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There will be 2 more novellas!! YES!

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message 1: by Sunny ✨wordslikefury✨ (last edited Jul 12, 2016 06:39PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sunny ✨wordslikefury✨ My god, so there are going to be 2 more novellas that SJM is going to write for the Throne of Glass series! I feel like Maas is trying to kill us by adding more emotions and I am totally okay with that. But one of the novellas is called The World of Throne of Glass and that is going to be a compendium of all the characters and politics. The other one is going to be novella about Chaol Westfall which I think is amazing. I do ship Rowan and Aelin, and I'm only metioning this because for some reason people seem to think if you ship Rowaelin then you must hate Chaol and if you love Chaol then you must hate Rowan. THATS NOT TRUE! I LOVE BOTH OF THEM TO DEATH!

Continuing on...I think that Chaol deserves a novella of his own. He is such a broken and misunderstood character. But you know what...yes Chaol annoyed me for blaming everything on Aelin, but people seem to forget that Aelin blamed him for everything just as much. It was easy to forgive Rowan for being an ass in the beginning of book 3 because we got know his past and we felt for him. It was also easy to look over Aelin being rude to Chaol in book 4 because we know what she went through and we feel for her too. But I think the reason people hate Chaol so much is because he never got a past sob story of his own.

Think about this...what do you think it was like for Chaol when he left his family at a young age to be by Dorian's side? How do you think it felt when baby Chaol met the evil king for the first time. Because I can see the king conditioning and brainwashing him to believe that people with magic are bad people. Not to mention all we know about his mom dad and brother are that they are assholes.

GUYS! LISTEN! The only person in Chaols 22 years of living that he ever loved was Dorian. Literally the only person that actually know him through and through is Dorian. He is the only person Chaol has ever had. So I DO NOT blame him or think he was stupid for not letting Aelin kill Dorian. What would have been stupid is if he agreed with Aelin to kill Dorian earlier than when he did in the book. It would be stupid and unrealistic for him to pick the opinion of a girl he only knew for like 5 months over a person he considered a brother his entire life. Dorian is the only person he has, so obviously he is going to fight with Aelin about killing him.

Sorry for the huge essay lol...but what I am trying to say is that there is a lot about Chaol that we don't know despite the fact that he has been a main character since book 1. He is such a conflicting and complicated character but thats why I love him. Its the same reason why I love Snape from Harry Potter. So I think it would be really interesting to know more about him.

So what do you guys think about this novella. And what do you think the other novella would be about?

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Abi When I first saw the announcement today, I was kind of scared. Because as much as I love this series, I knew that there were supposed to be 6 books. I was happy, and thinking that we were almost done. I despise - absolutely DESPISE - waiting. Both in general and especially for books to come out. Most of the books I read these days take a year to come out. I did NOT want to wait more than a year (since the new one is almost out) for the series conclusion.

Luckily, I read the article. Now I'm thinking I might read about Chaol. We'll see. Oh my God, I remember when I didn't pronounce his name right. It didn't have a proper pronunciation or I didn't look when the first book came out. Even when I knew that there was a right way to pronounce it, I didn't. This is a bad habit of mine. I don't think I pronounced it right until QoS. I am a sad, sad person. Oh well!

On the topic of Chaol, I don't like him very much. He can be an àsshole. But he cares about Dorian (I feel so bad for Dorian!). And he was pretty decent, as a character. So I'm a little eh about him right now.

I can't wait for Empire of Storms!

Sunny ✨wordslikefury✨ Abi wrote: "When I first saw the announcement today, I was kind of scared. Because as much as I love this series, I knew that there were supposed to be 6 books. I was happy, and thinking that we were almost do..."

HAHA I know right?! I literally pronounced his name like Kale though the entire first book. And then I'm just like..."Okay I need get this shit straight" so I went and found a Sarah J Maas interview on youtube and finally figured out how to pronounce it.

And yeah I agree that Chaol was an asshole...and he should've been nicer. I mean like I said...Chaol literally had no form of friendship or even love in the 22 years of his entire life EXCEPT for Dorian. Imagine having to loose the only person in your life. He has every right to be broken and angry. Even Maas said in an interview that if something like that happened to her best friend she would be just as nasty and angry as Chaol.

You have to realize though that Aelin was also an asshole by blaming everything on him as well. But you, me, and most people overlooked that because we obviously know exactly what she has endured in life. We have absolutely no idea what Chaol has been through, and I guarantee he did not have a good past. His entire family at home are assholes. No one probably even told him that they loved him. Dorian is literally the only person he has.

To me...Dorian and Chaol's relationship (as well as Aelin's and Lysandra's relationship) is the best in the entire series so far.

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Solaris I want a novella for Gavriel! Has anyone else considered the same?

My imagination started flying when Aedion found out who papa was, and I would love for Maas to write about their brief love affair before Aedion came along! It would ultimately end in a parting, but LOVE the idea of reading about kitty-cat-Dude with the proxy Ashryver princess.

I hope others would at least be open to the idea!

(I could always settle for fanfiction, but good fanfiction is so hard to come by) *sighs*


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