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SOLVED: Other > YA-Romance Read a year ago Two guys jokingly fight over one girl in classroom causes a scene and another friend stands up and says how could you do this to them so and so

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Gabriella | 9 comments I can't remember anything about this book except for one specific part that cracks me up. It's been a while so I'm pretty sure its a book. There is this girl and she is in class, it's college. This guy runs in and professes his love to her just as his friend runs in to do the same thing. It's meant as a joke. Then they start fake fighting and get sent out of the classroom. Then a friend of the two guys gets up and says something along the lines of "How could you do this to them so and so. You are splitting them apart just choose one." The whole class starts laughing and is like wtf, but she is just super embarrassed they would do that as a joke. And I think one of them bows as they leave the classroom.

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Nela (nelikne) | 475 comments Wow, that's like copied from one Gilmore Girls episode :))

Was any of the guys the love interest of the heroine? (assuming the girl is the heroine)

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Gabriella | 9 comments Omigosh it is from Gilmore Girls!! Its when Logan and Colin "fight" and Finn accuses her of tearing them apart. Ahaha wow I thought it was a book, but it isn't at all. Thanks for helping me figure it out though! : )

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Nela (nelikne) | 475 comments Hehe, didn't expect that :) Glad to make things clear ;)

☆Joycedale☆ | 225 comments LOL!! I've often wondered if I'm remembering a book or show

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