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message 1: by Angeli (last edited Jul 11, 2016 01:38AM) (new)

Angeli  | 87 comments Mod
What type of lucky lady for Aidan? What will her gift be? Younger or older? Divorced, single or widow?

message 2: by Eva (new)

Eva (evlim) | 20 comments Mod
I don't think it matters to Aidan, as long as she cares about him. :-)

message 3: by Joann (new)

Joann | 2 comments Hi just joined the group and love the IG series and can't wait for Aidan's book and hope its still coming some time in August. :) He had me from the moment he showed up.

message 4: by Angeli (new)

Angeli  | 87 comments Mod
I know it! I can't wait and to be honest one of the things I love to read about is their gifts, he is 3000 yrs old. I hope we get to hear more about his strengths/gifts! I thought Robert's story was first, from The Gifted Ones, Dianne's new series?

message 5: by Eva (new)

Eva (evlim) | 20 comments Mod
Hi Joann - welcome. Always glad to hear fellow readers perspectives and "conspiracy" theories on beloved books and their characters.

message 6: by Dianne (new)

Dianne Duvall (dianne_duvall) | 31 comments Hi, all! If you haven't heard yet, I'm working on Aidan's book now and am having a lot of fun with it. Every once in a while, I'll post a "typo of the day" over on my Facebook page, but I haven't started giving sneak peeks yet. I'm going to start a newsletter soon and will probably wait and give the sneak peeks in that.

I don't have a release date for it yet, but hope to release it this summer. :-)

message 7: by Angeli (new)

Angeli  | 87 comments Mod
I can't wait! Desperately need the pick me up that an immortal guardian can give!

message 8: by Dianne (new)

Dianne Duvall (dianne_duvall) | 31 comments Well, my Immortal Guardians family is making me laugh quite a bit with this one, so hopefully you'll like it, too. ;-)

message 9: by Joann (new)

Joann | 2 comments Having a happy moment here. :-) I can't wait for this book too.

message 10: by Eva (new)

Eva (evlim) | 20 comments Mod
Yay! In a nutshell ... Aidan is a "character" and will definitely be fun to see what he gets himself into and up to. I see his heroine either like an energizer bunny who has the stamina to stay on top of his antics, or a quiet waters type strong enough to keep him anchored and happy.

message 11: by Angeli (new)

Angeli  | 87 comments Mod
Yep have to agree that Aiden does seem to have a lot of energy!

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