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dyanne | 316 comments Mod
wow, this explains why Noah and Shua are so ethnically cultured.

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corina (molteneyes) | 228 comments Mod
The fact that Noah was supposed to be doing his calculus homework did not in any way negate the fact that he was most definitely not doing his calculus homework. So maybe he was editing photos? But his calculus homework was on the table in front of him, and that was enough of a step in the right direction.

Besides, there was no way in hell he could concentrate on differentiation while Shua was blasting Kendrick Lamar from across the table. Noah was kind of surprised no one had yelled at him to turn it off yet, but he supposed the noise from the kitchen was enough to mask the sounds of his music.

Noah stared intently at a group shot of the baseball team he was supposed to edit for a newspaper article, then said, "Do you think if I photoshopped these kids' faces onto the wrong heads, anyone would notice." They were all white kids, so they mostly looked the same, right?

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dyanne | 316 comments Mod
Shua had, surprise surprise, finished all his homework for the day, working mechanically through with impressive speed for a solid two hours before giving an emphatic scream in victory causing his mother to come rushing out of the kitchen with a resigned, "what did you hurt this time?". Technically, since he was done, he was supposed to be helping to wipe down the last set of tables, but also technically, Shua really didn't want to, so he had opted to sit across from his brother, blasting "King Kunta" (now if I give you funk, you gon' take it) while scrolling through Reddit.

"Hmm?" His head snapped up for a second, taking a moment to look at his brother's pensieve expression before looking back down at his phone. "Prolly not. Honestly, you could photoshop the water polo guys' faces onto theirs and I don't think people would look twice."

He then paused, looking up again. "And this has to do with your calc homework... how?"

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corina (molteneyes) | 228 comments Mod
It didn't matter that calculus wasn't even that hard; Noah just wasn't really in the mood. Plus, he wasn't a giant nerd like Shua, so... It might only be the very start of the new year, but the entire newspaper crew was already freaking out about their first issue. He fiddled with the color balance in black and white, almost forgetting what he'd asked Shua.

"I'll just put what's his name, the captain, I'll just put his face on everyone else's heads." Besides, if he remember the article correctly, it was a tiny thing, meaning the photo would also be tiny. Which diminished the humor of the whole enterprise, but definitely made it easier to get away with. "Umm...

"Differentiation?" Noah tried, then let his head fall flat onto his open calc book. "I just don't feel like iiiit," his muffled voice complained. "Also, I appreciate the funk, but it's not really calc funk, which is making me not want to do calc, so theoretically, this is kinda you and Kendrick's fault."

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