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The Long Cosmos (The Long Earth, #5)
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The Long Cosmos, by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter

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Adam Smith (chaos624) | 1191 comments Peace has spread across all the worlds of man and the civilisation of the Long Earth is evolving to match, but strange new things are appearing on the horizon. A strange message beamed from beyond the Earths signals that it is time for mankind to face something new. A message composed of just two words. JOIN US.

My pick for a book published in 2016.

While I was a bit disappointed with the last book, I love this series. I was afraid the passing of Terry Pratchett would mean the end of the series, so I'm glad that there is at least one more to give it the ending it deserves. Should be interesting to read.

Adam Smith (chaos624) | 1191 comments I liked it more than the previous entry and it did wrap the series up, but the ending felt kind of hollow. Still love the overall series though.

message 3: by Aglaea (new)

Aglaea | 371 comments I've never to my knowledge read a book that was co-authored by more than one person, but I know Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman have both been doing this. Lars Kepler is also co-authored, to mention another genre, but what I'm interested in is the language. Have you read them separately to know that the words tilt in favour of only the one, or is it kind of a mix?

Adam Smith (chaos624) | 1191 comments I've only read Stephen Baxter before, but I recognise the humour that comes from Pratchett. It's probably a lot more clear if you're familiar with both individually, but for the most part it blends pretty well. Baxter's hard scifi and Pratchett's light humour. Still nothing that goes 'aww, the authors have switched'.

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