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photos tba

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So that was smooth. You know, that spin back there? Aurora actually got a little nervous when he took a step towards her, I mean, she didn't know his intentions. Was he going to slap her for not properly answering the question? Would he demand she does something? Oh man, what if he kissed her? Like dude what are you doing we met like a minute ago, get your face away from me thanks.

But thankfully, that wasn't what he did. In fact, he was pretty smooth, which she didn't expect since the last time he tried to be smooth he sounded more like a dork but in a cute way. Not like the ugly one's with head braces, but like the cute ones with thick black glasses and an adorably shy demeanor.

Anyways, Aurora didn't really go against Nick or anything when he just kind nudged her in a direction. She did ask him to choose where they would go anyway, not the other way around. So they walked along, Nick's hands on her shoulders and directing her every so often. Aurora would have probably stayed silent if she didn't hate silence.

But she did, so she didn't.

"Do you mind if I ask you some questions?"

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There were a few things Nick was gaging from this. One. Aurora didn't mind the silence. Two. There was a basic level of trust, for her to willingly allow herself to literally be pushed around with no idea where they were going. Three. Her back was uncomfortably cold. Had she been shivering before? He didn't know.

Do you mind if I ask you some questions?

The question startled Nick, as it did each time it was asked. Interviwers, diplomats, senators, his teachers, the captain of the military academy... such a question usually ended with either a) what do I have to give you in order for you to take all your clothes off? fucking Tari or b) how long can I keep you on your toes until you fall into my trap and fuck up?

But this seemed like. something else. genuine curiosity. Could he receive that with open authenticity? He had realized then that he had stopped in the middle of the hallway. He let go of the girl's shoulders, shrugging off his jacket and placing it gently on her shoulders (this was how you were supposed to do it, right?).

"No," he said. "I don't."

He reached for one of her upper arms, hidden inside his jacket, and pushed her forward once more.

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[ fml nick aurora's literally thinking "i hate the silence" and you're like "wow she likes silence" why ]

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His hands tightened ever so slightly on her back when she asked that , making Aurora think that she somehow messed up and stepped out of line. And then he also stopped in the middle of the hallway, holding Aurora back and just kind of making her feel a little awkward for the moment. But then he agreed. So, obviously, she smiled a little and thought to herself, wondering what she would ask.

When you were conceived to do your parent's bidding and the like, you don't exactly have a clear view of what affection is, and what to do when someone is nice to you and does random acts of kindness. Which was was Nick was doing. Was Aurora cold? Yeah, the central air of the palace was literally too good, and she had been freezing ever since she left the comfort of her room, but she wasn't going to tell anyone.

And then she had to keep reminding herself to not catch feelings for this guy, but now he was giving her his jacket and being nice so what was she supposed to do? If she were home right now, her parents would tell her to go find a sweater or sit by the fire. They wouldn't help, they would just tell her what to do, and she would do it.

And maybe that was why she didn't question it when Nick nudged her forward again. She was used to just being told what to do and having to do it, not asking questions. Oh right, questions.

"So, um.. What's your favorite color?" Nice job! We will totally get him by knowing his favorite color! It's the key to defeating you enemies!

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"Hmm.... don't have one."

Nick didn't know how to answer these things. He had never been prepped to answer mundane questions. It was never, What does Nick like? but What answer would Illea like to hear come out of Nick's mouth? Favorites were a tiring game to play. An unnecessary game. If Nick liked red more than blue, what problems did that solve? Others chose his clothes. Others filled out the "trivia" portions about him to send into teen magazines.

They had gone up the second set of stairs now. A right, then another left, down the hall. He opened a door, leading into a very small room with barely enough space for a ladder.

He had let go of her now and she stood behind him as he climbed up the ladder with astonishing speed, swinging his legs over the opening at the top and then sticking his head out, looking down before realizing...

"Oh! I was probably supposed to help... you..."

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So apparently this prince was just used to, well, a Prince life. Or, the military school life. He went to one of those right? Yeah, he did. Maybe the place was too black and white so he forgot that colors were a thing that people actually thought about and liked? Probably not but it was a good idea in Aurora's eyes. She had a favorite color, it was blue, a nice pale one like a newborn baby boy blue.

Aurora went along with Nick, walking to wherever it was that they were going and trying to figure out something else to say, but then she got a little distracted by the Prince--why did she keep calling him that?--opening this random door and then climbing up a ladder. In fact, he kind of just abandoned her down there, climbing his way up and out before looking back a moment later. And then, well then Aurora was laughing at him.

"It's okay," Aurora waved it away like it was nothing, because, well it kind of was. "It's just a ladder. No offense but if anyone actually needs help with this then well, they had a bad childhood. Unless they're wearing heels, that's different. But I'm wearing sandals!" Aurora sounded kind of relaxed in that moment, and kind of childish, lifting up her white gown and wiggling her feet in her gladiator sandals. Oh yes, this is such a Princess thing to say, nice idea!!

Bunching up her dress in one hand, Aurora began to climb the ladder, her left hand holding her dress so her feet wouldn't get caught on her dress and well, ultimately lead to her never walking outside again. Aurora did, however, pause when she reached the top. She couldn't just swing her legs over, she was, well, not dressed for any leg opening. Technically. I mean, technically she was she just wasn't in the right environment or in the mood for that type of stuff so... "Uh, actually I think it's better you went first. Care to help me out of this.. hole? I can't exactly just swing my legs over." Aurora explained, her cheeks tinted pink from embarrassment. Would she have known this would happen, she may have suggested they gone somewhere simple. Like the gardens or something. But nooo, her luck was going first with ladders and leg opening. Why?

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Nick grinned. "That's very smart of you." She climbed the latter with surprising agility, and he was relieved-- contrary to what others had implied, the Selected were anything but delicate. In fact, everything about Aurora suggested that she was used to this, and that she might be having... well, fun. For once, Nick might've actually pulled off something (that wasn't a diplomatic deal) incredibly well.

When Aurora paused to explain her problem, Nick only laughed. He didn't notice the suddenly rosy cheeks, the slight stutter (or, if he did, he figured it had to do with how warm the outside breeze seemed as opposed to the glacial air conditioning winds). "Of course. I can't be completely useless." Gently grabbing under her arms, he lifted her up with surprising strength (that he had not known to have possessed until this moment), setting her down on the rooftop. Stepping back, he looked down at the Selected, a newfound realization sparking in his eyes.

"Oh! So you're not that short," Nick said, pleasantly startled, before realizing what words had come out of his mouth. Immediately, he fixed a perplexed gaze at his own shoes, as if they had been the ones to throw such a flippant remark and he was confused at how Tom Fords could be capable of being so callous.

"I-- I used to be short... too... Not that-- I like shor--"

Well. This had rapidly become a disaster.

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