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Okay, so Aly probably shouldn't be here. It wasn't like she could really buy something, in her current situation, and it was killing her seeing all the "back to school" sales and not being able to partake in them. Because even at 50 percent off, a cute dress still cost a hell of a lot more than zero dollars. Which was what she had in her invisible wallet at the moment. Also, being here severely increased the likelihood of seeing someone from school. Of course she'd be seeing them all tomorrow so there wasn't exactly much of a point in avoiding them, anymore.

And it wasn't like she wanted to be at "home" any longer than she was physically required to be. It just ended with fighting, and there wasn't many places to avoid your parents in a trailer. So, she'd come here. It was one of her favourite places, after all, or it had been. Now, looking at all the things she couldn't buy was torture, but it was better than being with her parents.

Her eyes scanned the crowd rather meaninglessly as she leaned against a wall. Standing so near the food court had been a bad plan. It smelled so good, but it was also so unhealthy. And it wasn't like she had the money to buy anything anyway. You didn't realize how expensive everything was until you had nothing with you to pay for it.

Sure she wasn't broke. The government had given them funding to keep them alive while the investigation was ongoing, or whatever. The problem was that the government and her family had very different ideas about what amount of money was enough to keep a family of three healthy. That and her parents had control of the funds.

But damn did those cinnamon buns smell good. She vaguely wished she'd brought Rose along with her, so Rose could pull out her wallet and buy them both cinnamon buns without even glancing at the price and they could have a good time together. But no, Rose was planning yet another party tonight (as if the last one hadn't been a complete disaster from the sounds of it), and Aly was alone at the mall. With no cinnamon buns.

Unless... Her eyes scanned the crowd again, looking for some guy who might be willing to buy a cinnamon bun for a pretty blonde girl in desprate need of one. There. Nathan, or Noah or something that started with an N. Junior, so younger. And definitely not bad on the eyes. Perfect.

She casually applied some lip gloss, glanced around casually a few more times and walked on over to the blonde boy standing in the corner. "Noah, right? You go to Nixon too, you're a junior? I've seen you around at some of Rose's parties, I'm pretty sure."

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So, he knew about the scandal. Really, probably everyone knew at this point, so she shoudn't ought to be surprised. But it still hurt somehow, to see people's gazes shift when she approched them. To see their postures shift. To hear conversations stop whenever she entered a room.

It wasn't like she wasn't used to people halting conversations to look at her, but this sort of stopping made her think they'd been talking about her. And really, they probably were. If it had happened to anyone else she probably would've been gossiping right along with the rest. But it wasn't about someone else; it was about her. Sure felt weird to be on the other side of it.

But it wasn't like any of that had anything to do with Noah. Sure his eyes and posture had shifted when she'd approched, sure he knew about the scandal. But hey, he didn't seem too bothered by her approching other than the panic in his eyes (probably nothing to do with the scandal and more to do with certain anatomical differences between them).

And - there. A smile. Maybe she'd be able to get a cinnamon bun off him after all. "Hey," she replied, sidling up next to him and leaning against the wall beside him. "Lawrence is at fashion week and Paris and Rose is getting ready for the 'small and intimate' get-together tonight for the clique," she explained, noticing him glance around for the other two. Really, as if she couldn't come to the mall without the two of them. Well, she could. She just couldn't buy anything. Or really do anything at all except try and convince random cute guys in the cafeteria to buy her things.

She tilted her head in slight confusion at his question. "You aren't going to eat it yourself?" Why was he offering her the ice cream cone in his hand? Hadn't he already started eating it? Or if he hadn't, why had he bought it if he wasn't intending to eat any of it? This kid was definitely odd. But hey, if he was offering her an untouched ice cream cone (or willing to buy her her own - this one was of an undetermined flavour), she couldn't really afford to question him on it.

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"Are you going?" She questioned, with a tilt of her head. "Supposedly it's just going to be the clique and nobody will nearly die this time. Though, knowing Rose's parties I'm not sure either of those is actually going to occur." She herself wasn't sure whether or not she'd be attending. She hadn't gone to the last one, which had turned out to be a good judgement call. On one hand, going to the party could be awful, humilating, and she would finally know what the rest of the clique thought of her situation. On the other hand, she wasn't sure she could handle another night with just her parents and her. And the longer she spent avoiding them, the more distant she would become from them.

"Although, could still be fun, right? Were you at the other party? The one with the incident?" After all, hardly anyone had actually told her what had happened. She was extremely out of the loop, after all, and either no one wanted to talk about it period, or no one wanted to talk about it to her. She intended to find out which one it was, and Noah was a good place to start.

"Then you should definitely eat it then," she replied with a smile. "Besides, pistachio's not really my thing. I prefer strawberry, or vanilla, quite honestly. And anyways, I'd hate to take your coveted ice cream away from you." Sure, she wanted the ice cream. But hey, the guy looked kind of like a puppy the way he looked at that ice cream. And while charming guys into buying her things was nice enough, stealing ice cream from them was another thing altogether. And besides, from the way he was looking at the board, there was every chance he'd buy her her own.

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