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Tara Woods Turner Tis the season to soak up the sun with a good beach read and a cold drink but time flies, as the saying goes. Is it too soon to prep for potential holiday shoppers looking for their next great read? Paperbacks trump ebooks as gifts for obvious reasons so will this affect sales? I'm a newbie so have no experience here so would love your feedback :)

message 2: by Roxanne (new)

Roxanne Bland (roxanne2) | 102 comments My understanding is that most publishing houses start marketing print books for Christmas the 1st of October. So it would seem you still have plenty of time, but I'd go ahead and start, just to make sure everything's in place at zero hour. As for whether paperbacks trumping ebooks will affect sales, do you have an ebook or a paperback?

Tara Woods Turner Ebook, paperback and audio. I was thinking about trying to sell to some children's boutiques for the holidays (I have a parenting book).

message 4: by Roxanne (new)

Roxanne Bland (roxanne2) | 102 comments I'm not sure how you'd market an e- or audio book unless the store had an internet kiosk where the books could be downloaded. But if you want to get print books into the store, I'd start inquiring now, to see if they'd be receptive to the idea. That way, even if you have to wait until October to get your books in the stores, you'd have your list in place. I mean, it's the middle of July, and they're getting (or already have) stuff in for the fall--back to school and all that. The end-of-summer sales will be starting probably in a couple of weeks, if not sooner. So yes, I'd be looking for venues now.

Tara Woods Turner Agree. Thank you :)

message 6: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 787 comments Tara please, it's not even August yet lol. This thread reminds me of when I walk into a store and they already have Christmas stuff up and it would only be September!

Tara Woods Turner Oh but if you could only appreciate the full scope of my powers of procrastination lol. But yeah, after Christmas specials are great - clearance decorations, ornaments and, yes, Valentine's Day merchandise!

message 8: by Roxanne (new)

Roxanne Bland (roxanne2) | 102 comments Yes, Justin, but you don't advertise your books as "in time for Christmas" in October--you start advertising and displaying your books so that by the time the Christmas season starts, shoppers will be familiar with the book (hopefully) and decide to pick it up as a gift. If they pick it up beforehand for whatever reason, so much the better.

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Chuck | 10 comments No, not too soon. I work for a printer and we are already printing orders for Halloween decorations.

message 10: by Marie Silk (last edited Aug 14, 2016 07:57AM) (new)

Marie Silk | 611 comments I went to Costco yesterday and they had all the Halloween stuff displayed :) it did confuse me for a minute. I was trying to figure out what the current month was, haha.

message 11: by Christina (new)

Christina McMullen (cmcmullen) Moved to the Marketing folder.

I agree with Justin. I used to work in wholesale, so I was used to seeing the holiday catalog come out in July, but stores that already have that stuff out while my current local temperature is firmly in the triple digits (near 40s for you celsius folk) is straight criminal.

Indie book marketing, however, is a completely different animal. You *can* technically plan out all of your marketing for as long as you want, however, implementation will vary based on what you actually intend to do. Personally, I find holiday marketing to be a waste because that's when the market is flooded with everyone trying to catch the attention of the folks with gift cards and new e-reader.

Now, as you mentioned getting physical books into stores, yes, you might want to approach them now. With the exception of local author friendly bookstores, most shops will have a merchandise map already in place for the holiday season, so getting your book in early will help.

message 12: by Lyra (new)

Lyra Shanti (lyrashanti) | 126 comments I had thought with my first book that the winter holidays were the perfect time to release a book, but I was totally wrong. I would never release a book after thanksgiving... ever. Lol Like Christina said, people are totally inundated, and they just don't notice or want to take a chance on a new indie book. That was my experience anyway. I had way better attention and sales for a book released in September.

message 13: by Annie (new)

Annie Arcane (anniearcane) | 629 comments Ooooh, Misses Christina & Lyra! I never stopped to consider the holiday "competition" before. Thank you for pointing that out!!

Hmm, I wonder if Halloween would have much competition? I mean, people are just buying candy, riight? LOL

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Christina McMullen (cmcmullen) Annie wrote: "Ooooh, Misses Christina & Lyra! I never stopped to consider the holiday "competition" before. Thank you for pointing that out!!

Hmm, I wonder if Halloween would have much competition? I mean, peo..."

Halloween is another huge promotion period for horror, fantasy, paranormal, cozy mystery, etc.

message 15: by Annie (new)

Annie Arcane (anniearcane) | 629 comments @Miss Christina: Ooooh, good point!

I was gonna throw some romance in the mix haha! Maybe I'll stand out cuz no one else would do something so illogical *evil grin*

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