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Tracey (traceyrb) Week 4: July 22-28th.
A lovely story of how differences in ability and looks does not mean uselessness. The beautiful horses prance and dance and are good for show, but when a study, reliable, friendly horse was needed, then short, scruffy-looking Fritz saves the day. Jan Brett's art work is always good although in this book you can see that her talent is just beginning. Still, a keeper, and one I would keep on my shelves to read to my grandchildren.

Katrina Lybbert | 72 comments I read this yesterday. I always love Jan Brett's illustrations. The story is nice, but not as amazing as I had hoped it would be. I do appreciate that they accepted Fritz to the walled city in the end. I guess I was hoping they would have had a more drastic change and the city would have all sorts of different horses. Not just beautiful horses and one dependable pony. But overall I did like it and would read it again.

Tracey (traceyrb) I think it is by small and simple things great things come to pass. Fritz was hopefully the beginning of changes.

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