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Kayla Rayne (kaylarayne) | 11 comments Mod
This book will also be set up into four parts.

This discussion thread will go until you reach the chapter beginning with the quote:

"Should we have stayed home and thought of here?" -Elizabeth Bishop

Some discussion questions:

Have you seen any themes replaying themselves in this book that were evident in the first two?
Do you think the girls friendship has stayed the same, or are you noticing differences?
What roles do you see the girls taking on that they might not have been ready for in the previous books?

message 2: by Desmondella (new)

Desmondella (treasuryoftomes) The theme that I've seen replaying the most is Bridget's continued love and unsure attitude going back and forth about Eric. She loves him but she doesn't know if she wants to or if it's right or if he even feels the same way. And even though she's trying to keep her distance, it doesn't seem to be working now that they've become partner leaders. She's trying to convince herself that she doesn't love him anymore but he clearly does.

The biggest thing I've noticed regarding the girls' friendships is that they've become slightly more mature and talk to each other with much more knowledge and care due to what they've experienced in the last two summers. And also, whereas during the last couple summers they were able to guarantee some form of normalcy in the future, now they are being thrown into something completely new and don't really know what awaits them so they seem closer.

Carmen is definitely changing as a person regarding how she treats others besides her family and maybe even them. She has become a lot softer hearted. She was able to be this way most of the time around her friends but I don't think she would've been the right person to take care of Valia or Katherine in previous books.

I think Tibby is able to slightly detach herself from her personal thoughts and problems and be more family oriented. She seems to really care and love her brother and sister more in this instalment compared to others.

Although Lena hasn't really been able to do so yet, I feel like she's starting to be able to indirectly stand up to her dad since she's going to the drawing class behind his back and looking for a way to afford to go to the college that she wants. It's not always the best to rebel against your parents but I think in certain circumstances, it can be excused and even allowed. Especially, when parents aren't willing to let you live your dreams or to do what you're good at. I'm not saying that it's appropriate to do something like pole dancing but if you want to be a drawer and someone says "you're not allowed" or that you'll never be anything, I say rebel all you want. You don't have to be a server at a restaurant.

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Siiri (smmason14) | 15 comments Obviously, the biggest theme in this book is the continued exploration of the friendship between the four girls. But as with any series about teens it explores the relationships with love and with their parents and family. I like that the series has paid attention to how all these relationships shape you as a teenager and not just one of these aspects.

I am starting to notice subtle differences in their friendship. I think they are still real with each other but I agree they are sometimes more cautious with each other as they continue to experience tough things in life. I like how they are always there for each other. I do wonder though how we haven't seen much fighting which I think would happen more when you get a group of girls together that are as close as sisters, sisters fight, a lot.

Carmen, at this point has become more of a caretaker, which she now doesn't recognize herself. But I think that might be a quality you develop sometimes when you go through a divorce.

Bridget, I liked how she is now seeing a camper lust after her and realizing how she was at that age and the mistakes she made.

Lena, I think she's still trying to find her voice with her father but it's coming.

Tibby, at this point I haven't seen enough of her to really tell.

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