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Levana: Hate, Love, Fear?

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josie What are your thoughts on Queen Levana?

Nikita I hate her. Even after reading Fairest, I still hate her. She thinks she deserves to have everything and doesn't care who she hurts or has to do in order to get it. Even after she has what she wants, she still wants more.

josie I agree. She had reason, but she pushes it a little too far.

josie Same here

josie Actually, I fear her as equally as I hate her. She is so powerful, and could definitely use her power for good, yet she decides that she will force others to commit suicide if they defy her.

Phoenix2 I think is fear mostly and then comes hate because of her actions

josie Phoenix2 wrote: "I think is fear mostly and then comes hate because of her actions"

I agree.

Kaitlyn Smith Luna wrote: "What are your thoughts on Queen Levana?"

As a character I think that Levana is magnificent and an amazingly well-written character. So far I have only read Cinder and I have just started Scarlet so I honestly don't know how I feel about her yet but so far I can tell she is pure evil and for some reason...I find her character to be brilliant.

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JIllian FRadin Don't like her one single bit. The more I read the more I hated her.

Electric Bubbles Every time I think about how she withheld the antidote until the Emperor was dead I just SEETHE! Everything she did to Kai made my blood boil. She's such a perfect villain to hate.

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