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Erica R. Stinson
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FREE books for HONEST reviews > Need honest feedback/reviews please

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message 1: by Erica (new)

Erica Stinson (goodreadscomerica_r_stinson) | 1 comments I currentlky have three books published but none of them are selling well. I don't have much knowledge with marketing and I think that is where the problem lies. The first two books(novel and then prequel)are romantic suspense. The third book is a suspense thriller, completely different than the first two. I would greatly appreciate honest opinions to those who are interested. Please contact me at Swept Away: A Survival Tactics Novellais currently permanently free. Survival Tactics and Code:Pink A Novel of Suspense are free for prime day tomorrow for amazon prime members, but I am more than happy to send an ePub. Just let me know which one(s) you'd be interested in.



message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary L. (maryrnbsn) | 4 comments I will do a review exchange.

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