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Mimi Angel of Love | 422 comments Hmmmm........ Another Hp one?

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Sure, this time I want to see what would happen if I had one of my OC's be with Ron

Mimi Angel of Love | 422 comments Okay that would be awesome!

This time I think my girl will be with Harry

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Alright then ^^ shall we make characters?

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Could you make yours first?

Mimi Angel of Love | 422 comments

"I know you don't see me the way you should. I am your sister Seamus and you'll just have to deal with it. I had to deal with it when my father was killed by the dark lord."-Sophie Finnigan

~Sophie Finnigan~Witch~Female~16~

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" Ignore me? Oh honey, you are such a card Gregory," - Poppy Goyle

[ Poppy Eleanor Goyle - Witch - Female - 16 - Gryffindor ]

Mimi Angel of Love | 422 comments So where to start?

Mimi Angel of Love | 422 comments Sophie Finnigan walked through the train looking for Seamus not understanding why he was all of a sudden ignoring her all the time. What did I do wrong? She thought not knowing that their mother had told Seamus that Sophie was from another man. She opened one of the compartments and saw Harry Potter sitting there with Hermoine on the other bench. "Have either one of you seen my brother anywhere?" She asked looking at them both. She couldn't help but to admire Harry and the way he carried himself now.


Ron was trying to find the lady with the sweets cart because he was craving sweets and he was also sent to fetch some for Harry and Hermoine. He was so focused on finding the lady that he accidentally bumped into Poppy. When he snapped out of it he looked at her frazzled and helped her up. "I'm sorry about that." He started then he wondered if she had seen the sweets lady. "Do you know where the sweets lady is?" He asked hoping that maybe she could help him.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Harry was off on his own thoughts when the door of the compartment flew open and revealed Sophie Finnigan, " I'm sorry but no we haven't seen Seamus, sorry Sophie," Harry spoke, his voice deep from puberty now. He wondered what was keeping Ron, he snorted, Ron had a humongous crush on Poppy Goyle, the sweeter, kinder and cuter Goyle twin, she was related to Gregory Goyle, he grimaced and then looked at Sophie, he began admiring her and her beauty.


Poppy was trying to find Draco, to tell him that Greg was home sick with the flu, so he would be arriving way later then usual, she hadn't notice but Ron was coming towards her, obviously looking for someone or something, she squeaked when someone bumped into her and she fell on her arse. She noticed Ron and he helped her up, she brushed herself off before giggling, " No sorry but I know where she is, follow me, I have to make a quick stop first before we find her," Poppy said with a giggle as she offered Ron her hand. She knew he knew how to walk and where to go, but she also knew he was more likely to walk off then follow her.

Mimi Angel of Love | 422 comments Sophie frowned when she heard Harry's answer, "Seamus has been ignoring me and I don't know why." She said and her eyes started to fill with tears because she felt like he hated her or something. All she saw was Hermoine glare at Harry. "I should get going I'm sure I'll be able to find him."


Ron took Poppy's hand because he knew that he could trust her. He had a crush on her for a very long time and it was easy for him to get side tracked. "Is your brother doing okay? I haven't seen him on the train at all." He added just wondering because they were always together.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) " Hope you find him Soph," Harry said gently, of course he had noticed Hermione's glare, he just realized he had sounded completely rude when he first spoke to Sophie. His mind went back to his thoughts, but they were interrupted by thoughts of Sophie, soon his thoughts were overridden by the Sophie Finnigan thoughts. Harry had a crush on Sophie, everyone knew it, everyone except Sophie herself and Harry didn't feel like expressing his feelings any time soon.


Poppy smiled, she began leading him down the small corridor, they passed other students but said nothing to them, when Ron asked her about her brother she gave a small sigh, " He's home sick with the flu, caught it just a week before today," Poppy answered, " Poor thing begged me to stay but I told him I couldn't and even our parents wouldn't allow me to stay," Poppy answered, she and Ron were coming close to the Slytherin compartments.

Mimi Angel of Love | 422 comments Hermoine rolled her eyes at Harry, "Why don't you go help her find Seamus?" She asked looking at him with seriousness on her face. "You know you could make her feel better that way." She added as she snapped her fingers trying to catch harry's attention.


Sophie walked through the train wiping her tears away but they kept coming more as she thought about Seamus. Is he really that mad at me? She wondered to herself trying not to make herself even more upset.


"The flu isn't any fun believe me." Ron responded knowing how it felt. "It's too bad that he has to go through that though." He added as he knew they were coming close to Slytherin Compartments so he became quiet knowing that was probably the smartest thing for him to do.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Harry stood without saying another word to Hermione, it was like that lately, he wished it wasn't, the only person who understood him seemed to be Poppy, and lately he realized why Ron fell for such a girl, she was a good friend and she always listened, she also gave good advice, love or life advice, he knew he'd have to tell Hermione about his thoughts soon though, but he didn't want to. Harry went looking for Sophie, passing Poppy and Ron who were hand in hand as they walked, he ignored them and saw Sophie, he smiled and caught up to her, " Hey, how about I help you find your ignorant brother?" Harry said, he didn't mean the ignorant part, but if you ignored your siblings you were pretty much being ignorant.


Poppy nodded, she looked inside all the compartments until she saw Draco and Crabbe, she whipped the door open, making Draco and Crabbe jump in their seats,
" Ooh, scaredy cats," Poppy spat, she was never this mean.
Draco narrowed his eyes, " What do you want Weasely," Draco spat at Ron. Poppy's hand squeezed Ron's gently, " Don't you talk to my friend that way!" Poppy growled.
Draco rolled his eyes, " Where's Goyle?" Draco asked.
" Stuck home with the flu you git! He'll be here later then usual," Poppy replied, her eyes narrowed and her voice a scary low.
Draco's eyes widened, he turned away and muttered an okay.

Poppy turned back to her sweet self, she turned to Ron after she closed the compartment door, " Alright, lets go find the sweets lady!" Poppy said with excitement.

Mimi Angel of Love | 422 comments Sophie was caught by surprise when Harry had caught up with her, "Oh, Harry." She blushed looking at him as her expression turned from being upset to pretty happy. Her wavy hair was in her face so she slowly tucked it behind her ear. That was when she noticed that Harry's glasses were getting foggy. "Is everything okay Harry?" She asked as she slowly took his glasses and cleaned the fog off. When she was done she put them on his face and said, "He will probably talk to me when we are at the school." She said softly, "I've been crying most of the ride and I figure he needs space." She added as she pulled her hands away from Harry's face realizing that she had them there for quite a while. "Harry," She looked at him and asked,"If I tell you something that has been on my mind since last year, do you promise not to judge?"


Ron watched how Poppy's personality slightly changed when it came down to Draco. She definitely doesn't tolerate him. He thought as he watched the way Draco was responded to how she acted. He stayed quiet until her attention was his again.

"I hope we can find her." He chuckled knowing that with how he is around her that he would have passed the lady a couple times. He looked at Poppy and smiled

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Harry listened to Sophie speak and nodded in understanding, he was breathing was ragged, he had never been this close to her before, his glasses were fogging up and he didn't notice until she took his glasses and cleaned them off, once they were back on his face he cleared his throat. Harry again listened to Sophie speak, when she asked him a question at the end, " Of course, you can tell me anything," Harry said.


Poppy grinned and began leading him back towards the way they came, passing the compartment that would have held Harry and Hermione, but now held only Hermione, " Harry has no manners has he?" Poppy asked Ron as they continued on their way, " He left poor Hermione all alone in the compartment, oh I'll reprimand him later after we get our sweets," Poppy said, she saw the back of the sweets lady disappear into the hufflepuff train car.

Mimi Angel of Love | 422 comments Sophie looked at Harry in the eyes with a small sparkle. She was happy because it seemed like a good time to tell him. "Harry, I really like you and I've been keeping my thoughts to myself because I didn't want to ruin our friendship. Each day goes by and I just can't keep my feelings bottled up anymore. " She finally said thinking that it was the best thing for her to do which was just be honest.


"Poppy, you know that Harry wouldn't have left Hermoine alone unless she had told him to." Ron defended Harry knowing that had to be the reason he had left the compartment. He continued to follow Poppy through the train until they were able to make it to the sweets. "I hear that Seamus has been ignoring his sister lately and that Sophie often confides in Harry." He thought about it outloud not expecting to get any response.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Harry listened once Sophie's mouth opened, his eyes widened and he felt a smile come onto his face, he grinned, " I....I....I feel the same way," Harry murmured as he looked at Sophie and then thought about what Poppy said one day, " If you really love her don't tell her you feel the same, express your own thoughts,". " Actually, I don't feel the same way, because every time I see you my heart completely stops, every time you cross my mind I blush, every time I tell Poppy about you my heart flutters and my lungs stop working, i have liked you ever since I first laid eyes on you in first year and I have non stop tried to find a way to tell you, but I couldn't, until I started confiding in Poppy and she helped me regain confidence this year to finally tell you this, how much I like you," Harry said.


" Of course I know that Ron, I've witnessed it with my own eyes, but you know I feel bad for Hermione when she's left alone, she's a target for Malfoy and I can't have him hurting her, otherwise Gregory would kill him and I can't have that, sometimes I forget though that Hermione does this," Poppy replied, she ordered some sweets from the lady before continuing to speak to Ron, " I know that Sophia confides in him Ron, Harry confides in me all the time, it's why he's so quiet around you guys now a days, he doesn't know how to tell you how he's feeling, he's told me that Sophie confides in him sometimes and it makes him happy that she trusts him that much, it's kinda like how I confide in you Ron, even though you are most likely to forget what I even tell you," Poppy said as she took the sweets from the lady and offered Ron her hand again, she had gotten enough for all five of them, Ron, Hermione, Harry, Herself and Sophie, since she knew Harry would bring Sophie to their compartment.

Mimi Angel of Love | 422 comments Sophie looked at Harry watching his expression before he responded to her. She listened to him like he often did for her and smiled liking what she was hearing because she knew that it was coming from his heart. She reached for his hand and gently stroked it with her thumb. “That is by far the sweetest thing I have ever heard Harry.” She said stepping close to him for a moment. She looked up in his eyes, “you make my heart melt like muggle chocolate.” She whispered before gently kissing his lips. She couldn’t take it anymore she knew it was something she had to do.


Ron took her hand once again and listened to what she said about Harry and Sophie. “So do you think that they will wind up together?” He asked looking at her with a curiousness because he wanted to know that his bestfriend would be happy and together with a woman that is truly meant to be his. Poppy, why can’t I gather the nerves to tell her how I feel? He asked himself as he waited for her answer to his question.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Harry nodded, not answering her, he felt her come closer and felt her lips on his, he put one hand on her cheek and closed his eyes, he kissed her back, this was amazing, who knew this would happen all in a few moments time, he would have to thank Poppy later.


Poppy began leading the way back to the compartment where Hermione was all alone, when she heard his question she smiled, " I pretty much know Harry and her will end up together, because Harry knows he wouldn't be able to live much if they weren't, he'd feel like he's failed at something," Poppy answered, she sighed, she could give anyone else advice about telling people how they felt about someone and give advice about their own lives, but Poppy needed advice right now, and she couldn't give it to herself.

Mimi Angel of Love | 422 comments Sophie's heart fluttered when she felt Harry kiss her back. This is going to be the start of a good year. She thought gently in her mind before she pulled away and slowly opened her eyes to look into Harry's. "I am your's Harry no matter what I always end up with you." She whispered softly as she gently touched his hand that was on her cheek. "We should go to the compartment before Ron and Hermoine begin to worry." She said as she took his hand in hers and started heading toward the compartment.


Ron smiled, "Well I hope that one day I'd have that luxury." He thought out loud not saying who he liked because he was still trying to figure out how to tell her or show her the way he feels about her. "Poppy, I never asked you is there someone at this school that you really like?" He asked feeling kind of curious.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Harry smiled softly having no time to tell her the same thing because she was already leading the way to the compartment, he chuckled, " Ron won't worry, when he's with Poppy his mind goes straight to her and he ignores everyone else, he's truly in love with her despite the fact who her brother is friends with," Harry answered Sophie.


Poppy smiled, she turned to look at Ron, " Yeah I do like someone at Hogwarts, but I can't tell him because he loves someone else, or so everyone says," Poppy answered as they came closer to the compartment the trio was using.

Mimi Angel of Love | 422 comments "Oh yeah, that's right." Sophie giggled a little remembering how much time Ron had spent talking all about Poppy. "I think she likes him too but he doesn't see it." She muttered then she stopped for a brief moment and turned to face Harry. "So I have to ask you, are we a couple?" She asked wanting to be sure because the question was floating around in her head.


"Well, I hope that he treats you well regardless." Ron said still clueless at her hints that it could possibly be him. He didn't know things unless they were pretty much spelled out. He got annoyed with it but nothing could fix it. "The girl I have a crush on seems to like the attention I give her but I can hardly tell if she likes me the same." He thought out loud as they came to the compartment he opened it to find Hermoine talking with Seamus about why he was avoiding talking to his sister.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Harry chuckled, " I swear if he wasn't weak minded he would have asked her out ages ago, not that I don't love his weak mind, it makes him special, but Poppy has been moping around a lot lately because he hasn't said anything to her," Harry said softly, then he smiled. " I think we could call ourselves a couple," Harry said.


Poppy smiled and nodded, Poppy was about to say something when she noticed that Seamus was in the compartment with Hermione, she bit her lip and decided they should wait until the two inside were finished speaking, she looked at Ron and decided to do something, she leaned forward and kissed him lightly, she pulled away quickly and blushed, she looked down at the ground, her hand still holding Ron's.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) (( meep ))

Mimi Angel of Love | 422 comments Sophie smiled and pulled Harry to her again wanting to feel his soft lips against hers that’s when she heard Draco’s voice teasing them. She pulled away and looked at Draco, “If you take a picture it lasts longer.” She took off her flat and threw it at Draco hitting him right in the nose. She turned her attention to Harry. “I will kiss you a lot more when we can get time alone.”She whispered in his ear knowing that it would send shivers down his spine. She then walked over and grabbed her shoe then motioned for Harry to follow her.


Ron was caught by surprise when Poppy had kissed him and he could hear Sophie and Harry coming so before they could be seen by the two he opens a compartment knowing that it’s empty and pulls Poppy to him.. Once he closed the Compartment door he sat down and was able to slyly get Poppy to straddle him like he wanted her to. “Your lips are very soft.” He murmured and then gave her a very passionate kiss one that he had been imagining for many years.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Harry didn't know what was happening since it was happening all too fast, but he followed Sophie when instructed, " I'll talk to Poppy about Draco, she can set him straight, I think she's the only female in Hogwarts that he is actually scared of, as for the kiss I can't wait," Harry said with a grin.


Poppy blushed as he was pulled into a compartment and was straddling Ron, she grinned, she nodded at Ron, she blushed a little when he kissed her but then she kissed him back, just as passionately as he was.

Mimi Angel of Love | 422 comments Sophie smiled when she heard what Harry had said, “You are the most adorable guy on this planet.” She said not being able to contain her giggles as they walked. She reached for Harry’s hand and noticed that Seamus was in the compartment. She began to blush as she opened the compartment so that both her and Harry could go inside. “Hello Seamus.” She said feeling odd finally finding him.


Ron groaned softly into the kiss and pulled away slightly, “I’ve been dreaming of how I was going to do this for years.” He admitted to Poppy. “I have gone mad just thinking of how to show you how I feel about you.” He smiled not knowing what else to say until he saw his Sister Ginny at the Window of the compartment.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Harry smiled and nodded, he knew this already, seeing as countless of girls have told him this before, the only girl who hasn't was Poppy and he finally understood why Ron fell in love with her, not that he was in love with her himself, but he just understood, he stood awkwardly next to Sophie when he noticed Seamus was in the compartment, he looked at Hermione with an questioning look.


Poppy smiled, " All you had to do was walk up to me and kiss me," Poppy answered before she noticed Ron's sister at the compartment doorway, she blushed and scrambled off him, she was embarrassed that one of Ron's siblings caught them, she looked out the window of the compartment.

Mimi Angel of Love | 422 comments Seamus looked at Harry then looked at his sister and could tell there was something definitely different about them and how they stood together that was when he saw their hands intertwined. “Harry I hope you know that if you hurt Sophie you are dead.” He said looking at him with a stern look just wanting to be the best brother he could be. He then chuckled pulling Sophie into a hug. “I am sorry for avoiding you I just had a lot on my mind.” He whispered in Sophie’s ear.


Sophie listened to her brother’s words to Harry and she couldn’t help but smile. He’s back to normal. She thought as she returned his hug. “I love you Seamus.” She said as she moved. She watched her brother leave the compartment. She took a seat infront of Hermoine and gently smiled. “Thank you so much Hermoine for talking to Seamus.” She thanked her friend and then looked at Harry.


Ron cursed under his breath and got up going to the door and sliding it open. “Yes, Ginny what is it?” He asked looking at his sister feeling slightly frustrated because he finally had the moment he’d been dreaming of for years only for it to be ended by his sister.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Harry smiled, he nodded when Seamus was done speaking and then watched the interaction between Sophie and Seamus, he sat beside Sophie once the boy left the compartment. He looked at Hermione, " Has Ron came by yet?" Harry asked his friend.


Poppy listened to Ron, noting the tone in his voice, she gave a slight grin and kept her eyes on the outside, she bit her lip wondering what might have happened if young Ginny hadn't come interrupting.


Ginny looked at her brother in confusion, he had never spoken to her like that before, she wondered what she interrupted because didn't seem really seem that important to her, she cleared her thoughts, " Draco was making fun of me because I was walking alone with Neville and then Neville got frightened when Draco threatened him, and he lost hold on Trevor, his toad, and now we're looking for Trevor, I'm sorry if I disturbed you," Ginny spoke, a slight tremor in her voice,.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) (( reminder ))

Mimi Angel of Love | 422 comments “No, he was looking for the sweets lady and I’m sure that he’s probably with Poppy.” Hermoine answered looking at Harry and Sophie with narrowed eyes because she wasn’t paying much attention to what Seamus had said earlier she didn’t really know that the two were now a couple. “Harry your glasses are fogged up and Sophie you’re blushing like no tomorrow.” She sighed and then continued,”Did I miss something?” She asked really wondering what was going on.


Ron looked at his little sister seeing that he had kind of scared her with his tone of voice. “Neville is always losing Trevor.” He sighed but looked to Poppy noticing that the toad was sitting there on her shoe. “Poppy, sit still okay..” He said as he approached her and managed to get the toad before it went up her skirt. He held Trevor and walked to his sister handing the toad to her not wanting to make her scared. Once she was gone he turned to face Poppy and said, “We should head to the Compartment so Harry and Hermoine don’t send a search party.” He chuckled.


“I think you missed a lot Hermoine,” Sophie looked at Hermoine and giggled a little as her hand intertwined with Harry’s hoping that Hermoine would notice the simple gesture.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Harry nodded when Hermione told him that Ron hadn't come by yet and that he was probably with Poppy, he didn't doubt that Ron was probably snogging Poppy by now. " I really hope he finally admitted his feelings for her," Harry said, he then smiled when Sophie intertwined their fingers, he hoped Hermione got the idea.


Poppy was still when Ron told her to stay still, but she was already about to catch the toad, but she decided against it when Ron told her to stay still, she watched him pick the toad and hand it off to Ginny. When Ron spoke to her again she smiled, then she stood, " By the way, are we a couple or not? Because when our friends ask I want to give them an actual answer," Poppy murmured.

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