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message 1: by corina, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (new)

corina (molteneyes) | 228 comments Mod
All personal homes and residences will be in this folder. To request a home for your character, fill the below form out, and a mod will put a thread up for you.

Character Last Name:
Type of Home:
(eg. apartment, house, mansion, etc)
Description and/or Photo:

message 2: by Dark Angel (new)

Dark Angel Character Last Name: Swann
Type of Home: (eg. apartment, house, mansion, etc) Mansion
Description and/or Photo: (optional) The Swann mansion is a tall structure which has stood two and a half centuries. A lavish building of dark stone, with five floors and many rooms. The front door is made of oakwood and has coloured pains of glass in it, as well as being decorated with pretty swirling designs expertly carved into the wood. The door knocker is in the shape of a horse shoe. All of the windows in the house are in the old style, with thick panes of glass. In this house, the old blends harmoniously with the new. There are many antiques and the house is decorated in an old-fashioned style, but it still has all the luxury and convenience of the modern world.

message 3: by A 💞 (new)

A 💞 (smokeymirrors) | 38 comments Character Last Name: Jacintha
Type of Home: Mansion
Description: Built from the collective funds of both mother and father, the Jacintha Estate is a spacious two story Mansion complete with a large basement (in which Cairo lives in. She uses it as her studio as well). Being from an island, its style is inspired that way with lots of green and a beach built in the rather large backyard (aka a large pool with a lot of sand and a great view). The interior is very colorful with blues, yellows, whites and greens and also very well lit with many large windows. This Mansion will make you feel like you're on vacation in the tropics, without leaving the comfort of the mainland.

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