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Leaders may only be seniors, and seconds must be at least a junior. If the moderator in charge of the clique decides to allow co-leaders, etc., then there may be more than one, but they still must be seniors. Other roles come on first-come, first-serve basis unless they are co-leaders.

Leader: Ailani Nakeli ( red )
Second: Sapphire Grey ( alex )
Hacker: tba ( fiend )
Fake Nerd(s):
Caffeine Supplier: Corey Raine ( kaya )
Connections Kid™: tba ( juno )
Tutor Central: tba ( fiend )

Other members:

Jayson Jeon ( jenn )
Luke Knightley ( bree )
Fabio Carbone ( shad )
River Larsson ( dy )



Lukan Chakrabonse ( rea )

Main Role Descriptions
Leader: Is the person in charge and the one all the nerds look up to. Isn't exactly the smartest or the one with the highest gpa, but deserves the title due to knowledge in pretty much everything.
Second: Backup leader. Second in command. In charge when the leader doesn't happen to be around.
Hacker: Computer genius. Hacks the pentagon for fun once a week. Doesn't even realize hacking is illegal. Can probably figure out everything about you in a good ten seconds with just the touch of a mouse.
Fake Nerd(s): There will probably be about three of these. These are the kids who watch Grey's Anatomy and just assume they can now perform open heart surgery and the like.
Caffeine Supplier: Will always have coffee. Will go on coffee runs at any time. Probably works at a coffee shop too. May be referred to as a god by the AP students.
Connections Kid™: Buddy buddy with the rich kids. If you're looking for some easy homework and quick cash, he's the one you go to. might also be doing better than the economy due to this business they have with the rich kid connector.
Tutor Central: Can and will tutor you and help you not only figure out how to math but also the meaning of life in about five minutes. Will probably be a teacher when they grow up.

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this is updated :D

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juno. (junosummers) | 146 comments pssst question, would it be alright if my connections kid was a freshman? :)

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 383 comments Mod
ya ya! just make sure they have like, a logical reason for being the connections kid? cause yanno, there can't just be a freshie who is the connections kid just outta the blue or because they say so, yanno?

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juno. (junosummers) | 146 comments hmm, would it be alright if his elder brother/sister was the former connections kid and since he knows the same people his elder sibling does, he kind of succeeded the position or something?

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yeahhhhh actually yeah I can see where that works and everything so it's a yes from me haha

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