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Who was in the sixth coffin?
ash | spaceyreads ash Jul 13, 2016 12:40AM

I haven't finish the book at this point in time, typing this post, but this is absolutely killing me. This is part of the scene where Tibot Tarent managed to secure transport for him and his acquaintance Lou out of wherever they were staying to another location, after mindlessly waiting for a while. The vehicle was supposed to be transporting 6 coffins carrying 6 bodies. Tibot only knows 5 of the 6 deceased.

As I understand from the scene, somewhere between him exploring and taking pictures of a tower and going back to the building where he and Lou resided in, something happened, and an adjacency was created (ie. there is now two Tibots). He was shocked into letting the other Tibot board the vehicle and he got left behind. The scene ends with something about him 'now knowing who was in the sixth and last coffin'.

So who is it???? It's driving me crazy.

(That said, this scene really confused me. How did the other him get created, and why didn't he try to board the vehicle or talk to the other Tibot? Discussion welcome.)

Simon (last edited Jul 14, 2016 03:29AM ) Jul 14, 2016 03:25AM   0 votes
I've just finished this book (after a struggle - a bit too disjointed for me as a standalone I'm afraid) and I assumed that the sixth coffin contained another instance of Tarent. One that died in the same accident as Flo et al?

EDIT: Without giving too much away, this notion gathers more credibility (for me at least) in the final chapters

ash | spaceyreads That sounds plausible, they all came from another Meshner together, but now I can't remember the sequence of events, and how this other other Tarent c ...more
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ash | spaceyreads *other Meshner, sorry, not other Tarent.
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