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This is our discussion of the short story....

"A Visit to Weizenbaum" by Jamie Metzl

From the scifi anthology War Stories from the Future, part of our discussion of War Stories from the Future. (The entire collection is available free online in several formats.)

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A disappointing story. Apparently in the future of remote warfare, officers are kept away from the front lines as a precaution against bio-targeted weapons. For some reason, this seems to lead to officers being isolation warriors, though why they aren't allowed to socialize with other officers in the same compound isn't really explained. One of these solo commando types seems to be having trouble distinguishing virtual-reality entertainment from the real world, having fallen in love with a virtual lounge singer. (Seriously, playing the piano, no sex?)

So, comando solo visits a shrink, Weizenbaum.

I thought the "twist" at the end is predictable and obvious. Metzl is mostly a nonfiction, policy paper kind of author, or he might've been more familiar with that particular science-fiction trope. See, e.g., Pohl's Gateway.

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Jim (jimmaclachlan) | 2266 comments I just couldn't buy into it properly & it was just talk. 1 star.

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