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In The Unlikely Event Discussion > Q5 - Why do you think the two best friends Natalie and Miri turned out so differently?

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Emily Bloor (emilybloor) | 104 comments Mod
They were so close and yet their lives went in completely different directions. Was it the divorce or Mason or the events that was the main factor?

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J.C. Greenway (jcgreenway) | 29 comments What did you think about Natalie and Ruby? Possession? Or a kind of schizophrenia almost? If she was imagining it how did she know Kathy was dead before anyone else? That's one point where I was a bit angry with Miri, her friend is properly cracking up and she thinks the best thing to do is not mention it to anyone!
Really though, the main difference is family. Although they had their issues and secrets and arguments, Miri's family were strong and could come together at important times. Whereas for all that Miri was a bit envious of Natalie's family, when it came to the crunch they weren't really there for each other as much.
Natalie and Warren Beatty though!! Thought that was a funny, almost throwaway line!

Emily Bloor (emilybloor) | 104 comments Mod
Yes a quite comical ending for Natalie!

I think that showed their naivety, as they seem like young adults but at times they were very much children with Miri not understanding how to deal with her friends strange, uncharacteristic behaviour.

I think Natalie's connection to Ruby demonstrated the strength of teenage idolisation and crushes. She completely idolised this dancer, and was not mature enough to process her death in any way, and therefore it surfaced in an eating disorder and strange fantasy.

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