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☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments Here we are. :)

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Xavier | 1084 comments Thanks! So who would you prefer to be?

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments Could I be the one with the kid??

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Xavier | 1084 comments Yeah, that's fine.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments Awesome. Do you want to start making characters?

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Xavier | 1084 comments Yeah. I'll have mine up in a bit. Working on a reply for another RP. Also, do you mind doing a little character bio for the kid?

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments Yeah I working on that right now. :)

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Xavier | 1084 comments Name: Taelyr Destiny Kelligan (pronounced like Taylor)
Nickname: Tae, whatever {your character} comes up with
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 5'3"
Hair: Red/Strawberry Blonde, Long, Wavy
Eyes: Dark Blue


Name: Ajax Jeremiah Danielson
Nickname: Jax and AJ
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Handedness: Left


General Appearance
Hair: Pale Blond (Dyed, Naturally Brown)
Eyes: Chocolate Brown
Skin: Caucasian
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 235 lbs
Body Type: Lean and lithe
Markings: Navigational Compass tattoo on his right wrist
Piercings: Lip rings, Nose ring




Nose Ring
(view spoiler)

Lip Rings
(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

Clothes Style
(view spoiler)

Always Wearing
(view spoiler)


Ajax used to be a very bright and outgoing kid until his mother died seven years ago, leaving him broken and with severe social anxiety. While over the years his anxiety has gotten better, it will never go away. Ajax never liked the idea of his father getting remarried, feeling like it was betraying his mother but his father dismissed his concerns. This ended up stretching out the close relationship he had with his father and bringing him to nearly despise his new stepmother and stepbrother. Ajax had taken a odd comfort in magic a couple years after his mother had died and still continues with it to that day.


Ajax is a quiet kid and his anxiety prevents him from doing the simplest things like ordering at a restaurant and it keeps him from performing his magic for a crowd above three persons. He finds comfort in his magic though and will spend hours upon hours practicing his magic tricks when he isn't spending time with the ones he loves the most or working hard on his schoolwork. Ajax will often create signals for you and him only for when he is in a situation that he can't seem to get himself out of and needs saving.


* Large crowds
* Not being accepted
* Being approached by someone very pushy or outgoing
* Social settings in general


Bad Habits
* Bites at his hangnails
* Toys with the rings on his fingers and face
* Forgets to buckle while in a car


* Often carries a coin, generally rolling it over his knuckles
* His eyes twitches when he's lying about something
* He has social anxiety which attributes to his selective mutism*
* He create certain hand movements that signify something in particular if his SM has gotten the better of him
* Magic is the only thing that will take him out of his comfort zone without him feeling uncomfortable
* He has never dated anyone before because of his SM and therefore hasn't a clue if he likes men or women more so labels himself a bi


Best Qualities
* When in the mood to speak, he is very outgoing and witty.
* He loves magic and will give you a personal magic show if you ask nicely


Worst Qualities
* He tends to become clingy towards the people he trusts
* He is very picky about the people he lets close to him so not very many people seem to try

* Father: Christopher Aaron Danielson (41)
* Mother: Lauren Hillary Fitzgerald-Danielson (Deceased)
* Stepmother: Mrs. Scott-Danielson
* Stepbrother: Lucas Alexander Scott


*Selective mutism (SM) is an anxiety disorder in which a person who is normally capable of speech does not speak in specific situations or to specific people. Selective mutism usually co-exists with shyness or social anxiety.

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☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments  photo Adam Gallagher_zps17tooeod.jpg
Name: Lucas Alexander Scott
Nickname: Luke or Scott
 photo 1478038_B_WWWW_zps1qrfwpyx.jpg
(view spoiler)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 6'1
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Appearance: Dark brown hair with green eyes.
 photo 18824c91b378e96d4f7daa3b68c4f11d_zpsxmruyzea.jpg
(view spoiler)
Personality: Lucas is probably the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, hardly a mean thing you could say about him. Despite that though he has a terrible temper, and just gets mad for almost no reason. The thing is though, he also calms down just as fast as he gets angry, never lasts long and he always feels bad about his outbursts. Lucas is rather goofy when he’s with his friends, makes a lot of jokes and just likes to have fun. He’s hardly ever serious, but he can be when he has to be. He's bisexual and proud, really doesn't care about what other people think. Though he has had the tendency to knock some teeth in when slurs are thrown around.
 photo img-thing 2_zpsacdvrruz.jpg
(view spoiler)
Other: Lucas was adopted when he was around five years old. His parents got divorced about ten years later, his father cheated on his mother with a string of women. For that reason he refused to even acknowledge the mans existence, despite his many attempts. He does however talk to his new father figure, the man his mother married a short year ago, when he was sixteen. He doesn't get along with his sibling all that well but he likes the man his mother married. He's a good guy.
Lucas always wears a silver ring on the ring finger of his right hand he never takes it off: (view spoiler)
He wears this bracelet on his right wrist: (view spoiler)

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☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments  photo 68747470733a2f2f34352e6d656469612e74756d626c722e636f6d2f36326133663734396566663233346632383930396_zpsrexf5o4z.gif
Name: Crispin Philip Arthur Russell
Nickname: Russell, Crispy ((Though really wouldn’t try calling him that last one))
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Appearance: Crispin has a soft milky complexion that is speckled with a few light colored freckles. He has dark red hair that appears to changes shades in different lighting. His eyes are a striking blue, with flecks of golden brown scattered in the irises. His body is lean but muscular, and he stands at a height of about six feet.
 photo 7d4b41ae7fcc4e07c0caa890d9bf2644_zpsgwvkvqrw.jpg
(view spoiler)
Personality: Crispin is probably the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, hardly a mean thing you could say about him. Despite that though he has a terrible temper, and just gets mad for almost no reason. The thing is though, he also calms down just as fast as he gets angry, never lasts long and he always feels bad about his outbursts. Crispin is rather goofy when he’s with his friends, makes a lot of jokes and just likes to have fun. He’s hardly ever serious, but he can be when he has to be. He's bisexual and proud, really doesn't care about what other people think. Though he has had the tendency to knock some teeth in when slurs are thrown around.
 photo Vbk_WfKkvc4_zpsqf1mpsbr.jpg
(view spoiler)
History: TBRPed
 photo Cameron-Monaghan-1_zpsx6s3cykx.jpg
(view spoiler)
Other: Crispin always has this jewelry on, it all once belonged to his father who died a few years ago.
(view spoiler)

Name: Alexander Vincent Russell
Nickname: Alex Or Vinny
Gender: Male
Appearance: Basically his through the years ((Not sure how old he’ll end up being in the role-play, but this is basically up until he’s two or three years old.))
 photo newborn-baby-boy_zpsrggy8ecl.jpg
(view spoiler)

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Xavier | 1084 comments Very cute! Both of them. :3

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments Haha yeah. :)
So where should we start off at?
Also did you want to start or shall I?

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Xavier | 1084 comments I don't care who starts but I'm nearly asleep so...

Umm. Maybe he's in college and Taelyr is the daughter of one of his teachers and they meet when Crispin has to talk to that teacher after school and Taelyr is there? I don't know. I'm just throwing it out there.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments That sounds good to me.

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Xavier | 1084 comments You mind starting?

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments Yeah I can start us off.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments Crispin cursed under his breathe as he arrived at an empty office, he had to talk to his professor. He missed the exam, because Alexander had been sick and he really needed to make it up. If he didn't then he might as well just drop out now because there was no way he's be passing the class. He grumbled slightly before shifting Alexander in his arms a bit before heading towards the auditorium, he knew the Professor had, had a class in there recently and was hoping he might be able to catch him. He just hoped he wouldn't mind that it wasn't office hours, in fact he was probably gearing up to go home.

Crispin hurried into the auditorium and sighed with relief when he saw the professor still standing at the front of the room, along with some girl. "Thank god" he muttered under his breathe. "Professor. Kelligan, I know it's not office hours or anything but could I talk to you" he asked as he slowly walked down the steps to the front of the room. He didn't want to jostle Alexander to much, since he was still kind of sick, and well he didn't feel like having throw up all over his shirt while he begged for a retake.

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Xavier | 1084 comments Taelyr sat on her father's faux wood desk, swinging her legs back and forth as she waited for him to be ready to go home. Taelyr was at the school her father taught at after her school ended hours earlier and the bus she rode dropped her off at the college. Generally she either helped her father in class or if he didn't feel like having her in the room that day, she would help someone else in the school. It wasn't hard to find someone that needed help. Taelyr pushed her long hair over her shoulder and looked up at the man who had just walked into the room, baby on his hip. She scanned his face, somehow not recognizing him from one of her father's classes but it didn't matter that much. Taelyr then moved her gaze to the little one attached the man's hip. He was clearly his child and it made Taelyr curious as to where his mother was.

Frank was shuffling about class papers on his desk and beginning to transfer them in organized stacks to his folders so he could take Taelyr and himself home. As Crispin walked in with his son, Frank straightened and adjusted the wire frame glasses perched on his nose. "Of course, Crispin," Frank answered the young man, gesturing to a nearby seat then glanced back at his daughter. "Would you like my daughter to watch Alexander while we talk? She works very well with children," Frank offered, giving his daughter a soft smile.

Taelyr had just begun to ignore her father and the mystery man, who's name was apparently Crispin, when she heard her father offer for her to watch this man's son. Who was named Alexander, it seemed. Taelyr returned her father's smile before giving Crispin a polite smile after what her father had just put her up to do. Yes, babysitting was how she made money and she had regular couples that had her watch babies but that didn't mean she wanted to do it at school, her's or her father's.

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☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments Crispin shook his head slightly, "No it's okay." he said with a small smile. "He hasn't been feeling well today, wouldn't want him to get sick on her or something" he said a bit awkwardly, not really knowing how to turn down the offer politely, without sounding like he didn't trust her or something, which was kind of the case.. He hasn't really trusted anyone with his son since his ex, and Alex's mother, Sheri had left, leaving Alexander alone in their house for six hours while Crispin was at work. It had been the middle of winter and the crazy bitch didn't even shut the door. Crispin walked into find Alexander half frozen to death, laying on the floor of the kitchen with there cat laying on top of him. Doctor said that was the reason he was even still alive. He hasn't let anyone other then his parents watch him sense, hasn't really let anyone hold him either to be honest. Yeah he definitely had trust issues and really needed to work on that, but that really wasn't his biggest issue at the moment. Potentially failing out of college, yeah that was his big problem at the moment.

Crispin cleared his throat slightly, "I was wondering if I could make-up that test I missed today" he said with a small frown, knowing the answer would probably be no, since that was basically the professors policy on missing tests. "Alex's been throwing up all day, didn't want leave him ya know" he said and carefully shifted his son in his arms again. He was pretty young yet, about two months away from being one years old, but despite that the little guy was heavy. Least it sure felt like it after holding him for over an hour. "I know you don't ever allow that sort of thing, but I was hoping you could maybe make an except or something" he said, hoping to god that he would say yes. He really needed this, if he ever wanted to be more then a part-time mechanic at Hardware Joe's.

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Xavier | 1084 comments Taelyr let out a silent, relieved sigh that Crispin had turned down her father's offer. His last class had only ended a half hour ago and it was already 8:30 pm. Taelyr was in no mood to watch a baby. She was tired, hungry, and just not prepared for the inevitable spit up mishap that always happened. She tugged a hand through her hand and listened closely to the conversation between Crispin and her dad. "Please, please, please, say tomorrow. I just want to go home," Tae thought to herself as she saw her father begin to contemplate his answer.

Frank sighed softly and reached up to scratch at his neck as he contemplated whether or not to let him make it up. He generally didn't let students retake or make up missed up exams or tests as he told them it was on them to come to class, despite what life may throw at them. In Crispin's case, it appeared to be throw up. "Alright," Frank started. "I'll let you make up the exam but don't expect me to do this again. You know what I say about missing the tests. Now, when do you want to take it?" he asked the young man, looking him in the eye. Frank hoped this didn't lead to Crispin slacking off. He didn't think it would but he had seen a student's attitude towards tests and homework change very radically overnight. "If you want to do it now, you're going to have to let my daughter or I watch Alexander while you take the exam," Frank stated.

Taelyr made an annoyed noise and ignored the looks from the two men. Heaven help her if all she wanted was to go home. It wasn't her fault that she still didn't have her driver's license. She rubbed her face with the palms of her hands as she leaned forward, her hair slipping over her shoulders and curtaining her face. Tae sighed and looked back up, glancing between Crispin and her father. It was almost like they were having a stare down. Not that she cared. Tae was used to wasting time at the college while waiting for her father and hardly getting to spend any time with him. But it was her norm and she didn't like changing things that had become routine. Tae had been told was incredibly set in her ways for a 16 year old but she ignored it.

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☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments Crispin glanced over at the girl when an annoyed sounds came from her direction. He didn't understand what her problem could be but didn't spend much time thinking about it either. He immediately looked back at the professor, contemplating his offer. As much as he wanted to get the test over with, he knew that the thought of someone else watching Alexander would stress him the fuck out. He probably wouldn't even be able to concentrate at all, and that would kind of defeat the point of even taking the test really. He stared at the professor for a while before letting out a slow sigh and shook his head slightly, "Tomorrow would probably work better honestly." he said with a small smile. Then his mother would be able to watch his son, and he's just feel so much better about that. It wasn't that he didn't trust the professor or his daughter, he'd just rather have his mother watch Alexander. "And really thank you, this means a lot" he said with a smile. "And don't worry, I won't miss another test. Promise" he said.

Crispin meant it when he said he wouldn't miss another test, not just on a whim anyway. Sure if something more important came up he would blow it off but he doubted that would happen. He smiled and gently shifted Alexander into his other arm, "Thank you again, but I should really get going. Get the little guy into bed" he said and nodded slightly before turning around to leave the auditorium.

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Xavier | 1084 comments ((Before I reply, what are we going to do with them after this?))

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments ((Ummmm not sure..... I guess she could be there when eh takes the test. Like he comes in around this time to take it or something??))

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Xavier | 1084 comments ((Maybe they had set a time for him to take the test but her father had a meeting he'd forgotten about in the school so she had to give it to him?))

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments ((Sounds good to me. ))

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Xavier | 1084 comments ~Time Skip~

Frank was rushing about his classroom, papers were flying, and Tae was watching him with a raised eyebrow. "Okay, sweetheart, Crispin, the young man who stopped by yesterday, will be here soon but I have to go to a meeting. I completely forgot about it. So, you will have to give him the exam. I don't believe he will have his son with him so you won't have to worry about that. I have to go now, love you, dear," he said quickly as he gathered papers and swiftly pecked her cheek before running off to his meeting

Tae listened silently as he father moved about. Just another night of him unable to spend time with her, why she care? "Bye, Dad," she mumbled after he had left. With a defeated sigh, she reached up to tighten the ponytail that her hair was bundled up in. Tae sat at one of the desks, resting her head in her hand as she waited for Crispin to arrive. She hoped all she had to do was hand him some papers and then wait until he had finished the exam. What she would do during that time was beyond her but, like always, she would make it through the seemingly endless boredom.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments Crispin groaned softly as he looked into the back seat of his car at his son Alexander. He had forgot that his mother had bridge with the other older ladies on the block on Friday. Sure she could have skipped it taken Alexander with her, but she had made it very clear from the beginning that Fridays were going to be her days, no if ands or buts about it. So now he was stuck taking his son with him to take the test he missed. He was stuck with trusting someone else with his kid for an hour and he was already feeling kind of anxious about it.

"Chill Crispin, it's not like there going anywhere" he muttered to himself before climbing out of the car and going around to the back to get his son. "They're going to be in the same room for god's sake" he muttered and let out a soft sigh before digging through his bag for a second. He pulled out a number two pencil and shoved it in his pocket before carefully taking Alexander out of his car seat. "Okay little, time for Daddy ti take a test" he said and smiled at his son before shutting the car door and locking it up.

Crispin made it to the auditorium pretty quickly and rushed inside, because he was kind of running late. "Hey, sorry I know I'm late." he said and froze for a second when all he saw was the girl from the other day. He had been expecting the Professor, and he was stressing out that maybe he'd already missed his chance. He slowly walked down the steps anyway and towards the desk she was sitting out. "Am I uh... supposed to wait for him or......." he said, not really sure what was going on. He wasn't really sure how he felt about leaving her with Alexander if he was supposed to take the test anyway. She wasn't that much younger then him, but she was still a kid none the less.

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Xavier | 1084 comments Taelyr looked up and dropped her hand on the desk as Crispin came in. She watched as he stopped short upon seeing only her. "My father had a meeting with the school board this evening that he had forgotten about. I'm going to give you the test," Taelyr explained as her eyes drifted to the child on his hip. "Wrong, Dad," she thought but smiled softly at Crispin. "Will I be watching your son?" Taelyr questioned as she stood from her seat at the desk, brushing a strand of loose hair from her forehead. She turned her eyes as the little boy and she smiled widely. The baby was adorable, the cutest little redhead she had seen.

Taelyr really loved kids. She loved babysitting and taking care of them. Taelyr found it to be a privilege to get to watch a child that wasn't your own grow if you get to babysit them long enough. She went over to her father's desk and grabbed the papers that were topped with a sticky note labeling them as Crispin's exam papers. It was hard to read her father's chicken scratch if you didn't normally look at it almost everyday. Taelyr removed the sticky note, crumbling it into a ball and tossed it into a nearby trash can. "Here is your exam," Tae told him as she settled the papers on a desk in the front row of the room filled with desks.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments Crispin let out a slow breathe when she asked if she would be the one watching Alexander. For a moment he didn't answer and just watched her as she got out the exam he was going to be taking. He really wasn't sure what he was going to do, but he did know he didn't the like the thought of his ten month old son just sitting on the floor next to him while he took the exam. "Uh yeah.... I uh... guess" he said again awkwardly, more because he was nervous about her watching him. He let out a soft sigh before giving her a small smile, "Just be careful, he's still feeling a little sick today" he said and he slowly passed his son over to her, making sure she had a good hold on him before letting go. "His fever just broke a few hours ago" he informed her with a small sigh.

Crispin ran a slightly shaky hand through his hair before going to sit down at the desk. He pulled his pencil out of his pocket and filled out everything he was supposed to before actually starting the test. He glanced up at the girl and Alex, watching them for a long moment before letting out a air he wasn't aware he had been holding. He shook his head slightly, Got nothing to worry about Crispin. Chill. he thought to himself before forcing himself to look away and start in on the test.

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Xavier | 1084 comments Taelyr gently took Alexander in her arms and sat him on her hip. "Alright, I'll be careful," she assured with a nod. She walked over to her father's desk and sat down in the leather rolling chair he had brought in there, placing Alex in her lap. "Hi, buddy. You not feeling good?" she said softly to the baby even though she doubted he would respond. Tae was surprised he had even let her hold him at all but she was glad, it made it easier. She gently smoothed out the wisps of hair on his head, feeling his forehead at thread time. He wasn't very hot at the moment, which was good. Alexander was adorable, even sick. She could see herself falling in love with this little guy but from the way Crispin had so apprehensively handed Alex over to her, she doubted he would do it again.

Taelyr glanced over at Crispin as she raised Alex against her chest, holding him close as she began to rock back and forth. He seemed so paranoid about leaving his son with her and she wondered what had happened to cause that. Taelyr knew that paranoia didn't come with reason but she knew better to speculate or ask him what had happened. She stayed silent as he took the exam and rubbed Alexander's back as she attempted to put the little boy to sleep.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments Crispin tried not to rush himself as he took the test, he wanted to do a good job, get as good of a grade as he could manage. Periodically looking up at the professor's daughter and Alex wasn't really helping much either. Eventually he just forced himself to stop looking, He's fine, just take the damn test he told himself. Then he just slowed down and forced his mind to focus in on the test, just imaging for the moment that he left Alexander at home with his mother.

Alexander settled into Taelyr's arms, and for a while just gently tugged on the sleeve of her shirt before falling asleep.

Crispin eventually was able to focus and finished the test about forty minutes later, actually taking his time and reading through all the questions and thinking about the answer. He felt confident that he would get a good grade on it and everything. He closed the booklet and finally allowed himseld to look but at Alexander and the young girl holding him. A wave of relief rolling through him when he saw that is son was perfectly fine. He felt ridiculous for worrying so much now, but he really couldn't help it.

Crispin slid out of the desk with ease, and walked over to the professors desk and gently laid the exam down. "Here ya go" he said, and resisted the urge to quickly take Alexander from her. He wasn't so worried anymore, but he'd still feel better if he was the one holding him. He couldn't really explain it, but his ex had really messed him up, that's for sure. "Hope he wasn't to much trouble for ya" he said.

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Xavier | 1084 comments Taelyr rocked herself back and forth as Alexander fell asleep and she resisted the urge to kiss his head. She smoothed out the back of the shirt the little boy was wearing and adjusted him carefully in her arms so she didn't wake him. When it obvious that Crispin was nearly finished, she found herself wanting to hold little Alexander a bit longer but she knew that couldn't happen. She brushed her thumb on his hand which was clenched onto her shirt as Crispin came over to hand in his test and take his son back. Tae gently removed his hand from her shirt and stretched her arms out once he was back with his father. "He wasn't a problem at all," she replied with a soft smile as she spoke. Tae turned her attention to the exam and she straightened everything out before standing. "I'll give the exam to my father whenever he gets back," she told him, looking up at him.

Taelyr wasn't sure how long that would be though. Her father hadn't said how long the meeting could take. She thought it couldn't be too long but she knew that the school board members could argue for hours over something so trivial and her father was too stubborn to give up to anyone who questioned him. If this meeting was anything like the last, she was going to be there a while. Taelyr sat back in her father's chair and pulled her feet onto the seat, her knees against her chest. She rested her forehead on her knees and closed her eyes. Sometimes she hated the fact her father was a teacher. It lead to long nights, early mornings, and zero time spent with one another. Her relationship with her father was distant at best.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments Crispin watched her for a moment before looking at Alexander, who was still asleep. "Did you want a ride home or something" he asked after a few moments. He figured she was waiting for her father, but he knew that school meetings could last a while, especially at this college. Everyone one that is on the board are stubborn as mauls. they barely ever actually come to an agreement. He really wasn't in a rush to get home, so driving her some place really wasn't a problem.

((Sorry it's so short. ))

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Xavier | 1084 comments Tae hadn't been expecting such an offer, or any at all, and her initial response to his question was no but it was late and she had had no dinner as of yet. "Do you mind? I'll leave a note for my father telling him you took me home," she replied, hoping that it had been an empty offer. It wasn't uncommon for her to hitch a ride home with someone else on the nights her father was going to be at the school late into the night but every time he did, whether he knew about it or not, he panicked. And while she didn't want to scare the living day lights out of her father for what he would say was the billionth time, she also didn't want to sit around waiting for him for the next couple hours. Taelyr unfolded herself in her father's chair and brushed back the hair that had come loose from her ponytail.

((No problem.))

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments Crispin shook his head slightly, "No it's not a problem" he said with a small smile and gently shifted Alexander, careful not to wake him. "As long as your dad won't mind anyway" he said, since he didn't want to piss off one of the only professors he actually liked. All his other ones were major d-bags, for some many reasons he didn't even know where to start. Plus he didn't want her to get into trouble either. Basically he just didn't want to make a mess of things, like his step-father used to criticize him for all the time.

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Xavier | 1084 comments Taelyr quickly shook her head. "No, it won't be a problem. Thank you," she said to him, grabbing a pen and paper from her dad's desk as quickly scribbling a note telling her where she had gone and whom she had gone with and to call her when he got out of the meeting. Tae probably seemed a little too eager to get out of there but it was boring as all get out to just sit around the classroom and do nothing. She grabbed her book bag and slung it over her shoulder, tilting her head as she pulled her ponytail out from under the strap.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments "I'm sorry but I never caught your name" Crispin said after a moment, honestly the professor could have mentioned it yesterday but he didn't remember, which was kind of horrible but whatever. After he saw she was ready to go he turned around and started heading towards the door. "And you can just start giving me directions once we get on the road" he said after a while of silence. "Know the town like the back of my hand, but for the life of me I can't remember street names"

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Xavier | 1084 comments Taelyr hooked her thumbs on the straps of her book bag as they walked and glanced up when he asked for her name. "Oh, um. Taelyr. T-A-E-L-Y-R. My dad decided it would be okay to screw around with my name since he's a teacher," Tae replied as they walked. Because of the way her name was spelt, people either said it oddly for some stupid reason or spelled it wrong when writing it out. Tae chewed on her lip and just gave a slight nod when he told her she could give instructions and directions on how to get to her house once they had actually started driving.

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☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments Crispin nodded slightly, "Least it's unique" he said with a small smile before walking out of the room and holding the door open for her. "Can't say I've ever met a Taylor who spells their name like that" he said and looked over at her for a moment before shaking his head slightly and looking away. "And at least you can't get any weird awkward nickname out of it" he said with a small smirk. "My friend once started calling me Crispy and then that turned into Crispy Cream" he said.

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Xavier | 1084 comments Taelyr went through the doorway and waited for him so he could continue to lead her to his car. She couldn't help the giggle that escaped through her lips as she walked beside him. "I'm sorry but that's funny," she commented, looking up at him through her eyelashes. Taelyr brushed loose hairs from her eyes and wrapped her arms around herself as they made it outside and the cool summer air wrapped around her. She took a deep breath as she followed him to his car.

As they walked, Tae began to wonder what his story was. How he had gotten to where he was now. How had it come around that he was a single father fighting to get through college? Taelyr wanted to know but she knew that learning was something that would likely never happen. It intrigued her though.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments "Yeah, and what really didn't help was that I was kind of a chubby kid" Crispin said and chuckled softly, shaking his head a bit. "Kids used to leave donuts in my locker" he said and laughed softly. He hated it back then, since the donuts attracted ants, it was pretty god damn annoying, but he was over it now. Didn't matter anymore anyway.

Crispin lead her over to the car, the rest of the walk was kind of quiet but he was okay with that. He really wasn't much of a talker anyway. When they reached his car he unlocked the door before opening the backseat door to buckle his son in. He was careful not to wake up, otherwise he's just be a crying mess for the rest of the car ride, and no one wanted that.

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Xavier | 1084 comments ((I had an idea sorta like that. My character is a very shy one so maybe it isn't necessarily the fact they are always fighting but just that my character is always very quiet around Lucas and tends to avoid him and maybe Lucas wants to know why or something and he becomes one of the very few people my character trusts and that's where the feelings come from/begin to develop? Maybe? I don't know. Just throwing things out so its not off with how our characters are.
Added my character to my original character post.))

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Xavier | 1084 comments Taelyr stopped at the tailgate of Crispin's car and gripped the straps of her backpack as she watched him ever so carefully put his son in his car seat as the little boy slept. A soft smile touched her lips. Taelyr had been coming to the college after school let out for years and hardly ever did she see a single parent put such care into their child. It was nice to see someone, a man who was striving to make life better for himself and his child. It made her happy to see such a thing.

Taelyr fidgeted as she waited to be told where to go. She didn't mind where she sat so she wanted to wait until Crispin told her where to sit. Taelyr reached up with a sigh and pulled her hair out of the restrains of its ponytail. She ran a hand through her hair as it fell to her shoulders and let out another sigh of relief as the pressure on her head from the ponytail was no longer there and tugging on her head.
((Sorry it's a crappy post.))


Ajax sat curled up in the corner of the living room couch, playing with his deck of cards. Mindlessly he shuffled them as everyone around talked. He shifted uncomfortably and suppressed a shiver that attempted to run through him because of the sensation. Ajax hated parties and get-togethers. He hated anything that involved a lot of people but his stepmother was inherently obsessed with having some group of friends over constantly. She also forced him to stay out there and "converse" with them when she asked him to but that was a bunch of bullshit and everyone else seemed to understand that.

Ajax had awful social anxiety for years, since his mother died. She had died in a car wreck where a drunk truck driver plowed into her car and she was basically crushed in with her car, killing her instantly. His mother had been, and still was, his favorite person in the world and her death had torn him to shreds. His confidence and energy, everything that made Ajax Ajax was lost the day she died and never was he able to get it back. He had just learned to live with his new self. He cringed as the voices got louder in the living room and he glanced around, his eyes scanning the large living area. His brother in law sat beside his mother in law who was surrounded by her gaggle of friends. Ajax had no reason to be there. He quickly pushed off the couch and left the room in a hurry. Ajax basically ran into the kitchen and leaned heavily against the counter, bowing his head. His white hair fell against his eyes and his cards but into his skin as he gripped them tightly in his fist. It almost physically hurt to be around so many people at once.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments Crispin finished buckling his son in and quick made sure it was all fastened correctly before closing the door and walking to the driver's seat door. "You can go ahead and climb in, door should be unlocked" he said and smiled at her before climbing in himself. He looked back at his son, able to see the little guy was still asleep, which really was a good thing. If he started crying he'd have to pull over and take care of it, and he really didn't want to have to do that again. Besides with him being sick he really did need his rest, especially since he didn't get much last night.

Once Taelyer was in Crispin started the engine and slowly backed out of the parking spot and then out of the parking lot. He was kind of a cautious driver, especially when Alexander was in the car, but he wasn't overly cautious, like it became annoying or something. "So uh..... where do you go to school?" he asked, kind of wondering if it was a local one or some fancy private school.


Lucas sighed softly and sat back on the couch, he hated this family friend party things as much as Ajax did, just for a different reason. He didn't mind being around people, honestly he loved a good group of people, as long as they were actually interesting. All of his mother's and his new dad's friend sucked ass, and just talked about how Mrs. Dinkleberg's grass is just too brown. They just had to talk about how they were going to let her know how it was against the neighborhoods regulations or some shit like that. Honestly every single time eh had to sit through one of theses things, it just made him hate it more and more.

Eventually Lucas couldn't take it anymore, there were just one to many egg plant stories for him to handle. So he got up and walked to the kitchen, only to come face to face with his step-brother Ajax, another uninteresting individual. Though that had more to do with the fact that they've barely ever even spoken two words to each other. He knew the kid didn't like his mother, didn't like the fact their parents got married, so he just kind of figured he hated him too. That, that was why he never talked to him.

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Xavier | 1084 comments Taelyr did as directed and slipped into the passenger front seat of his car, buckling up and setting her backpack down at her feet. She chewed on her lip and shuffled around in her seat as she waited. Taelyr stayed silent, uncertain if he would want to talk and what he'd want to talk about. "Hmm? Oh. I go to Dillion Public. As far as high schools go, it's pretty snooty. We just barely live with the zoning for the high school though," she replied, glancing up at him.

Dillion Public was in a rich neighborhood and was far superior to the other public schools around but wasn't a private school. Her dad couldn't afford to send her to a private school so Dillion Public was the next best thing. Her father wanted her to have the best education possible and that was made even more unbearable by the fact he was a teacher. Her father always pestered her to do her work and finished projects. He was like the school system in one body for her to take home. It was annoying.


Ajax glanced up at his step- brother as he came into the kitchen only moments behind him. He watched him through his white bangs and his knuckles whitened as he gripped the counter and his cards ever tighter. Ajax had said no more than three sentences to Lucas the entire time they'd known one another. He wasn't sure if he should say something then. Should he say hi or just move innocn to his bedroom like he intended? Ajax didn't know. He released his magic cards and placed them on the counter, turning to the fridge. He snatched a bottle of Coke, quickly opening it and taking a drink. After mustering up every little bit of courage he had, he said, "Hi," to Lucas. He watched the other young man intently. He seemed like an interesting person but the amount of time if had taken for him to say "hi" would seem so trifle to that of the time it would take to actually engage in a conversation with him.

Ajax gritted his teeth and grabbed his cards off of the counter, not bothering with a "bye" as he went around Lucas to sit at the breakfast bar. He settled himself in a still and began to play solitaire. Of the things he could have been doing at that moment but he wanted to play solitaire for the oddest reason. Ajax glanced at Lucas out of the corner of his eye. He wanted that kind of confidence again. Ajax wanted to be able to walk am around such swagger that his step-brother had whilst he did not.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments “Oh that’s a fancy school” Crispin said with a smile, “Went to a private school, well up until about half way through my senior year” he said and looked over at her. “They decided that one of their students getting pregnant was kind of unsightly and kindly, well not so kindly, asked me and my girlfriend at the time to transfer to another school” he said and chuckled softly. “I mean legally they had no grounds for such things, but I left anyway, didn’t really care to go there anymore anyway” When he left that school him and his girlfriend at the time ended up getting married and moved a few towns over, started High school there and had their baby. After Alexander was born though Sheri started acting weird, turns out she had postpartum depression, but she refused to get treated for it. Then sudden one winter night she was gone, and she left Alexander freezing on the floor.

Crispin ended moving back in with his mother and went to a college that was close by. He didn’t want to leave mom anytime soon to be honest. HE didn’t think he could handle taking care of Alexander college and his part time job all at once. He’d probably end up going insane


Lucas noticed how tense Ajax became when he walked in and he sighed softly, god the guy must really hate him or something. He really didn’t understand it, considering the fact that they’ve together for almost a year and they have barely spoken three sentence to each other, if even that. Really wasn’t from a lack of trying on his part either, he tried talking to the guy about his magic, but he had refused to talk to him, so he just eventually gave up. Though he was still aching to know what he did to piss the guy off so much. He could understand the whole not fitting into a new family thing, he still remembered his time in foster care, if sucked and each now foster home was worse than the last. Until he was finally adopted anyway.

Lucas was about to just go up to his room when he heard the faint hi, and he nodded slightly, “Hey” he said not really sure where to go from there. He watched the guy move around the kitchen before finally taking a seat at the breakfast bar. He said before grabbing an apple out of the bowl on the counter, still planning on just heading up to his room. He glanced over at his step-brother and paused for a moment. He sighed once more before reluctantly walking over to him and sliding into the seat next to him. “Can I ask you a question?” he asked and again watched the guy tense up. “Don’t bother answering, just gonna ask anyway” he said, deciding to say that before he could, if he even was gonna, say anything. “Why do you hate me so much?” he asked after a few moments, not really sure how he wanted to phrase his question.

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Xavier | 1084 comments Taelyr was suprised. He'd had a child in his senior year of highschool? That would mean he was a freshman at college and couldn't be too much older than her. She was also surprised he had told her so much. But maybe that was something he didn't mind telling people. Whatever the case, it was interesting seeing into part of his life and how he had gotten to where he was at that moment. Taelyr wasn't sure what to say though.

"My dad wanted to send me to a private school but we found ourselves in a well of debt a few years ago so that wasn't a realistic thing to do," Taelyr said, picking at the seam of her jeans as Crispin drove. "Take a right here," she commented, pointing at the light. A couple years ago her mother had been hospitalized and the bills were too much for them. Then her mother had died. Only in the past few months had they finally paid off all the debt and hospital bills. Taelyr never talked it about since it had been such a difficult time, for both her and her father. But still, she lived with the memory of her mother everyday, remembering without fail. She would always love her mom.


Ajax had nearly finished his game, solitaire wasn't much of a challenge for him at that point, when Lucas sat beside him. He froze momentarily but forced himself to continue on with his game. At Lucas' question though, he gave a genuine pause. Is that what Lucas thought? "I don't. I hate the fact you're my brother," he replied, no filter out on his answer as he forced himself to answer the question. Ajax really did hate that Lucas was his brother. He didn't hate Lucas as a person but that he had to claim Lucas as a brother. He slid his cards into one big pile and deftly forced them back into a deck, shuffling them on his hands despite the fact they were already thoroughly shuffled. "Any other questions?" he inquired softly as he flipped his deck onto the counter. A simple bar magic trick. He normally would have left at that point. He would have left the room with no further comment, want to talk, or a goodbye. That's just how he usually did things but he didn't that time. Ajax readjusted his deck and sat it there on the counter and ran a hand through his hair, looking away again. He should just leave and go back to his room, avoid any other conversation. Ajax had been contemplating it when his father had come booming into the room.

"Boys, there you are!" Christopher exclaimed, clapping his stepson on the back. Christopher was an imposing man. He was tall with dark, buzz cut hair and a mountain man beard hiding a good chunk of his face. He didn't look like he belonged in the neighborhood that they were currently taking up residence in. Christopher squeezed Lucas' shoulder and went around to the other side of the counter so he could face his sons. It pleased him to see Ajax and Lucas together, even if it was only as they sat by one another as it didn't appear that they were talking. "I wanted to ask you two if you wanted to one with me to a concert this weekend. It's about an hour away and I think you will both enjoy it. So, what do you say?" Christopher proposed, mainly looking at Ajax. It wasn't because he cared more that Ajax went but because he knew for almost absolute certainty that he wasn't going to go.

((Just a warning, Ajax is going to be quite feminine, so if you have a problem with that, we can stop here. But once he's actually open to Lucas, Ajax will be pretty feminine and girly.))

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☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 903 comments Crispin nodded slightly and took the road she had indicated just moments before. He left out a soft sigh and nodded slightly "Yeah, private school kind of sucks anyway. I mean yeah it's good for learning or whatever, but you're better off just going to public school" he said and looked over at her for a moment before looking back at the road. "Least that's been my experience" he said and shrugged slightly. He really wasn't much of a talker, unless he was around his good friends anyway, so he stayed quiet, really not sure what to say now.

((Sorry this one is so short.))


Lucas sighed softly as he mulled over what Ajax said, surprised how much the comment hurt. He ran his hand over his face let out another slow breathe "Sounds like the same thing to me" he said and was about to slide off the chair and just go up to his room, but before he could he felt Chris strong pat on his back. He forced a smile and eased back into his seat, barely listening as Chris spoke as he thought about what Ajax said. He really didn't understand why it hurt so much to hear him say that, because honestly it was more then clear this past year. He was pulled out of his muggy thoughts when Chris mentioned something a about a concert and they he wanted both him and Ajax to go with him, or something like that. "It should be fun" he said and forced another smile before again sliding out of the seat. "But uh I think I'm going to head up to my room," he said and gave another smile before walking out of the kitchen and going up to his bedroom.

Lucas sat down at his desk and sighed softly before pulling out his notebook. He loved to write, ever since he was a kid it was something he fell back onto, when he was sad or stress or anything really. Right now he was a little bit of everything so he decided to start writing, wasn't about anything personal or anything like that. He didn't keep a diary, it was just a but of different short stories and poems and other things like that.

Being rejected as a brother by Ajax did hurt, and if Lucas thought about it it probably had a lot to do with him being in foster care for over five years of his life. He remembers a lot of it, the abuse that took place in each foster home. Constantly being rejected from the ones that actually treated him well and each time it hurt more, even if he was only five and didn't really know what was going on. Guess being rejected as a family member brought up some old feelings, and he hated it. Honestly wished he'd never said anything to Ajax now. But whatever he'd get over it, wasn't like they were close to begin with. What exactly did he expect for an answer.

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Xavier | 1084 comments ((I don't know what to do.))


Ajax sighed as his dad offered to take them to a concert. He didn't want to disappoint his dad, yet again, but he hated things like that. His dad knew that. "I'll go," he said shortly before he changed his mind and lost the courage to say it. Ajax slid off his stool and grabbed his cards, making that the end of the conversation. Normally, he would have asked his father for details but after he had remarried, their relationship has gone down the drain. Ajax knew he shouldn't be like that and not talk to his dad near as much anymore but he couldn't help it. The man could have waited at least a few more years until he had moved out to remarry. Ajax left his dad in the kitchen before making his way upstairs. He paused as he passed by Lucas' bedroom door. He felt guilty for what he said but he didn't know why. Should he have lied to his new brother instead of telling him why he didn't like him? Or his title for that matter. Ajax shook his head at himself and moved on, walking into his bedroom. He closed the door then flung himself in his bed, curling himself up into as small as all as possible. Goddammit... Why had he agreed to go to the concert? "Yes, that's a great idea. Go to a place filled with people, PACKED with people. Where it's loud and gross and..." Ajax trailed off as he mumbled to himself, ending the sentence with a particularly pitiful groan. He squeezed his eyes shut and took a deep breath. He didn't even know when the stupid thing was. Now he couldn't plan what days he would have to himself and what days he would allow him to suffer terribly through his stepmother's ridiculous little party get together things.

((So I was thinking that maybe they go to the concert and their dad tells them to stick together but they end up getting separated so when Lucas finds Ajax again, Jax is like a big blubbering mess and it helps Lucas realize why hes generally so quiet and what not. If you don't like that idea, it's fine.))

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