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carol. | 41 comments "Snow White does not know it when she crosses over into the Crow Nation. It looks just like the country that is not the Crow Nation. Trees, river, rocks, clouds hunkering down low like they're just as fugitive as she is. It is spring in both Crow Nation and not-Crow Nation."

Richard Derus (expendablemudge) | 13 comments I like crows. Just sayin'

carol. | 41 comments Me too. They are supremely smart. But I love that when people play with language in that way--instead of a particular, descriptive word, it is "Not-" which is the epitome of Self/Other, right? The part about hunkering down makes it more poetic.

Richard Derus (expendablemudge) | 13 comments Agreed, and it's this level of word use that makes all the Valente books I've read such a joy to me.

Athena (athenapn) | 22 comments I'm definitely reading more Valente, would for the word use alone but also really enjoying the way she's braided together the Indo-European Snow White myth with Native American myth (in the part & chapter titles), since Valente's Snow White is part of each culture.

In this section, Witch Hex warns Snow against opening her door to strangers in 'Snow White Dances With Prairie Dog' & Snow doesn't pay attention to her - Prairie Dog is associated with carelessness & foolishness (among other things).

Beautifully done.

carol. | 41 comments Loved Witch Hex's speech. So very clever, feminist speechifying and a little fourth-wall breaking: "and by God if I see another motif in my business I will shoot it dead."

Athena (athenapn) | 22 comments LOL!!

Carly (dawnsio_ar_y_dibyn) | 9 comments Made it through this one. First thing that struck me: I don't think this section title comes from a coyote legend. I think it's from a Greek/Albanian folktale instead.

Okay, so I sorta get the heart thing now, but why didn't Mrs H kill her years ago, before she ran away?

I also love the genre-savvy diatribe.

carol. | 41 comments Fairy tale rules? Maybe Snow and Deer-boy had to be older?

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