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Kate (kgskocelas) | 547 comments Mod
Every month, we will select one trade paperback (TPB) to read and discuss as a group. This is our comic book of the month (BotM).

Books can be nominated by any group member by posting the title in the month’s nomination thread. The nomination thread opens on the 16th and closes on the 23rd (not before 7pm). Five nominated titles are then selected at random for the club to vote on.

Nominating Restrictions:
- Nominated titles must be TPB comics or graphic novels.
- Only the first volume of a series may be nominated, unless the group has already read the previous volume(s) as a book of the month. To see what we've read, check out our group's bookshelf.
- If a title you nominate wins BotM, please refrain from nominating another title the following month to give others a chance.
- Nominated titles must fit that month's theme. The theme is listed on the nominations thread, or you can find a complete list of 2018's BotM themes here.
- Nominated titles cannot have the same writer as the previous month's BotM.

The five titles randomly selected from the nominations will appear on a poll posted on the 23rd of the month. The poll will remain open until the 30th at midnight EST. The title that receives the most votes will be the book of the month. In the case of a tie, a second poll containing only the tied titles will be posted on the 30th and remain open until the 3rd.

Once voting has ended, a discussion thread is opened to talk about the BotM winner. These threads may contain spoilers for any who have not finished reading the volume. Discussion threads are never closed, so feel free to participate at any time.

While lively debate is encouraged, please be respectful of other opinions and members. Individuals who cannot remain civil will first be warned by a moderator and, if the issue continues, will be asked to leave the group. This will ensure that the club remains an open and constructive environment in the pursuit of comic enjoyment and understanding.

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