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Leaders may only be seniors, and seconds must be at least a junior. If the moderator in charge of the clique decides to allow co-leaders, etc., then there may be more than one, but they still must be seniors. Other roles come on first-come, first-serve basis unless they are co-leaders.

Leader: Iryna Zelenko (meli)
Second: tba (corina)
Stage Manager: Caleb Freeman (dyanne)
Prima Donna: Celia Swann (dark angel)
Publicity: Joseph Darnell (shad)
Prompt: Eleanor Sunisa (rea)
Head Costume Designer: tba (alex)
Head Set Designer: June Seo (aubree)
Head Sound and Lighting Technician: tba (scout)
MC: tba (juno)

Other Members:

Ezra Kray
Nathaniel Goldberg
Aurora Perkins
Tricia Vasques

Gabriella Ramirez


Additional Information:
Leader: Basically like a student director, they run the show. They can act in the play if they choose to, though most don't as being leader is a full-time job.
Second: Just like what it sounds like, they help out the leader with all their duties. The second will often take on a role in the play, as their position is not as demanding as the Leader's.
      Actors: The category most fall into. They act in the production.
Stage Manager: They do everything the Leader doesn't, basically. They run the stage, making sure props, costumes, lighting and sound are all correct. They make sure set and prop changes go smoothly and basically work behind the scenes to make sure the show goes by without a hitch.
      Stage hands: They answer directly to the stage manager and do anything and everything he requires them to do, such as grabbing props, helping with costume changes, etc.
      Runners: They execute prop and set changes on stage. They're the ones dressed in all black on the stage.
Prima Donna: The chief female singer. They are often a very temperamental person with an inflated view of their own talent or importance. think Carlotta from Phantom of the Opera
Publicity: In charge of promoting the play to the rest of the student body, encouraging attendance to preformances, making programs, etc.
Prompt: Stands off the stage and tells people their lines if they forget them during a rehearsal or the production itself.
Head Costume Designer: Fairly self-explanatory. In charge of designing costumes, and supervising the other costume designers.
      Costume Designers: Design costumes and help with costume changes.
Head Set Designer: Again, fairly self-explanatory. Designs the sets and supervises the other set designers. Answers to the Stage Manager.
      Set Designers: Design the sets.
Head Lighting and Sound Technician: Makes sure all the lighting and sound is working smoothly. Supervises the lighting and sound technicians.
      Lighting Technicians: Operates the lighting for the production.
      Sound Technicians: Operates the sounds for the production.
MC: MCs school events and narrates school productions, if there is a need for a narrator.

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