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Valita walked through the portal with a skull crusher pulled cart carrying the her magnum opus. This wasit the isle of Genesis, the birthplace of all the gods under Tenderis, the firefly and the twin koi, the place where the song sang strongest, and each new god emerged from their egg and proved themselves to be true gods. Smiling over at the egg in the cart she waited patiently for her little goddess to emerge so that she could begin.

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MixItUp! Hailie felt slimy and wet, after her long nap she had kind of forgotten about everything. She pushed herself against the egg, a large cracking split the air. Hailie felt satisfied with herself, she seemed to still be shaken up. Alaina must be freaking out right now she thought, slowly emerging from the egg

((Would she be able to change into animals whenever now?))

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Valita grinned as she saw the young goddess slowly but surely emerged from her egg. "This is it," she thought to herself exictedly. 'My crowning glory, my most beautiful creation is about to become what she was meant to be and all because of me."

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MixItUp! "Is what?" Hailie glanced around, "Where am I?" she glared at Valita, Hailie wanted to tear her apart. Stupid curse! she thought angrily. She took a moment to contain herself, her eyes were wide, she had never been here and it smelled like decaying animals

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"Welcome back young goddess and to answer your questiom, this is the isle of genesis, tbe birth place of all dketies after the first three,and now it is yours as well, the newest goddess of the patheon, the daughter of Mortus and Mint and ruler over all the beasts of the land," Valita answered.

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MixItUp! Mint? Hailie had a puzzled expression, "Who the heck is Mint?" to her it seemed like a weird name but she held herself from giggling. She cleared her throat, "And exactly, I am here why?" Hailie had a lot of questions but she only narrowed it down to why she was here

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"Your mother and the buffon that feather spitting peocock named Fathamore made the queen of the gods. Insolent fool, the women is nlthing more than an emty shell, who would rather drown herself in toxins than actually rule," Valita answered. "As for why your here well as soon as a god or goddess is born, they'll here the call of the song of creation coming from from an egg plant which you'll use to create their first born. After that you will no longer be the naked babe that stands before me, but a goddess worthy of your name and title."

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MixItUp! Hailie was half asleep, quickly turning into a panther when she realized she didn't have clothes on. Her tail lashed, "Watch it" Hailie hissed. Her eyes were still quite wide and she turned in a full circle, inspecting the place, "Are you gonna make me fight?" Hailie asked coolly, acting like she didn't care if she had to battle someone or something

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"Not at all young one, judging by your reaction just their I figure you'll have no problem doing so. No I want you to fight with us, but as not even a god can overide the rule of free will. I cannot make you fight," Valita explained.

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MixItUp! Hailie paused, thinking for a moment. She proceeded carefully, "And why would I do that? You kidnapped me and tortured me" Hailie had a great point but inside she was kind of glad she was a goddess. No, focus on your family, your sister she told herself, shaking a thought that she should join them away

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"The cult kidnapped you not me, and as for your transformation, I do recall removing the bonds once you decided to cooperate, and I hate to say it but changing ones parentage to that of a gods is painful as is tranforming anything from their natural form. I have been looking into some form of painkiller for that type of thing, but my books have turn up nothing. However despite all your complaints of torture and lose , isn't worth it now to hear the song of creation all around you in all its glory and to be able to sing along even if it's just for one verse," Valtia asked wkth a smirk.

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MixItUp! Hailie sighed, "Fine" she held up her finger to Valtia's face, "Under one condition" she growled, "Clean clothes, a dress maybe" Hailie's tail lashed behind her though it slowed to a small sway. "Still, why me at least? You could've turned anyone into a God or Godess, but me?" did the universe hate her or something. I'm supposed to be with Alaina and Jeremiah Hailie thought a bit angrily though she was calming down

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"On my honer I will get you the finest gown that I can afford. However, only after you create your first born, not because I enjoy seeing you like this, but because as you create your first born your soul will become fused with a small part of the song and any form of clothing can block its entrance, but don't worry you can remain in animal form if your truly skimish and I won't be following you for that part as it is a private affair between you, your child and the song," Valita explained. "As for why, well you were a demigod and as such you could actually survive the test without your soul shattering into a million peaces, and you were right their in front of me. I have no particular reason why I choose you, and I would've done the same to any of your four siblings if they'd been in that cell with you."

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MixItUp! Hailie nodded understandingly though she was pretty confused, "So this 'Song of Creation' is very important?" she was kind of hoping to stall for a bit. "And I assume that the dress would be white" honestly she didn't care for the dress, she just seemed to want to stall for as long as she could

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"Yes it is the grand melody that binds all living things together, from the gods to the mortals. The thing that separates us the mlst aside from the obvious immortality is that you can hear your part of the song and use it to create mortals and to summon your power directly from the song itself," Valita answered. "I will do my best to find you a decent attire given that I grew up on a tropical planet where clothing was hardly neeeded. So forgive me if I don't know the fashion preferences of a newborn goddess."

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) ((Waiting in corner with popcorn))

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MixItUp! Hailie nodded, "And what planet is that supposed to be?" This is super boring... she thought but she kept her face straight and seeming to be interested. "Wow, sounds super powerful, when do we begin?" Hailie suddenly winced, she had probably just speeded up what Valita was gonna do.

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MixItUp! Charles wrote: "((Waiting in corner with popcorn))"

((*Casually steals popcorn*))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) ((Casually backs away so you dont get popcorn))

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MixItUp! ((*casually tackles and steals all da popcorn* HAAAAAA))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) (*(Not Casually rips the popcorn away and sends it to the 27th dimesion.* No))

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MixItUp! (( ):o you didn't! *casually floats with the popcorn in the 27th dimension while eating it* ))

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"I come from the planet, Travon," she answered simply. "As for when you'll start, well that depends on when you hear the song calling you to the eggplant."

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MixItUp! Hailie nodded, things here were so weird. Egg plants that sing, spider gods.... On earth everything was quite simple, no real magic just people fighting in the army. She almost wanted to run but she did hear a small humming

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"You hear it don't you,"Valtia smirked. "Go follow the song and it will lead you where you need to be, your child and your godhood awaits you."

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MixItUp! Hailie twirled her finger through her hair, it was a scary time for her. She hesitantly obeyed and started towards the humming which soon turned into singing. Hailie smiled, it was a beautiful song and she was quite puzzled on how she would get a child

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((Do you mind if I take control of the song as Valita going to stay out of this until it's finished?"

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MixItUp! ((I'm a bit confused so sure))

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((I had a similar rp with Night where something like this occured, if you want you can read thst and see if it helps and if you have any questions, please ask.))

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MixItUp! ((K, thanks Stephen))

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((No p, now before we continue can you explain to me what's gotten you confused so that I can clarify things.))

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MixItUp! ((I was just confused on how I would Rp that is all, continue plz :3))

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((Okay, well glad that we got figured out, now for the main event.))

The song countinued to grow in din as the goddess continued onward until a egg plant about as tall as a sunflower. The plant itself remain motionless and silent as any traditional plant, but the music of it's very being radaited outward like heat from a fire, calling to the goddess to add in her own tune and become a part of it's song.

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MixItUp! Hailie neared the egg plant with curiousity, her ears twitched and closed her eyes. She wanted to resist and run away but the song was calling her, almost like an enchantment. Hailie slowly started to sing, her voice was soft and smooth, filled with warmth.

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The eggplants song fused to create one beautiful harmony and the plant recongizing the song of the goddess reached out to to her so that she might touche it and covery to it what she wanted to create with their two songs united.

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MixItUp! Hailie's eyes seemed to glow with interest, she wanted to speak but she kept singing. She had turned into her human form though she still had her tail, a common side effects after being a cat. Hailie was practically enchanted by the song that she and the eggplant had created

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"Come here, new singer, give your hearts disire and we shall give it tune, Give me your wish and we shall give it form. I am the womb of the gods, speak and it shall be done," the eggplant seemed to speak into the young goddess's mind, as the stop lowered back in a hum of anticapation, as it waited for the goddess's next melody.

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MixItUp! Hailie glanced at Valtia, a bit nervous. "A child" she intended to speak louder but it came out as a soft whisper. Her tail swayed against the ground, she focused on the egg plant practically dazed.

((It's a child right? XD))

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((Technically yes, the gods as a general rule consider all their creations to be their children, so really it could be anything and it would still be considered her child.))

"I see, but what sort of child do you wish to create, for if we combine our songs to create an entirely new creature, or I can teach you an old tune to sing an existing creature into being," the plant asked.

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MixItUp! "An old tune?" Hailie was half interested and half afraid. There were a million types of species and beasts, "Could you teach me it?" Hailie was twirling her hair again, a sign she was nervous. How can an eggplant talk? was basically the only question running through her head, not what child she should create or how she could get out of here

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((It's using a form of telepathy to speak with her, just so you know.))

"I can, name the creature and I'll teach you their song," the plant replied.

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MixItUp! ((I know, I kind of just worded it wrong sorry :3))

"Kitsune?" Hailie tried, this was very awkward and strange for her. It was hard to keep her from trembling, she stood straight, Hailie wanted to turn into her usual panther form but she decided staying human might be best. Hailie felt a bit stupid for randomly trying a race, or at least she thought it was a race.

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"Very well do you wish for a son or a daughter, and do you wish to give them any any unqiue traits or ablties," it continued.

((It's alright, I just wanted to make that I made that clear.))

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MixItUp! "Daughter, and would they be able to shape shift like me?" Hailie had gotten used to this a bit though she was still a bit afraid on how she would get this daughter. Her mind was completely blown, her expression was puzzled

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"That can bone and much more if you wish it. Now do you wish for the child to be place in one of my eggs or do you wish to carry her within," the plant asked.

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((Man, little fox girls seem to be real popular around here nowadays. XD))

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((Here's the song for kitesune

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MixItUp! ((XD ya))

Hailie paused for a moment, "Within please" she didn't really want her child to be in an egg, to many dangers. To her this wasn't very logical but there was a plant talking to her in her mind.... Hailie shrugged the thought away and managed a small smile

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((You do realize what the plant means by within right?))

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