The Blood of Olympus (The Heroes of Olympus, #5) The Blood of Olympus question

How did u like the book?? What ship is best
Jenna Johnson Jenna Jul 12, 2016 12:51PM
I think Percabeth is best with solangalo not far behind....the book was good too

deleted member Aug 06, 2016 03:56PM   0 votes
1.) Leo and Calypso - Totally sweet, sincere couple.
2.) Percy and Annabeth - The elite demigod couple. Unstoppable. Inseparable. LOVE IT! An OTP for sure.
3.) Will and Nico - Lovin' it. Will the extrovert and Nico the introvert.
4.) Jason and Reyna - I'm so sorry Piper. Truly. But I really wanted Reyna to have someone, and I thought that to have two praetors together was perfect.
5.) Jason and Piper - Who says I can't ship both? Jason and Piper are probably the most Fairytale worthy OTP. I mean, we've got the knight in shining armor, and the princess (although she can kick butt if she wants to).

Those are my top OTPS, with Caleo on top. I'm forever a Calypso and Leo shipper. And, the last scene from Blood of Olympus *sighs* was them riding into a new adventure.... :) My little shipper heart is satisfied.

Leo and Calypso! And yeah, Percabeth is great, too.

caleo is also great

Percy and Annabeth will always be my favorite

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