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Kayla Rayne (kaylarayne) | 11 comments Mod
This book will also be set up into four parts.

This discussion thread will go until you reach the end!

Some discussion questions:

What did you think?
How has this book tied in with the series?
Will you continue to read the remaining books?

Trina (Between Chapters) (trinabetweenchapters) I've already finished this one because I'm apparently on a roll with this series! :D

Lena- Not much was really done with her in this book so I don't have much to say. I loved the scene between her and her art mentor about the wheelchair. I enjoyed that she started to treat her grandmother more like a human, but this was overshadowed for me by Carmen's interactions with her Grandmother.

Paul - where was Paul in this book? LOL, I like him! I thought something was going to happen with him and Lena after the end of the second one!

Kostos - Oh thank goodness he was gone for this one! I was so tired of him. He's kind of mentioned at the start, and that only made me mad that he didn't stay with the Greek girl he married. I do wonder what happened, but right now I'm annoyed with him for leaving Lena to be with the other girl because it was the right thing to do in his culture when he couldn't even stay with the other girl for a year!

Bridget - Bridget's story was definitely a great throwback to book 1. It was interesting to see how much she'd grown since the first summer. BUT, I was sort of annoyed how she kept insisting and insisting to us that she was only friendly toward him, didn't want to pursue anything, but then every one in a while she'd refer to him as the boy she loved. I understand acting differently than how you feel, but it seemed like she didn't fully know how she felt, in which case, how can you call it really love? IDK, I just felt confused. Although I liked how he took care of her when she was sick and how he actually went and broke up with his girlfriend instead of cheating like so much YA likes to do. Yay, Eric! I also liked how both of them took responsibility for their past.

Tibby - I loved Tibby's story this time! To me, she and Carmen stole the show this book. I loved Tibby + Brian. I loved Tibby + Katherine. I loved Tibby + Christina. I loved TIbby + Loretta. And Tibby + the coworker. (loved the reflection on how thinking you were doing someone a favor might be out of their comfort zone). Tibby was a rockstar! I think this was the summer she really grew up.

Speaking of Tibby and Carmen, the two of them have been my favorite pair throughout the series. They have truly been there for each other even when the other girls are out of town. The whole Carmen's dad and Bailey situations in book 1, and now Tibby being there for Carmen's mom's labor and Carmen taking Katherine to her appointments. These two are such great BFFs! <3 <3

Carmen- I've always had the strongest emotional connection with Carmen (she really brings the emotions!), but whereas before I felt more of pity, this time I felt pride. I LOVED her journey in this book. I loved how she kept thinking Win only knew Good Carmen because he kept catching her when she was doing good but she saw herself as Bad Carmen. But the whole summer she was the one running around after Valia and Katherine. I wanted to hug her and be like 'but YOU are the one doing these things! You are also the good parts!' She did so much growing up about her mom and David and her new brother. Carmen keeps having her world turned upside down and this is the book where she quit freaking out about it.

Also, this book had a well done ending. The closing lines actually felt like the story was coming to a close. I wonder if this was only meant to be a 3 book series because it felt like a series ending.

Definitely my favorite of the books so far!

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Abigail Street | 10 comments This is also my favourite book of the series so far... I understand where you are coming from with it rounding off at the end.

With this book I also how the quotes sort of fitted in with the chapter before, maybe this was just what I read into it.

Bridget- I was really worried that it was going to go back to square one with the relationship. However it didn't appear that way at all I believed in her storyline in this book unlike the first one.

Lena - I personally feel she needs a shake maybe going to art school will help her find herself. I could picture the artwork and towards the end I felt that she had a realisation that she needed to move forward. I am feeling for Paul as he could just be a rebound and he doesn't deserve that. I must say Lena's storyline has gone on the same lines throughout the three books which in some ways has disappointed me she could have been written better

Tibby- wow just wow I have loved in all of the books she brings something different to each of the books and is the one that wants to push for their friendship in a positive way. Her and Brian are amazingly cute together, it demonstrates how she is growing up into a young woman.

Carmen- I thought she also had very similar storyline to previous books however she was the one I could relate to the most with my past experiences. I do love Carmen she is my favourite.

Gonna take a break from this now but I cannot wait to begin the last stretch of the books. This got a 5 star rating as the writing is getting increasingly better with each book :)

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E.E. (eehornburg) | 32 comments Mod
I listened to the audio book so I had a hard time keeping track of what part I was on, so I'm just commenting here at the end!

I think this is my favorite book so far! I kept getting so frustrated with each of the girls in the second one, and this one not so much. I was cheering for each of them equally and it was really awesome. I love seeing the dynamics of their friendship grow and change and seeing each of them individually grow. What's so awesome about this series is you see them grow collectively and individually. I also felt like book 2 was basically just an extension of book 1, and this was the genuine sequel, you know? I have no idea if that makes sense, but I kind of saw books 1 and 2 as the same book just divided in two.

Carmen - I LOVE Carmen in this book. Yes, at the start I was frustrated with her because I just want her to be happy for her mom, but she learns to and that was all part of her journey. The more I read, the more I like Carmen's character. Maybe because the movie version made her so insecure and a little whiny. In the books she's sassy and strong even though she's insecure. I LOVED her and Wynn! I couldn't believe I had forgotten all about him and HE'S THE BEST. Why can't they all like guys like him? It was fun to actually see them getting to know each other instead of the stupid insta-love like Lena where they never talked EVER. Lena, learn from Carmen.

Tibby - I really loved her story and I think she grew the most in this one. Every time she was with Brian I swooned a bit. He's another keeper. (Lena... why can't you look at your friends and how they fall for guys? You need to be taking notes.) I loved how the focus was on her and Katherine and learning to jump and be brave. I loved her and Christina during giving birth! It totally took her out of her comfort zone and brought out the best in her. Unrealistic in real life, but that's okay.

Bridget- I'm so torn about how I feel about this story! I hated everything with Eric in the first one, but since I've read the series I knew how it was going to end so I was still rooting for him deep down. I'm glad he at least took ownership though. While yes, Bee did make some MAJOR mistakes, it was a two way street. He could have stopped it and he didn't and he owned that. So... good on that Eric. But I still loved seeing them become friends and when he took care of her I totally swooned. If this was real life, I wouldn't be for it. But in the book, I think it worked.

Lena- While Kostos was kind of there in the background (STUPID KOSTOS GO AWAY) I was so glad that the focus was more on her art. I love hearing about people learn more about their passion and really dive into it, especially when it comes to the arts and how she was able to learn more about each person in her family. I LOVED her teacher and TOTALLY FORGOT that she was in a wheelchair and I was ridiculously excited!!!!! I thought it handled the whole disability thing perfectly! It was there and part of the story and part of her identity, but it wasn't THE ENTIRE FOCUS. I'm kind of glad that while Lena did ask her about the chair in the end, we didn't hear the story. Because that wasn't the point. I was bummed nothing happened with Paul though. I knew it wasn't because I've read it before, but in the back of my head I was like "Maybe it'll be different this time" lol, because Paul is AWESOME.

The end was wonderful too! It didn't feel abrupt the way the others did and I just have a tenderness for that time in someone's life. Graduating and moving onto college. There's so much uncertainty but excitement too, it's such a great time! So, I love exploring those feelings.

I'm starting book four today!

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Siiri (smmason14) | 15 comments So looks like I'm in the minority and I preferred the second book. Maybe it is because I listened to most of this one on audiobook because of booktubeathon. It was sometimes hard to follow especially with the girls interacting more with each others families. I just wasn't as invested in this book.

Lena, I was just having bad flashbacks to my college drawing class. But I did like seeing her focus on her passion as opposed to stupid Kostos!

Carmen, I felt she showed the most growth! She is good Carmen! And I really like the character Win.

Bridget, can we just not with Eric. I'm sorry I'm not a fan. Glad he ended up actually breaking up with his girlfriend because I hate YA cheating, but he's still a creep in my mind. I think Bridget is way too strong of a character to be tied up with him.

Tibby, her parts didn't stand out to me as much. I think because it didn't have real big plot points just mostly interacting with those close to her. I did like them and she's shown a lot of growth, but it just wasn't super exciting, well except the birthing scene. And the falling out the window...okay maybe I liked it a bit more than I realized.

Overall, I'd still give this book 4 stars, and I am looking forward to the next book because I completely forget where it goes. I totally agree this felt like a wrap-up so I'm nervous about the next book!

message 6: by Desmondella (new)

Desmondella (treasuryoftomes) I thought this instalment was wonderful. I think it tied in really well and showed a lot of growth!

Carmen - I'm so happy to see how her relationship turned out with her mom and Ryan. I thought it showed a lot of dedication when she and Win drove all that way to find David. I'm so happy that Valia gave Carmen a chance and they both ended up liking each other in the end. And Carmen was the one to convince everyone that Valia should go back to Greece which she did in the end. That was awesome!

Tibby - I love how she helped Christina through the birth of Ryan when Carmen and Win were gone. I hope Win and Carmen's relationship grows. I also hope that Brian and Tibby become official and she gives Brian a shot. Katherine is so adorable and I'm happy she healed well.

Lena - I'm so excited that Lena's dad approved her choice to go to art school. It seems like he finally believes in her. And he realized his faults. I hope that she's finally forgets about Kostos for good and maybe finally gives Paul a chance.

Bridget - I enjoyed watching her and Eric's relationship evolve! I feel like I'm in the minority. I don't feel like it's weird or perverted or that he cheated on his girlfriend and it seems like a lot of people feel that way. I hope it goes further in the future!

I loved the writing style of this novel so much more than the first two. You can see Ann Brashares' growth begin to really take hold in this one. I also adored the girls' vulnerability and care to each other throughout this one!

I will definitely be continuing!

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Mom2triplets04 | 12 comments I listened to this on audio. Again I felt it was a 3 star. Nothing spectacular and some parts were unrealistic.

Carmen - So glad that she came around and decided to help her mom with the birthing class. It was really heartwarming. But when it was time for her mom to have the baby like why was her friend in delivery room instead of Carmen. Why couldn't her friend find the dad? That just didn't make sense to me. And why was the dad's cell phone off. I really thought they were going to find him cheating. He's been going on trips way too often.

Tibby - Felt so bad for her when it was -her fault that her sister fell out the window.

Lena - She was the most boring in this one. All she did was draw and sneak around behind her dad's back trying to get a scholarship. And why was Paul coming around for her? That didn't make sense to me.

Bridget - Her story was a bit unrealistic. Like what camp would let Boys and Girls counselors sleep in the same cabin? Am glad that he did break up with his girl friend though.

Yes hoping to continue on.

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