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Jireh Johnson | 7 comments Hey! Ive been working on a YA/Teen Action Adventure, Sci-Fi Thriller novel. Still incomplete with 15 chapters and about 60k words, it's a fast work in progress with good feedback so far. I'm hoping to get more from different perspective!

Travis Kennedy, Thomas Colton, and Kelly Nicholson are mere outcasts, disposables, degenerates of a social hierarchy in the eyes of both staff and students alike in Twoson Boarding School.

After a shocking altercation, abandoning the abuse and rejection in pursuit of better lives seems like the best option for the three young protagonists.

But when the rest of earth rebels against the first world, events on a global scene shift from hostile to critically dangerous, and instantly the lives of Travis, Thomas, Kelly and a wave of new friends take a drastic turn.

In a time filled with bloodshed and chaos, is the world focusing in the wrong enemy? And as the global situation as a whole continues to deteriorate, will our young heroes hide in the shadows, or use their new power to rise up and fight?

If you're interested you can respond below (Obviously) My email is We can work out the specifics then.

Thanks for considering!

ReadWriteLove28 | 164 comments Hello! Your manuscript sounds interesting and I'd be happy to discuss beta reading for you.

I do charge a nominal fee for my beta reading, and would be happy to discuss it more thoroughly if you're interested.

I currently have a couple of spots open for August.

You can check out a list of testimonials from previous clients here:

If interested, you can contact me through my website. I look forward to hearing from you!


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