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The Martian
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Stan Jennings | 2 comments Talk about The Martian! Reccomend similar books, ask questions, and more on this page!

Jessica Hansen | 30 comments loved the book but was disappointed with the film. They missed so many impprtant bits it didn't make sense. I especially liked the bit where he figured out he was actually a 'space pirate'.

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I really want to read the Martian but my mom said no because he curses a lot. Which is funny because she also said I could read anything I want but she says no to a lot of books. She's very confusing when it comes to me reading books.
But ya I would really like to read it.

Karyn (msainsworth) | 10 comments Elizabeth I notice our library just added a younger readers addition. Curse words removed, and with bonus content! I've mentally added it to my To-read list.

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Awesome! Do u know if they have it at Barnes and Noble?

Karyn (msainsworth) | 10 comments I'm not sure. We order through an educational books supplier that bring the books to us, but I'm sure it would be readily available online. 9781785034671 is the ISBN if you want to do a Google of suppliers.

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Sweet thanks! I'll have to look. Hopefully it is at BN.

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