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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments So, playing the new Pokemon Go and Digimon Cyber Sleuth gave me an idea. So I'm looking for someone to roleplay an idea I had. I only do 18+ roleplays. So violence and all that is too be expected. I'm looking for heavy detailed paragraphs, but I don't expect anything extreme. Just enough to keep the roleplay lively. Otherwise I will get extremely bored and I'll call the roleplay off. I only roleplay in third person, and I'd be super cool with(Actually almost prefer) If we do doubles. That way we can have two characters each. I prefer MxM or FxF relationships, but I do MxF as well. Anyways bellow is the plot. I roleplay in either Notes, Comments (in a personal place) Forums, Chatxy, or Skype. This roleplay can involve Pokemon or Digimon. Just tell me which you prefer.

Technology has advanced to the point where it's almost at an impossible level. Most people ride on moving sidewalks in town. Almost all buildings touch the sky, and all weather is controlled from inside a dome. Everything is absolutely perfect for the human race. Everyone wears some form of eyeglass that allows them to see all of the technology located in this world. Allowing everyone to stay connected at all times. That's when a new game has released that allows one to see digital creatures in the real world. A company making it so players can catch these creatures and add them to their own personal team to battle others. .That is until rumor gets out that things might not be as it seems as the creatures are used to hack large company systems and a group of hackers claim they're going to release the city. This only unlocks more mysteries as the company that released the game is gone, almost as if it never existed, and The creatures seem more than just... programs. Come join this strange world, pick your creature and maybe... just maybe you can help figure out what is going on.

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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments ((Im going to go ahead and make my character ))

Name: Seta Motoki

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Height: 5'11 ft.

Weight: 140 Ibs.

Bio: ((Basic and known info now. More to be revealed through roleplay)) Not a lot of people know Seta. He usually stuck to himself until recently. With the new release of Digimon, Seta is often found in the zones in town that allow the Digimon to manigest into physical creatures. He works from his apartment as a technician for technology around town. Making house calls to fix minor problems for cheaper than the big companies. He lives in one of the many big apartment buildings in the city but all on his own.

Personality((To be role played ))

Digimon: ♥♥Crest of Love♥♥

||Kokomon || Lopmon || Wendigomon || Antylamon || Cherubimon


Name: Yui Rivers

Age: 20

Sexuality: Homosexual

Gender: Female

Height: 6 ft.

Weight: 145 Ibs

Bio: (What's known by most) Yui moved into the area a long time ago. She was around five when her and her father moved into the city. She hasn't made a lot of friends since them, often seen reading books in local cafés in her tech. She often spends a lot of time on her own, though not a lot of people know why.

Digimon: Crest of Courage

Koromon || Agumon || Greymon || MetalGreymon || AncientGreymon

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Medusa Poole (deliriousrobin) | 14 comments © ᴅɪsᴄʟᴀɪᴍᴇʀ: [This template is inspired by 〈 ♣ 〉 ғɪᴇɴᴅɪsʜ ᴅᴇʟɪɢʜᴛs & 〈〈 ᶠᶦˢʰᵇʷᶫ ╳ |. Created by ▲ Åṧℌʟε¥ ▼ (Tʜᴇ Gʀᴇᴀᴛ ᴀɴᴅ Pᴏᴡᴇʀғᴜʟ).

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┣▇ Nezumi "Rat" Aoba Hayashi ▇▇▇▇▇═─

[23 Years Old][Male][Homosexual][Anime Boy][Single]


▐⊱ Trait ✔ Thoughtful
▐⊱ Trait ✔ Softy [ Children, Wounded Humans Or Animals ]
▐⊱ Trait ✔ Dramatic
▐⊱ Trait ✔ Artistic
▐⊱ Trait ✔ Protective [ Loved Ones ]
▐⊱ Trait ✗ Rude
▐⊱ Trait ✗ Irritable
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┣▇ Lucien "Luce" Tsukiko Hayashi ▇▇▇▇▇═─

[18 Years Old][Female][Homosexual][Anime Girl][Single]


▐⊱ Trait ✔ Cool Headed [ Dire Situations ]
▐⊱ Trait ✔ Collected
▐⊱ Trait ✔ Uncommonly Kind-Hearted
▐⊱ Trait ✔ Proper [ Tad Bit ]
▐⊱ Trait ✔ Protective [ Loved Ones, Friends or Strangers ]
▐⊱ Trait ✗ Hot-Headed
▐⊱ Trait ✗ Sarcastic
▐⊱ Trait ✗ Fragile-Minded [ Past ]

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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments ((Awesome characters! Give me a second and Ill fix mine up a bit!))

ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments ((Alright! My characters are fixed and updated! If you dont have any questions, I can start the roleplay for us!))

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Medusa Poole (deliriousrobin) | 14 comments ( I don't have any questions, start the roleplaying! ^.^ )

ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments ((Alright, give me a second. I also fixed my character profiles again (sorry|) my thing cut off my girls digimon.))

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Medusa Poole (deliriousrobin) | 14 comments ( Its fine! I'll wait haha )

ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments The day was supposed to be a beautiful one. Weather was scheduled to be sunny all day. Not too hot, not too cold, just a warm sensation that warms your skin with a cool breeze that keeps someone from being too warm. Weather was so calculated now. One would always know what to expect. No surprise rains or unknown storms. Everyone knew ahead of time and planned ahead. Since the weather was so pure and good on this day, the streets and parks where filled with people.

Buildings lite up with adds as Seta walked through one of the central parks in Unity City. Right now, Digimon only appeared as physical creatures in a few designated locations. Unity Park was one of those. Since the update, Seta had been spending even more time in these zones, his new Digital friend riding on his shoulders as they wondered around. Everything seemed normal. Another day he'd wonder around, see what else he could find in the Digizone, and eventually head home, late into the night.

Yui Rivers sat in one of the many cafés that filled Unity City. She leaned back in her seat, reading a book that appeared as a hologram in her hands. The pages turning with a gentle movement of her hand. Her hair was pulled up out of her hair in a messy bun that rested on top of her head. There wasn't much she wanted to do on days like this. So books seemed like the best route.

((Some notes I wanted to make was that the new 'game' that Digimon are supposedily coming from has only been out for like a week. I thought that might be an important part to put in.))

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( I'm so sorry, I went to the movies and then got held up when we had dinner.. )

A man walked slowly behind his sister with his hands tucked into the pockets of his leather jacket. The twenty-three year old man wore a dark gray, green tinted leather jacket that is decorated with pockets and zippers. Underneath his leather jacket is a pale yellow long-sleeve shirt, beige cargo pants which have large pockets on either side, and he only tucks the left leg into his combat boots - the right side is left loose and tattered. Around his neck is a large, dark gray scarf made of incredibly durable superfiber cloth which doubles as his cloth. His bright blue hair is pulled up into a small ponytail with bright blue eyes to match, he is named Nezumi which means Rat. By his side his a Gabumon, who seemed excited around the numerous people or just the girl. Nezumi had been coming here for a while, after finding out about the new game with his little sister, Lucien or Luce for short. Lucien had the same bright blue hair that were pulled into two long pigtails which practically near her upper thigh, locks of hair strewn around her facial structure. Luce wore a black and white dressed with sleeves detached from the shoulders and cute black boots to follow. Nezumi seemed grumpy then most people in Unity City, but it was more about how their past both plagued the two. Anyways, Nezumi and Lucien had been roaming with their own digimon, oh.. Forgot to say that Lucien had a digimon that looked like a cat with gloves on her hands and she didn't seem so happy as the excited blue haired teenager did. "Lucien, where are we even heading?" Nezumi asked softly. There had been no malice in his voice, but a slightly warm tone in his voice. "W-Well, I thought that we should find somewhere to eat, since we haven't even had lunch!" She stated absently as her matching blue eyes surveyed the area. "Besides, don't you want to meet new people? It will be fun, maybe we can.." Her voice died down at the slight glare being turned toward her, before a sheepish smile graced her lips. "I'm sorry, I forgot that you're an unsocialable man," Luce stated quickly with her arms crossed on her chest. A pout formed on her lips as she walked ahead again as she ignored her brother, who seemd agravated. "I don't see why we have to make friends, when were both perfectly, independent individuals," He sneered hotly. An angry glare had been shot at him, before he huffed out in annoyance and quickly agreed even though he didn't seem pleased. Luce on the other hand started jumping up and down with a wide grin and her hands clasped near her chest, "Nezumi, you're the best!" She screeched. Silencing her with an aggravated look, "Nezumi, maybe she is right. Not everyone should be alone with only their sisters to always be there," Gabumon whispered gently. Glancing at his digimon, he could only glare and quickly sighed at the speech from both of his closed loved ones. Why did they need friends? "Whatever," He grunted quietly.

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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments ((Ill answer back in just a moment, but dont worry about taking awhile! Ive been messing up in the forum and it's been erasing the text I put in, but I finally figured it out and fixed to! Sorry for so many complications. Im still getting used to this website.))

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( Not a problem, I had the same issues when I first got onto this website :3 )

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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments Yui didn't glance up when two blue haired people walked into the café. She was too deep in her book as she kept reading. Her Agumon sat in the seat next to her. Almost napping but looking up with a big grin before patting his partners hand gently. "Look, More Digimon." He said happily. The girl's eyes peaked over her glasses for a moment. The Amber colored orbs looking for a moment before turning back to her book. She only amswered with a short. "Mmmhm." Before turning back to her book. Her dark , curly hair was pulled inyo a quick, mewsy bun. Occasional strands coming loose and framming the sides of her face. She was dressed in a long, loose shirr that was almost like a dress, with white leggings underneath that went to right above her ankle. She had on small, white, converses, cut right bellow the ankle. Though sitting dowm like she was, it was a lot less obvious how tall the young girl was. Her glasses functioned both as digital visualizers and an aid to help her see. Really capturing the best of both worlds.

Agumon laid his head back on the table. Bored as he watched the other digimon from across the room. Though Digimon had become a popular game, not many seemed to be able to keep rookie level digimon. Nor did they seem to be able to keep the creatures longer than a few days. So seeing these Digimon eith humans was fairly rare. And it interested Agumon as he watched the other digimon enter the café.

Seta yawned and his eyes rested on the Café. A relaxing drink sounded like something he really wanted. Lopmon sat on the delinquent's shoulder. The boy sure looking as if he didnt listen to authority. His skinny jeans where ripped at the knees, warn and torn, unknown if it was from use or if he bought them that way. He had a form fitting red t-shirt on. Small tears where left here and there on the man's shirt. The emblem of a currently popular mmo game was pasted in his shirt in black. He had a messanger back. His messy hair was tussled in a beanie. Covered in buttons from various things. Like games, comics, and tv shows. Lopmon stayed close to his partner as they neared the cafe.

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Lucien stepped in front of the cashier with a bright smile upon her lips, "I would love to have a large coffee with cream and sugar with a sausage breakfast sandwich please," She politely chimed toward the cashier, who seemed a bit surprised at how the girl seemed so perky. She glanced back to her brother, who seemed to be more focused on his cellphone and quickly nudged him with an elbow. Staring at the cellphone for a few minutes, before sliding into one of his big pockets upon his beige cargo pants. Surveying the menu on the wall, he dismissively answered with wanting a large coffee that was black with a plain donut. Once the cashier asked for the amount, Nezumi set cash down onto the table and stepped aside for other customers to order their own meals. "You need to be more nice Nezumi or at least smile," Luce whined poking his cheek playfully. Swatting her hand away, Rat glared at his sister annoyed at all her whining. Be nicer, smile, why don't you make some friends and blah blah. What was the point of friends really? They could neither help him or really stay beside him... They would eventually get sick of his ill mannered ways. Huffing out a sigh, Nezumi grabbed his coffee and the plain donut off the counter with Gabumon following right behind him as the blue haired man found a booth on the far right. Sliding into the booth, he settled the black coffee onto the table and quickly unwrapped the plain donut for Gabumon. The digimon quickly picked it up and started taking large bites of the delicious meal. Prancing over to them, Lucien held her breakfast sandwich and coffee with Gatomon following behind her. Those catlike eyes searching the cafè, before stopping on the other digimon that had been staring at the two. Another digimon?! That was a site to see since most individuals couldn't keep their digimon, before they could evolve. Usually they kept the ball of fur, but the digimon didn't feel this connection to stay. Gatomon settled into the booth with her gaze still situated on the digimon, before shifting toward the door chiming open. A young man walked through the door and what made him special had to be the Lopomon staying by his side. Four digimons in one area? Seemed like trouble, their had to be something happening. Why would four digimons be brought to the one cafè. Was it fate or did someone want this to happen? Lucien thought gazing at the digimons with her own acknowledgement once Gatomon had become distracted.

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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments Agumon watched the other digimon closely. Even more amused when another ealked into the café. Things where only getting more unusual. Sure, it could just be pure luck, actually, pure luck seemed more plausible. When he saw the other digimon look over, he gave a wave to the cat like digimon. The small, orange dinosaur leaning back over to his tamer before prodding her shoulder with one of his claws. "Yui!" He said as he finally got her attention. "Theres so many digimon in here!"

Yui opened her mouth to answer but was cut off by the new arrivals at the counter. Boy was he loud. Seta was leaning over the counter, more towards the cashier as a large, spooky grin slid over his lips. He looked like he was ready to start trouble. Lopmon leaned in close too, hugging his partner's neck in order to prevent falling off his shoulders. "You know what sounds really good?" He started, glancing at Lopmon before going on. "I want something really bad for you. Maybe a Large frappuccino, The biggest hamburger you have, and a milkshake for the little guy." He smirked as the cashier hurriedly jotted everything down. Nervously glancing up as Lopmon chanted. "Chocolate! Chocolate!" Seta chuckled as he oayed for all of his food. Tossing the money to the server before strolling to a chair and floppung down as he waited. Slouching deep into the thing. All eyes where on him. And he for sure looked like a delinquent from that spectacle.

Yui groaned and rolled her eyes, setting her book down to look at Agumon. "I hate people like that."

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Nezumi glanced at the new individual waltzing into the cafè, who seemed more like a delinquent then anything. Just his attitude towards the cashier, walked through the doors and especially the way his clothes looked upon the smaller male. Rat seemed an inch taller towards the other delinquent with a digimon, surprisingly hanging around his shoulder. Ignoring the slouching man and glanced toward his own digimon, who was still scarving down the donut in his hands. Across from him, Lucien gazed at the two digimons which weren't either her brother or hers. An Augumon and a Lopmon such a spectacle, someone who had kept their digimon without losing them before they could digivolve. Her own digimon, Gatomon gazed at the two before waving back at Agumon slightly with her gloved cat paws. "Luce, have you noticed the two other digimons?" She asked quietly toward the two blue haired siblings. Maybe it wasn't a scheme, but just pure luck that four digimons were in the same cafè. Maybe, they could all become friends or were the two not at all friendly.... The two; woman and man seemed independent, maybe not as bad as Nezumi she thought. Letting a smile grace her lips, Lucien wondered if it would be a good idea to introduce herself. Sadly, the idea wouldn't be her owns since Gatomon seemed to have the same idea as she headed over to Agumon a fanged smile, "Hey!" She mewled softly. Nezumi kicked his sisters leg with a pointed look at the digimon, who had quickly headed over to the other digimon, Agumon. Lucien quickly glanced over, before widening her eyes slightly. "I'll go get her," She whispered as she quickly headed over with a sheepish smile. Picking Gatomon off the floor, "I'm so sorry that Gatomon disturbed you guys," She whispered softly.

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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments Yui looked up when the other digimon walked over. The stern look on her face was washed away as the cat padded closer to Agumon. Agumon gave a friendly smile before hoping down from the chair. "Hi!" He called back. A toothy smile covering his mouth. "It's so cool to see Other digimon around here." Yui paused as the other girl walked over. Pausing as she gave a soft smile. "Don't be sorry," shd started as she put her book away. The book turning back into code as she stores it for later. "If your Digimon hadn't come over here, Agumon was likely to invite himself to your table soon enough." Yui gave a soft smile as she looked the other girl over. Weird to have so many digimon in one place. No wonder Agumon was freaking out. "My names Yui, by the way. Your Digimon is pretty cute."

Seta hadn't seen the other digimon yet. Instead hd just enjoyed his time with his own digimon. Lopmon now sipping down his own large milkshake. Obviously overjoyed by the great treat. Seta carefully ate at his food. Leaning back in his seat as he kicked his feet up on another. Lounging as much as one could on the stools they provided in this café. But then he saw it. The other digimon across the room. He paused before getting Lopmon's attention. "A lot of digimon in here, buddy. Wanna check it out?" Lopmon finished his milkshake quickly before crawling Onto Seta's head to get a better look. "Yeah! Lets check it out!"

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( Hey, I was meaning to ask if their were digimons that attacked them like in the show or humans attacking them? Like later on, not now unless you want that..)

Lucien couldn't help smiling at the other girl, before letting Gatomon back down near Agumon. "It's pretty cool seeing another digimon besides Gatomon and my brother's digimon, Gabumon. Glancing down at the two digimons which had started greeting each other with toothy smiles. "I'm Luce which is short for Lucien," She greeted politely with her own wild grin. "You're digimon is pretty cute too," Luce quickly chimed in. Gatomon had started to ask various questions about Agumon, "Have you ever digivolved besides becoming Agumon?!" The cat asked excitedly. Across the restaurant, Gabumon and Nezumi had been sitting watching the exchange between digimons and humans. Breathing out softly, he glanced toward Gabumon, who seemed adamant to go see Agumon. Nodding towards his digimon, Rat stood up with the empty coffee cups in hands and quickly discarded them into the trash. Not knowing if it was okay to walk over to the two, but slowly headed over to the two girls with the digimons already playing around or talking. Their two digimons seemed pretty happy to becoming friends with another digimon especially a pretty cool one like Agumon. "Um. This is my brother, Nezumi," Luce introduced with a slight nod from the man. Elbowing her brother in the side, he grunted with a glare, before a short hi back as he turned back to the three digimons loving to be meeting each other.

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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments ((There was going to be a mix of both, actually. The main bad guys where going to be a team of humans who either force digimon to help them. Then there are also going to be digimon who attack the city on their own. All that stuff will start in a bit, though. Right now Digimon can't do anything that hurts humans.))

Yui gave a soft smile before she gave a quick nod. "Yeah, its really strange. Usually I see people forcing digimon to hang out with them, but I've never seen so many in one place. Especially not this big, either." Agumon shook his head before looking around. "No, this is as big as I've ever gotten. What about you? Have you ever gotten any bigger?"

Yui paused as the matching blue boy walked over. Giving a gentle smile. "Good morning Nezumi, I'm Yui. Its very nice to meet you." She started. Trying to be friendly with these new people. Though Yui still wasn't too used to making new friends. The girl opened her mouth to say more, but was cut off as the fourth boy wondered over. Hands dipped into his pockets as Lopmon spread out his ears ontop of Seta's head. "Woah, Theres a lot of Digimon over here. Thats pretty cool. Hope you don't mind if I jump into your digital party here. " He said as a wicked grin grew on his face. Best way to get to know peopke was to jump on in, head first. Or at least that's how Seta saw it.

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( Hmm. Thanks for telling me :3 )

Lucien listened to Yui intently with a smile upon her own lips, "Right! I have never seen digimon, who have digivolved over the rookie ball of fluff," She stated excitedly. Sitting down across from the other girl as her blue gaze shifted toward the three digimon's, who were talking to each other. "Exactly! I've seen some force digimon, which just doesn't really work in their favor. I have to say that it's been forever for Gatomon to talk to a digimon especially since some individuals aren't the best at conversation or can be incredibly rude," Luce stated softly with a gaze between her brother and Yui. Nezumi had stayed standing with his hands shoved into his pockets and quickly nodded toward the other girl seated across from Lucien. Everything seemed pretty fine, Gatomon had been shaking her head at the question with a disappointed look. "No, but I hope we can digivolve again!" Gabumon answered toward Agumon with a smile on his lips. Glancing toward the delinquent that had joined their group, Rat raised his eyebrow with a slight scuff, "It already seems that you have jumped in," He stated blandly. A huff of annoyance came from the blue haired man as Gatomn scaled his fgure and settled onto his head. "I'm not a scratch post cat," He growled toward the digimon. Ignoring the growl, the cat quickly introduced herself with Gabumon staying beside Agumon.

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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments Yui smiled as the other girl sat down. Then gave a nod in agreement. "Same with Agumon. Hes always so excited to meet new people and he never really gets the chance. So its great to run into some friendly people." She smiled and watched for a moment as the digimon talked. Today was so peaceful. There was a chance they might be able to do more, but who knows. Friends with Digimon would be nicr for Agumon. And just some friends in general would be good for Yui. "Yeah, Ive seen a lot of people use the digimon for weird things. Thats for sure. " Agumon chuckled at Gatomon before nodding. "I can't wait to get bigger! Ill be so strong! Ill be unstoppable!" Agumon cheered happily as he kind of bounced in his step. Though when the new person walked over, the small, orange dinosaur took a step back. Watching the boy with a curious gaze.

Seta chuckled at the comment. "Seems I have. So you guys can'tcan't mind that much." He remarked with a grin. Pausing slightly to watch the cat digimon climb to the top of the other boy's head. Trying to hold in another laugh at the site. Lopmon smiled before waving at the other digimon. Yui went to go speak. She really didnt like this guy. She thought he should go away. But before she opened her mouth, she turned to watch as someone busted in through the door. Panic covering their face. "I-Its snowing! Theres snow comming from the sky!"

Everyone turned to look. This was... impossible. Weather was regulated and was never changed. No accidents ever happened. Everything was predictable and calculated. Never was the weather report wrong. It was supposed to be sunny all day.... not.... snow... that was wrong. Something was definitely wrong.

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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments ((Also np if you have any questions, let me know.))

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"Definitely, I've been trying to meet new people especially since my brother isn't very sociable. Besides, I really think that digimon should interact with other digimon, not to be like them. But build their personalities up, since their more like partners or friends then a game pet or however people call them," Lucien whispered the last part about her brother, so he wouldn't look at her with that signature glare. "Weird? I feel like some people, who don't want to work wth digimon then just calling them a pet or whatever shouldn't be allowed to even get a digimon. Their amazing friends in my perspective," Luce stated softly. Breathing out softly, Nezumi glanced toward the newcomer with an annoyed scowl. "That doesn't mean we don't mind," He remarked mockingly. Rat shivered at the feeling of claws pinching his skin, before Gatomon had finally reached his head. Glaring at the other man before him at the stifling laughter bubbling from the guy. That was before answering Agumon with a cheer of her own at the idea of digivolving. "Yeah, I can't wait to digivolve. Maybe won't be that unstoppable, but we can indeed becoming something powerful!" Gabumon exclaimed excitedly. Rat had just about to sneer at the other guy even though Lucien had started to glare at him, but a stranger had saved everyone from drama. Luce had been the first to stand up with Nezumi confusingly passing the stranger to go outside. Just like the man had said, small white snowflakes fell from the sky. Gatomon had long jumped off of his head to be with Lucien well Gabumon followed the blue haired man. "This can't be possible!" Lucien stated behind her brother with a serious expression crossing over her features at the snowflakes collected in her outstretched hand.

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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments Yui chuckled and whispered back to the other girl. "Oh i could tell. With all that glaring. He doesnt seem to social. " She chuckled more before turning to watch the new scene unfold with this stranger. She swore she had seen him around before. Riding his skateboard around town. Causing... problems. Seta easily picked up the hostility. He was used to that. Expected it even. He smiled more as the cat Digimon glared at him. He could tell one of them was about to talk against him. That was until the news of the snow hit the group. Seta headed outside. The whole group watching as snow fell from the sky. The sun still showed up in thensky, bright like the summer day. But clouds where slowly rolling in. Yui spoke first, her voice soft and confused. "This is so weird... "The weather report is never wrong. So what was going on.

Seta chuckled as he caught a piece of snow on his nose. He only looked more confused as he mumbled to himself. "Weird... this snow isnt cold at all. It feels like warm rain." Though no one had a lot of time to respond when all the screens started to glitch out. The screens becoming disorted and changing. Then a cloaked figure appeared. A mask of a fox covering their face. Their voice was robotic, distorted, and spread through the city like wild fire.

"Greetings Unity City." They said, people stopping to stare, every screen overtaken by the view. "I can see you're all very confused. But soon, you will be used to seeing our faces. Our words will become an anthem to you. Soon, our digital Epidemic will take over the entirety of Unity City. We'll start with the big companies first. But be ready. Because times are about to change... for everyone." They gave a quick nod of their head. Pausing before disapearing as fast as they appeared. "Goodnight Unity City."

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Lucien smiled brightly at the other girls laugh, which brought her in a fit of giggles. "Pretty much," She whispered back with a glance toward her glaring brother. Oops, chewing her lip, Luce blue irises darted to the newcomer which seemed to be the delinquent that had entered the cafè. A smile still lifted onto her lips at the man entering their little group. Almost laughing at her brothers disgruntled expression when Gatomon scaled his back to reach the top of his head. Nezumi had been glaring at the delinquent while Gatomon greeted Seta kindly, before basically jumping down into Lucien's arms. Heading outside at the unexpected weather, Rat glanced toward Seta with a furrowed brow at the confusion of everything. The snow is indeed warm, not even cold to the touch and then the fox mask projected over the screens. Lucien joined the two men outside with Gatomon clutched against her chest at the confusion of snow falling down around them. Already individuals from various places were trekking out through the doors at unlikely sight. Nezumi analyzed the fox mask as he listened to the voice projecting from the screens, why was everything going to change? What were they going to do? Lucien stepped closer to Nezumi in slight fear at the unsettling voice as everyone listened to the robotic voice speak of something changing. "What are planning to do?" Luce asked quietly once the fox mask disappeared from the screens just as fast as they appeared. "What will be anthem to us?" She quickly asked. Nezumi didn't even know, only thinking about destroying the big companies or something entirely different. Their could be endless things, but the more he thought about.. Well, it seemed like chaos might ensue at this point from these very individuals. Gabumon stood beside Nezumi with a confused expression, but some people were already panicking at the words and others either left the area or stayed in the same position with confused expressions.

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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments Seta just stared, confused as Lopmon looked uncomfortable. Seta thought this might be some sort of prank. That made the most sense. But... no. Something felt wrong. He could just feel it lay heavy in his chest. His eyes scanned the city. It seemed like everyone was heading home or heading back inside. Their faces either filled with fear or confusion. No matter what, they obviously didnt know what to do. What to believe. Things like this never happened in Unity City. Nor had anything even close like this happened in the past 20 years. He glanced over the other people with digimon. His eyebrow raised slightly as he whispered. "No way this is just a prank, right?"

Yui watched the scene unfold. All of this was absolutely unreal. No one could hack all of these buisnesses as they claimed to have accomplished. Yet here they where. Staring at the sky with a bewildered gaze. Wondering what had really just happened. Crime was like a myth in the city... it just... it wasn't a real thing that happened. And now, suddenly, it had become a possibility. She didn't know what to do. Hell she didn't even know what ro believe. This just couldn't be real.

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Nezumi breathed out softly, not noticing how he had held his breath from the sight of the fox mask. Their were to many unanswered questions mulling around his thoughts. Glancing toward Seta with a feeling of shock still runnin through his systems, "I don't think that was a prank," Lucien quickly answered with her hand still clenching at Rat's sleeve of his leather jacket. Frightened blue eyes glanced around the others, but Lucien tried to seem bravier then she felt even with Gatomon cuddled in her arm's. The two siblings made eye contact, before glancing at the other two, who seemed equally shocked even the delinquent looked mildly bewildered at the sight of the man in a fox mask. "I doubt someone would go up on all the streets to prank us about this," Luce stated firmly. Nezumi on the other hand gazed at the screen, before returning his gaze to the others with a frown planted on his lips. Gabumon stayed pretty close near his feet with a confused expression at the new individuals. "I can't doubt that someone had found a way to tab into those buisenesses, they've could have even planned it for sometime. Regardless, we can't be cocking at something that we can't do anything about at the moment. We have no faces to identify them or any information, so everyone is basically sitting ducks," He calmly muttered at the thoughts running through his mind. "Besides as Lucien said, this can't be a prank. It has never snowed here and look what has happened," Nezumi stated gesturing toward the warm flakes of snow billowing down from the sky still. "What do you think they will do if they do hack into the buinesses without failing?" Luce asked quietly with her gaze fixated on the flakes floating between the four of the digimon owners.

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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments Seta gave a short scoff before he quickly made his face back into a scorn. His short was growing damp on the shoulders from the snow that cascaded down from the sky. He wasn't going to stay here. "One things for sure, Im not sticking around to find out." He said as he turned to walk away. Yui called after him. Looking slighrlt offended. "You're just leaving? Don't you care what's going on?!" Seta shook his head and kept walking. But he stopped after a moment. His phone lit up with a bright light. Shaking as it made a weird, digital screech. "What the hell?"

The second it happened to him, it happened to the other digimon trainers. Yui plucking her phone from her pocket as it did the same. Her eyes growimg wide. The digital soumd was almost like an alarm. It was loud and couldn't be ignored, yet it didn't hurt one's ears. After a few seconds something round and solid seemed to form out of the screen. Pushing up as it began to exit the glass.

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Nezumi glared at the delinquent with annoyance, "Already running off?" He growled under his breath. Shaking his head, he addressed Lucien with a comforting ruffle of her blue locks. The idea of something happening that could hurt Lucien seemed to bristle the older male as he watched the new girl, Yui yell at the delinquent without a care in the world. Once the man halted in his steps, a unforgetable screech sounded from his pocket and quickly slid it out with a bright light illuminating from the screen. The same happened to Luce has she stood holding her cellphone with a slight mixture of confusion and curioustiy formed on her features. Rat had been the first of the digimon owners to slid his fingers around the round, solid object slowly rising from the screen of his cellphone with a scowl on his lips. Closing his fingers around the object, Nezumi blinked as a bright light shot out from his cellphone before the light disappeared as quick as it appeared. Beside him, Lucien breathed out heavily watching her brother before mimicing his own actions and curled his fingers over the object just as the others did. A bright light coasted from all of the remaining digimon owners, until their was nothing and the four individuals were standing gawking at the objects still clasped in their hands. "What was that?" Luce asked quietly with a view curious glances between the three with a frown planted on her lips.

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