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Mark Kroger I wondered what others thought of the endings for each of these characters and thought it would be nice to have a place to weigh in on each of these main characters fates. I thought a format could be "character name" "your opinion on their fate". Feel free to add other characters and their fates and your thoughts!

Also, it's been a few weeks since I finished up the book, so if I've stated anything incorrectly below, please feel free(and encouraged) to correct me!

So for me:

Amy - I thought it was very sad that after all she had done to help save humanity, despite having a turned Peter with her for while, she ended up spending most of the rest of her life alone on the continent. I thought it was an appropriate fate, but very sad and lonely.

Peter - Becoming "Amy's Only". I have mixed feelings on this one. In a way its good because it gave him more time with her. But I can't really tell what he was like in his final form. How much of his humanity did he still have? I haven't formed an opinion on his fate. I hope he got to listen to Amy play piano like in his dreams.

Michael - Off to find Europe. I guess we can assume he never found anyone because I thought it sounded like the only humanity to survive the two virus's were the people that made it to the island on Michael's boat. Maybe he made it to Europe, explored and then eventfully hooked up with his friends on the island. I thought it was an great end for his character - always exploring. I did feel it a bit sad he didn't just get back to his boat/friends. I kinda hoped him and Lore would be together at the end.

Alicia - I personally hated this ending for her - she survived only to commit suicide. Clearly she dealt with a lot of horror in her life, but I hate it that one of our hero's lives ended in suicide. I would have like her to call out to Michael and be saved by him and maybe have their feeling for each other realized.

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Don Bagert I think that there could have been a small number of survivors outside of those on the island. Part of this has to do with whether the term "First Family" is like "my family came to America on the Mayflower" or whether it referred to descendants of one of Amy's Twelve; the former sounds more likely but that means there were other survivors.

Mark Kroger I like that - I hadn't looked at it that way, but that makes a lot of sense.

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Caroline Hey, Mark. Good questions. My opinions are as follows:

Amy: I also felt sad--very sad. Her fate was far from what I expected. I imagined she'd be surrounded by those who loved her, which was pretty much everyone. It didn't seem fitting to me that she was alone on a deserted continent at the end, and I'm not sure I understand what Cronin was communicating. I do understand she felt she couldn't live on the "Holy Isles" with the new settlers because she had viral blood, but surely there could have been a less lonely fate for her...?

Peter: Here, the story jumped the shark for me. I hated that this was Peter's fate. This once powerful and capable man deserved better than to become the mute beast he never, ever wanted to become. This was another deeply sad aspect of the story. I simply couldn't get behind it. It would have been ok if Peter hadn't made it to the end, to the Holy Isles with the new settlers--I'm ok with authors killing off main characters, even significant ones--but having him turn into a viral was an odd choice.

Michael: I've been reading on GR lots of wondering about his fate; people think this is one loose end Cronin failed to tie up. I was ok with this. At first, I thought Michael would pop up again later after he sailed off, but when it became clear he wasn't going to, I wasn't bugged at all. I would have preferred that he ended up on the Holy Isles with everyone else, but that's ok. I saw on another thread that someone said she thinks Michael was that "arctic explorer" (the "ice man" or whatever he was labeled) that's mentioned during the slide show in the epilogue. That's excellent speculation.

Alicia: Terrible ending. One of the trilogy's most resilient and courageous characters grows weaker across the books, then commits suicide out of the blue. It made no sense, even if she was suffering so much emotional pain. I think Cronin was going for shock, but it was a big miss.

I don't have strong opinions about anyone else except to say that I think it's a miracle that Sara and Hollis and their grandchildren survived, as well as Pim and Caleb and their children.

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Allyson Bird Amy wasn't alone. She lived in her dreams with all her family. Remember when Logan makes contact. Amy says "oh you're real". She lived so much in her dreams that she didn't know when it was real.

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Alicia's death bothered me somewhat, mostly as it was the only death that didn't get their version of heaven - even Fanning got one! Perhaps it was in the original draft, and it got edited out?

Chris Gousopoulos Alicia was extremely bad written for me. No reasons for her behavior. Cronin tries to portray a strong individual and it has the exact opposite result. She is like a seriously demented person to me. Forever wanting to be alone for no apparent reason. A masochistic drama queen. Who would choose to commit suicide while her closest ppl are searching for her? Seriously why? And many other issues with Alicia. Why would she abandon her ppl to try to kill Fanning and immediately when meets him realise that she feels more akin to him? Why? The person who is responsible for most of her drama? And then again if she feels akin to him why after spending 20 WHOLE years with only his company and his master psionist ability, that we saw how easily manipulated when they meet, she just leaves without any change to her so she can come back again to try to kill him?!?! I facepalm myself as i write this. Its so absurd. In general Cronin is handling years very badly. Imagine being in the situation of Alicia for twenty years. A nightmarish existance with no communication at all apart from the manipulative Zero and she didnt change...

Hiram I loved the trilogy. Never had I thought that I could ever get so attached to this kind of books and stories. But I loved it.
I cried when I finished reading TCoM because of Amy's fate. I think it was a proper ending for her, though very sad.
I read on the previous comments that some think Michael is the Ice Man or so and to be honest I also thought that at first when I got to that part, although the book says that this person had the European virus, which killed people very quickly, so I'm not so sure anymore that it could be Michael.
I also hated the way Alicia died. She deserved a better, more exciting fate. At first I thought that she was gonna join Amy in Utah, I think it could've been nice to see them finally together like the Sisters in blood they said they were.
From the rest of the character, I think it was fine, they got to live good at last and they were responsible for the great comeback of humanity.
And well, I'm also happy to finally see what all that "Indoaustralian Republic" stuff from the other books was about.
And Amy, again, I can't get it out of my mind because it was so sad and awesome to "see" that she finally got to see another human being after so long. It's so sad to feel her cry and realize that she's ready to let all her burdens go, by talking to Logan.
A great book, in my opinion. Great, with a few misses but great. Hopefully the upcoming TV series will be as great as this trilogy is.

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InBetween Just finished reading TCoM. Tough ending, I haven't cried many times reading a book and when I put this one down, I was. Amy's fate is so sad. I guess its the willing price she pays to give humankind a second chance but its still so unfair. The hell of it is that you can already guess her fate in the first sentence of the first book; "lived a 1000 years". No options were good, she either spent them alone or she watched everyone she ever loved in all her life die, to be honest I'd rather live alone.

That said, I can't forgive Justin for not giving Amy a "heaven epilogue"; see her finally letting go of all her burdens and reuniting with her love forever... it would have given me, as reader, some kind of closure... I like to imagine that this is what happens but I would have loved to read it.

Peter's fate is good, he ends up being a viral but one of Amy's, not such a bad way to go and the ending implies that the man he was slowly comes out again through the years and he and Amy get to share a life. And again, I like to imagine Amy's heaven with Peter so all is good.

Michael's fate is perfect. Its just who he is, can't find a better way to finish his character arch.

And finally Alicia. If her ending surprised anyone I'm not really sure why, it seemed the only place left for her. Her true love is lost forever (no, its not Michael), her body is spent and there is no way she is ever getting back any minimal decent life with her wracked body the way it is (couldn't even mend when se was a viral with all the damage done) and emotionally she is an empty shell; the loss of her child, the loss of all her friends except Michael whom she doesn't love the way she loved Peter. I think its a fitting although sad ending for her but she goes out clean and knowing that the virals have been defeated, that all she's been through has payed off in a way.

All in all, a bitter sweet ending to the trilogy, I could have done with a little less bitterness but a good ending nonetheless.

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Catharine Huddle If vitals live forever, why/how did Peter die?

Caroline Catharine wrote: "If vitals live forever, why/how did Peter die?"

He didn't.

Paula Alicia was done dirty by her ending. Why create an incredible badass of a character- who turned into the “super soldier” the government was dreaming of only to rape her and then have her get pregnant from that rape? And then lose the baby? damn Justin- did you hate her that much? He then had her fail her missions of trying to kill Zero and then trying to save the town. She didn’t deserve suicide. He totally ruined her as a character. I agree with the above commenter that she deserved an ending with Amy as sisters. Why create an amazing character if you’re just going to rip her to shreds? Ugh.

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Sara Lebrique in the end it was to goddy i didnt like that

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