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carol. | 41 comments "It happens just as autumn's coming on red and sharp.
Bang-Up Jackson's gone south to haggle over jerseys and a lump of tourmaline the shape and weight of a human heart. Witch Hex is drunk down at the gulch and letting the sun sop her further. Woman Without a Name is burning ash for soap by the crick. Everyone's minding theirs."

Carly (dawnsio_ar_y_dibyn) | 9 comments Interestingly ominous title...
I ended up getting diverted from this because it galvanized me to pick up a book of Coyote stories and I ended up reading that instead. But in that book, the story is "Coyote Comes To Life Four Times." Three because it's the magic number of European folklore, or because she stays dead?

I like the cigarette/whiskey/apple bit. But why does SW want to die?

carol. | 41 comments I thought it was not the dying as much as an opportunity for reunion with the mother-figure and mother-love. And maybe accepting her fate in her mother's story?

Maybe only three times because she has yet to come to life for the fourth?

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