowers all along the twists.

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Sarah "You're incredible," Aaron whispered.
"You're quite impressive yourself," Drea replied as she took in Aaron's appearance. His off-white shirt and brown pants, his neatly combed hair, and clean jaw. Aaron bent down and kissed Drea's temple, "omorfiá mou."

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Sarah Drea noticed Bellator andJoisah approached, she turned and waved at them, silently lowering her head in gratitude after Bellator's compliment. "I should be the one complimenting you! That dress is wonderful. Maiden and Valence are truly spectacular, aren't they?" Josiah, Drea noticed, was clutching Bellator's hand really tight, he seemed almost nervous, Drea raised an eyebrow, " Everything okay, Josiah? I hope you're not nervous? My family is all bark and no bite. Don't worry, they don't threaten over a shared meal." At Josiah's paling face, Drea laughed, "You both are the absolute best. If the people inside that room don't see that. I'm sorry to say but, they're very wrong."

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Sarah Drea nodded and said,"I must admit, it is a lot to take in. So let's do it a little at a time. Deep breath. Release. We can do this. The four of us, we're invincible," with that the grand doors to the dining room opened. It was large with windows covering two walls. A long table covered in a white tablecloth and purple wild flowers took up a great amount of space in the center. The natural light deemed it unnecessary for chandeliers and lamps but there was a variety of candles spread all over the table. Lord Mafalda rose as he noticed his daughter, son, and her guests had arrived.

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Sarah The courses were brought out right after one another. Drea couldn't contain her joy as her favorite meals kept being brought out. Oh how she missed the light greens and seafood of her home.
As lunch progressed, Drea rose in her seat, turned to her parents who were seated at the head of teh table, then the guests, and said, "My deepest gratitude to my parents and my family for the warm welcome home. My time away has taught me many things, the first, to never take advantage of all the strawberry mint salads and cool cucumber pasta. The second, is to never delay a moment of joy. My family, I would like you to congratulate Josiah and Bellator in their engagement!" Cheers sounded and wine cups were raised. As the noise settles, Drea said, " That is not all, they wish to complete their wedding vows with us!"

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Sarah Lord and Lady Mafalda stood, " Bresya and I would love to personally extend our gratitude and our congrats. Our first present to the lovely couple is one we have been planning since Drea informed us of your engagement. Throughout my career, I have met wonderful people from all around the world. One stood out especially, its funny how the world is so small and relationships occur without plan. To this day, I have kept contact with this person I met long ago. Once I learned that this person that was so dear to me was also loved by one of my daughter's best friends, I was ecstatic. Join me in welcoming a guest long since overdue, Lord Jonathan Babacke and Lady Saravae Babacke!"

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Sarah Both Drea and Aaron couldn't control the grins that broke out on their faces as they watched Josiah emotions change. From nonchalant to shock to disbelief to joy, Josiah was almost floating now. He hadn't seen his parents in 8 months and this reunion was long overdue. He turned to Drea, "How come you didn't tell me our fathers were business partners and friends?" Drea giggled and gestured her hand around her, "For this."

Aaron turned to great Josiah's parents and Drea moved towards Bellator who,after meeting her in-laws and sharing the joy of the people around her, seemed a little down. "Did you think, we'd forget about you? I know, I know. You're going to say, 'Oh these people raised be, they're as close to family as I can get, and they make Josiah very happy.' I understand, Bellator. But, its not like having your own blood with you."

Lord Mafalda took his seat next to heis renowned guest nd raised his champagne glass, " This is not the last of the surprises for the evening. My eldest daughter, Aileen, is the best archer in Athens. Last year, during a gathering, she met and befriended a very talented young man. Today, we have invited him to share this meal with us. And, we also learned that he is very special to one of our guests."

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Sarah Drea squealed when she saw the delight and joy on Bellator's face. Aaron laughed, wrapping an arm around Drea's face. He leaned down and quietly whispered in her ear, " You are purely magnificent, you know that? And, the best of friends. Who wouldn't want to have you as their friend? But, I'm the luckiest of all, for you are my life-long friend and soon-to-be-wife." Drea smiled shyly, a blush rising to her cheeks. She turned to Aaron, resting her forehead against his chest, " We are magnificent, together. Look what we've done. We're happy, Josiah's happy, and Bellator's happy. What more could we ask for?"

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Sarah "You both being here and choosing to celebrate your wondrous occasion with us is enough. Speaking of which, what do you two have planned so far?" Drea asked, raising an eyebrow and receiving a dark blush from Josiah.

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Sarah Drea pressed her palms on the table, " Are you seriously worrying about that? My mother knows a jeweler who makes personalized jewelry. We can make an appointment and Josiah and you can go and decide," Drea said.

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Sarah "What?!" Drea said, slamming her hands on the table and rising. "You know what? We're going to go get one right now. C'mon, let's go. We can take your ladies and mine and anyone else you want to bring. But we are leaving now to get you a dress." Drea declared as she rose from her chair, walked over to Bellator and dragged her out of her chair.

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Sarah Aaron smirked as Josiah broke out into a relieved smile and nodded, "That..that would be great. Lets go." Josiah got up from his chair patting Imber on the back, "Would you like to join us?" Imber shook his head, " No, you two go ahead, maybe next time."

Aaron and Josiah strode to the exit and stepped out of the grand garden doors.

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Sarah Drea stopped Bellator before they left the estate, " You don't want to bring Imber or Josiah's mother?"

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Sarah " Can I tell you something? I'm just about sure he knew you didn't like beer. You're not a very good liar and that's exactly why Drea's kept you around for so long," Josiah said as he swallowed a long gulp of beer feeling daring. Aaron choked and raised an eyebrow, " Josiah? Is that you? Wow a little cheap beer can get to your head really fast. Drea's kept me around for two things: my good looks and charming personality."

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Sarah Drea pulled the fur shawl closer on her shoulders, feeling uncharacteristically cold. She shivered as she looked over at Bellaor, "This is exciting, isn't it? So, do you have any ideas for what you're looking for?" Bellator shook her head, " I'm not really sure." Drea nodded, "That's fine, we'll take this one step at a time. So are you planning to go traditional? A white dress?"

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Sarah Aaron narrowed his eyes at the refilling beer in front of Josiah, " You seem to know me very well. It would be my turn to say how well I know you but I don't think you even know yourself. So, I'll ask you a question." Josiah nodded, " That seems about fair."
Aaron cleared his throat, " You, Josiah Babacke, are a very interesting man. For one, you came here with Bellator because she came here with Drea. But, why did you agree to get married here?"

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Sarah "But, you have no personal preference? How about something other than white? Maybe creme or how about beige?" Drea asked, suddenly getting excited. "Oh all this is coming true, so fast! We can go to the bakery tomorrow and try some cake! And the decorator the day after! Won't it be magnificent?" Drea asked twirling in the grass.

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Sarah Aaron's eyes softened, "What exactly is Bellator gifted with exactly?" Josiah sighed and looked up at the ceiling, tension lining his brow. "Well, I wouldn't call it a gift but, she does, so.." Josiah began telling the story of a girl molded of rain and wind.

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Sarah "Sunlight does sound nice. Doesn't it?" Drea asked as the rounded the corner to a large road lined with small shops and filled with people, " Oh good, we're here. Welcome to Lady Meriewether's Dressery."

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Sarah "So basically your fiance kills people? And just doesn't seem to realize she is?" Aaron asked raising an eyebrow. Josiah shook his head, a frown appearing. " No, you don't understand."
Aaron shrugged just as he realized Hygiea and their encounter with her just a few months earlier, " If you fiance has no control and if she's Hygiea's pet then Drea for sure is in danger. Last time, Drea wasn't very friendly with Hygiea. Oh God. I have to go." Aaron stood up suddenly, swallowing the rest of his beer and storming out of the pub.

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Sarah Aaron stopped, he looked up at Josiah with a confused expression. " Rope? I'd ask why but, no time. Yeah, there's a place near by."

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Sarah Drea gasped as she saw Bellaor fall to the floor. In just about a second, Bellator's rosy skin had paled into a yellow hue. Drea bent down, confusion and worry enveloping her. She reached for Bellator's energy strands, sorted through them and felt one of great despair and darkness. She pulled on that one, pulling its threads apart, entwining it again. The energy consuming her was very strong- energy that could only come from a god. Drea froze, her jaw dropping, and dread settling deep in her stomach.
" Could it be?" she thought, " Could Bellator be out to kill her? Sent from Hygiea herself?"

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Sarah Aaron entered a small store with wooden panels lined with hardware supplies, he stomped over to the main counter, " We need rope, now!" The man behind the counter pulled back in fear and nodded.

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Sarah Drea fell to the floor, clutching her nose. Shock and anger radiating from her. She knew and understood that the woman in front of her was not her friend. She was not the woman who had stood by her side throughout the past year. The woman in front of her was her enemy. Drea moved back, channeling the very energy that fueled her for this long. The energy gifted to her from Erebos. She reached down, pulled and pushed.

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Sarah Drea screamed, a shrill, scraping sound of pure agony. Her pupils dilated and she shoved Bellator off of her. Taking cautious steps back, Drea took a hold of the tendrils around Bellator's heart. She softly wrapped them around her fingers and pulled. Bellator fell to the floor, her eyes changing back to their light brown, confusion and then shock flashing in them.

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Sarah Drea's scream echoed through the woods that led to the main estate. Aaron stopped and began running in her direction, screaming her name. He was numb to everything around him, only one goal in front of him: Get Drea back.

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