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Jacqui Stewart | 9 comments Mod
Welcome to all of our Editors and Proofreaders! You guys are the backbone to a writers success. We know this and appreciate it! Without editors and proofreaders, a writers story may not be portrayed properly. And lets admit it, errors would be in abundance! Not intentionally of course, but, we are trying to get our story out, we aren't fully focused on grammar 100% of the time.

Editors we are looking for - Those who can be honest. If a writer was just too wordy? Used a word too much? You cannot be afraid to tell the author. Let them know gently, but, honestly.

Proofreaders we are looking for - Those who know the difference between:
- They're, There and Their
- It's, Its
- Your, You're

So, editors and proofreaders, introduce yourself in individual topics with the topic line of:

- Your Name
- Your Service(s)

In your introduction:

- Your Name
- Your Service(s)
- Your Rates
- If you offer discounts for first time clients (A free chapter, or X amount of words reviewed free, or a % off your first review of the book).
- What genre you specialize in
- Website if applicable
- If you are able to provide samples or not. (It's understood that under contracts, you may not be able to share.)

Thank you!

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