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message 1: by Anna (new)

Anna (bibbidi_bobbidi_books) | 71 comments Hi guys!
Ever read a book that was just awful? Or a series that was good except for one really annoying detail?
Or how about a common theme you find bothersome in lots of books? Tropes or writing techniques that boil your blood?
Please share!
I've got a ton up my sleeve, like fake deaths, what's up with that?
Such a cop out!

Or how about this:
This year I finally got around to finishing off the Mortal instruments series and though they certainly got better as they went along, I think Cassandra Clare struggles with the line between "strong female character" and "stand-offish, needlessly aggressive and stubborn female."
The "I'd-rather-die-than-live-without-you" romance plot is a little dramatic, considering the whole 6 books span over about a 1 and a half year period and they're like, 15.
Honestly, I tried picking up the prequels and found that the lead female in that was basically the same girl, just a century earlier with backward ideas on what was "proper" for a lady and the lead male was the same guy just... well basically exactly the same. The romance plot was shaping up to look like the exact same formula as well and I couldn't sink my teeth in.
I think for a book that leans so strongly on the romance and characters to pull you through the lore, it should be the part with more variety, but it's the background things that make the series enjoyable, and they aren't focused on as strongly, which is disappointing.
In fact, once I binge finished those first books, I've not really been able to pick up another YA because I couldn't stand to face another hopelessly "doomed" relationship that would be easily fixed if they weren't whiny little teenagers and just actually talked to each other.

I loved the world she built and the lore and everything, and so I understand that she would make prequels and sequels and such, but the characters can't all be so formulaic!
They're something I'll probably get around to finishing, because while I read them I do enjoy them, but I also do a lot of raging at character stubbornness and stupidity.
Just WAY too much "I'll do it alone, I don't want you to get hurt" stuff that should have been nipped in the bud the first time she showed herself competent, let alone by the end of the 6th freakin' book.

Other than that!!
I absolutely hated Paper Towns by John Green, but I'll let someone else rant first!

Please, let loose the inner critic!

message 2: by Miya (new)

Miya | 4 comments I just finished The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and oh my glersh it was absolutely nothing like i expected, I spent half my lunch cursing Cal and wishing I could crawl into the book so he could hear how big of an idiot he is (honestly I dont know how he doesn't see how pathetic it is that he'd let so many people live in awful towns, forced into war at 18 until they die, punished for lies, forced to watch him and they rest of the silverbloods walk around with enough money and space to save a thousand redbloods while doing nothing is wrong) and then Maven turns in a freaking monster and im spending the other half of my lunch crushed. I thought a couple times about weather or not the whole rebellion thing with him was all an act and why no one was questioning her about the outages but i didnt think he was that freaking cruel and if im being honest he basically seems like a child having a temper tantrum with his mommy there to pat his ego and I cant believe people will actually follow him. Been wanting to get that off my chest

message 3: by Anna (new)

Anna (bibbidi_bobbidi_books) | 71 comments Miya wrote: "I just finished The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard and oh my glersh it was absolutely nothing like i expected, I spent half my lunch cursing Cal and wishing I could crawl into the book so he could h..."

Thanks for sharing! I haven't read this but I am 100% in support of your rage!
It's been sitting on my TBR for a while, but I can't ever seem to make myself get them.
Not worth it?

message 4: by Miya (new)

Miya | 4 comments Definitely read it, the only reason i was pissy is cause its one of those books you get so wrapped up in that everything u the character feels is exactly how u feel, its very much worth the read!!!

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