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In The Unlikely Event Discussion > Q7 - 'Terrible things can happen in this life but being in love changes everything. It gives you something to hold on to.' - Miri. How do you think Miri's character embodied this quote.

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Emily Bloor (emilybloor) | 104 comments Mod
Did you think the end to Mason and Miri's young love was justified?

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J.C. Greenway (jcgreenway) | 29 comments Oh it was harsh to read, wasn't it?! I thought they were going to be together forever ❤...
But I can see how she wouldn't forgive him, can't you? Do you think Polina knew exactly what she was doing? I did and I felt really sorry for Mason, but I think ultimately Miri was Irene and Rusty's girl here: there are lines you do not cross and once Mason crossed them that was it. I didn't think she was going to rekindle it either, did you?!

Emily Bloor (emilybloor) | 104 comments Mod
He had grown up at a much quicker pace than Miri, and to him this was just 'sex' whereas she was so young and pure in many ways that this was unforgivable.

I am so glad that she didn't forgive him, as they both benefit from this. Her in remaining strong and knowing that she deserves the best, not second best, when it comes to love. She has seen this demonstrated by her mother after all - who never settled for anyone until she found someone she couldn't live without.

Mason learnt a lesson that this wasn't an acceptable way of behaving. He lost Miri, but later has a loving wife and family. What would of happened if Miri had forgiven him? - would he of done it again down the line??

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