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message 1: by lorien (new)

lorien What are your all time favorite abilities from KOTLC?

message 2: by lorien (new)

lorien I like Vanishers, Mesmers, Hydrokinetic, Telepaths, and Inflictors.

message 3: by Vernetta (new)

Vernetta | 27 comments I like the same as you except for mesmers. And I like inflictors if they are like Sophie and can inflict may types of emotions.

message 4: by lorien (new)

lorien Exactly. I like Inflictors when they can do so many emotions. Hopefully we'll see a bit more action with Inflictors in the next book!

message 5: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Diller | 12 comments Telepaths, Hydrokinetics, Polyglots, Shades, and Enhancers.

message 6: by skyla (new)

skyla (uwish_124) Conjurers, Telepaths, Mesmers, Polygots, Technopaths, Vanishers,

message 7: by Vernetta (new)

Vernetta | 27 comments I don't really like enhancers just because it is a be risk for the person. People can abuse them, even though the power is pretty cool.

*Molly Frannces* (primteahatter) Telepaths, Conjurers, Vanishers, Mesmers, and Empaths.

*ratherbereading* | 1 comments Frosters, hydrokinetic,Mesmer,conjurer,technopath,Phaser

message 10: by Anna W. (new)

Anna W. (keefes1truelove) | 11 comments I love Masmers, probably bc I am one…any way. I also like telepaths, empaths, and the water influencers, if I write with the water influencers are called I know I’m totally going to miss spell it so I’m just gonna call the water influencers.

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