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message 1: by Lillian (new)

Lillian I am about 75-100 pages into this book which I really looked forward to reading as I like Brad Meltzer.Anyone read it and care to comment? So far I am very disappointed and not sure I will bother to keep moving forward with it. Maybe, I am thinking , he should not have "partner" in writing.

Zippergirl I have nothing to compare it to as I've never read any Brad Meltzer books, but it turned out to be a five star read for me.

message 3: by sublimosa (new) - added it

sublimosa Never read any Brad Meltzer before either. It was okay. On my own rating scale, I give it a 3, 1 being not worth the read and 5 being great read. This was right in the middle, not a waste of time nor anything I'd rush to encourage someone else to read. I will try more of his writing especially since others seem to think his other works are better.
I didn't think the story flowed smoothly and there were a few things that didn't really make sense.

Cindy Ehrenreich I enjoyed it. It was very readable. I was still alit confused at the end about Hazel's character. was she really a dangerous werewolf? I loved the last scene with Jack in Cuba. And I was thrilled when Beecher made an appearance.

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