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essïe | 839 comments Here it is ! I'll make my charrie in a bit c:

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essïe | 839 comments I might be off for a while and I don't know if we have the same time zone but I'll come back in like two hours. I gotta go out for a bit but it'll be around 10 over here when I'm back. You can go ahead and make your charrie ^^

message 3: by essïe (new)

essïe | 839 comments I never really am able to just play the girl without needing doubles so I hope you can understand if I ask to be the girl for this rp. If all goes well perhaps in the future we can do another rp and go on a do doubles then (:

message 4: by Emily (new)

Emily | 17 comments Hey! Sorry i took so long dang didnt plan on taking a 40 minute shower ugh.

Ok, so im guessing the mermaid is the lady youll be playing? Im really ok with anything, but i just need to know age range, if you have any general plot, and the setting :) ill be up awhile

message 5: by essïe (new)

essïe | 839 comments Yes and um how about 17-19 and....perhaps a small town. I was thinking perhaps a there was a boat incident and they tried catching her.

Okay perhaps this small town is called um...Ihale Bridge. Top of my head, I swear haha ! Okay and there are legends of this town having mermaids but of course no one believes it but still an old man that everyone knows swears he had been in love with a certain mermaid when he was very young and till this day he goes out in search of her. Now it's over forty years later and this generation has much changed and no believes old man...Jackson. haha and um one day he's out at sea and something happeneds with my charrie and she happeneds to be around and he catches her and accidentally injures her. She manages to escape and goes to a shore. This shore happened to be a small beach on the behind hundreds of trees. She stays there until the night and nearly freezes and fails to heal for whatever reason. Coincidentally that night your charrie was having a bonfire with his friends when he went out alone because...BECAUSE HE HAD A FIGHT WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND! Yeah yeah and he's wandering away when he hears her inside his head. Yeah telekinesis or some shiz i dunno we'll figure it out and he goes over and finds her covering herself, her tail still half in water. He freaks out but eventually pulls her out where she sprouts legs. For whatever reason he agrees to help her and brings her to his house where she will stay for the night until the next morning when he gets a bunch of text messages confirming that old man Jackson might not have been so crazy. Putting on the news he seems the old man reporting the news and describes the girl in his room. Finding theres no way the mermaid has a chance at escaping this town without being notice he suggests that she stay a while and learn his ways as a human. She speaks poorly with a slight accent and he tries to help her and spends the majority of his time with her. Things stir with his girlfriend having a bad outcome between the two AND the mermaid and eventually they fall in love blah blah blah. Get the gist? Haha it's rough and at the top of my head. Any questions? (:

message 6: by Emily (new)

Emily | 17 comments I LOVE IT ITS PERFECT!! The bonfire thing is a1 too i like that idea :D

Do you mijd if i make us a private group though, because i tend to lose my notifications often and this group is starting to get annoying-.-

Ahh this is perfect for summer too maybe old man jackson can be the town crazy that everyone knows is off his rocker xD theres so much we can do with this omg

message 7: by essïe (new)

essïe | 839 comments I know we're freaking geniuses. Watch out ! Haha and yeah go ahead ! I feel on top of the world when I have my own group with someone. We can be like an old married couple ! Something Old Man Jackson never had.

That was so savage i'm sorry

message 8: by Emily (new)

Emily | 17 comments BAHHAHA SAVAGE AF LMAOOO

Ok ill make us the group and then will you copy paste that phat paragraph over to our chat thread :D

message 9: by essïe (new)

essïe | 839 comments Yeah yeah of course ! ^^ just let me know when you're done c:

message 10: by Emily (new)

Emily | 17 comments ADD ME BACK THO

message 11: by essïe (new)

essïe | 839 comments Shet one sec

message 12: by Emily (new)

Emily | 17 comments Did you get it LOL

message 13: by essïe (new)

essïe | 839 comments oh damn you just joined GR? how do you like it so far haha ?

message 14: by essïe (new)

essïe | 839 comments Yep yep yep

message 15: by essïe (new)

essïe | 839 comments Nevermind I was clearly wrong. Your charries are so perfectly intimidating ! You must like groups huh? lolz

message 16: by Emily (new)

Emily | 17 comments ((Ps you joines the group right??)) LOLIM NOT INTIMDATING I CANT EVEN SPELL RN

message 17: by essïe (new)

essïe | 839 comments You didn't invite me *cries*

message 18: by essïe (new)

essïe | 839 comments Oh shit yeah you did my bad

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